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5 ways NOT to troll your friends on Minecraft!

by Dyerzy • 3,157,050 views

Minecraft Hunger Games Server: I show you 5 ways NOT to troll your friends or other people on Minecraft! The sequel of 10 ways to troll your...

Like this if you want more trolling videos! 
What happened to the original 10 ways to troll your friends on minecraft? You deleted it?
+Robbie OG It's still up! Here's a link if you want to watch it: 10 ways to troll your friend on Minecraft!  
Join my Minecraft server!:
It says 5 ways NOT to troll your friends in minecraft if you try it to a pro you will fail so ya noobs never reads ya bye blinds and get a life read the title of the vid before saying anything
#3 was a way to troll your friend
4:11 - video actually ended here, the rest is credits. Thank me later for the info.
And this is why you never troll a troll
If you look like that, see a doctor immediately
# 3 is acctuly a troll
It makes no fing seans Noob Ha
how  did brought herobrain
that didn't make sense!
#3 was a way to troll your friends. not a way to NOT troll your friends
I feel trolled with this stupid video
Guys dont say he sucks he is trying his best you dont have to be mean to him -_-
i love minecraft but this is just wierd
the dude's talking like jason from element animations, the troll's nice voice...
cooooooooooooool and funny vedio
Nood troll one boy....
epically sierra Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
look at that dudes skin! lol
This video is nice,you know what else is nice, the dislike button!!!!!
guys this is good but your a liar because not to troll your friends on minecraft but you show trolling pls be a good person
Dyerzy what's your server
READ SCARY OMG! if you dont copy and paste this to another vidio in the next five minutes you will be bratally raped and beaten by six floating giant black penises
Dumbest video I've ever seen
You must be stupid to trap yourself in obadian Richt
he made the vid on my b-day 
lol im 2 973 400 watcher
had a tnt race with troll
I'm all ready a supper troller all the time. Jinkes
Nice but I want trolling :/
This video is funny.
Awsome and cool and amezing and awsmazing
Awesome vid keep it up
Love it! lolololol! +1 sub!!!
sory for my bad english im bulgarian
+VerzakeGaming So what if I like a very popular YouTuber. Just because I have his old picture doesn't mean you have to hate on me.
+Nate Lesiuk Band wagoner pewdiepie sucks. 
Sugarshake LP Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
                          [---] _______________|   |_________________         The carriers are on their way, Bob. \                                                           / WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
@wfrdzhi yeah thats what everyones been saying also! dude check this game is really damn addictive:\27ulk1u
Why is everyone being so mean, i thought it was funny. >:(
Really it should be called troll fails I am disliking
This is a good example of not trolling (if you understand what i said)
Well that's. five and a half minutes of my life il never get back
I like it please be my friend on Xbox
yo dawg, heard you like trolls and inception references MEMEs!!! LOLOLOLOOLOLOLOL
you cant troll a troll the troll will just troll you for trying to troll him so never try to troll a troll if you know whats good for you
they are hiring the the players for the troll -_- just if you dont know ^^
what is the player name on the derpy one
how was the railtrack one a fail?
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