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by Philip DeFranco • 927,639 views

In today's show we talk about a dream I had, an update on the Miami Zombie, the JP Morgan being more in debt, a Candice Swanepoel gallery, and the passing of Obamacare this morning. Check out...

Universal Health care :3
Damn just how did you learn to talk so fast....
I don't think people remember that insurance companies are FOR PROFIT.  Why WOULD they take on terminal or preexisting patients when the costs are so gigantic? And that is assuming that the patients are bedridden or don't have jobs! If they did, the company would likely begrudgingly accept them... See, the entire system exists on the idea of the exchange of consideration. Where the insurer provides indemnity to the insured in the case of a covered loss. It wasn't made to be "fair" or "equal." It was made to profit on people's fear of getting hurt! The inflation year-to-year increase is going to be the thing that really nails us!
My first mistake was looking for a reasonable argument in the YouTube comment section
LOL love how when this guys talks about religion or anything semi conservative he's obviously very aggressive in saying its wrong an loves taking things out of context but when it comes to liberal things like this he makes sure to only state the positive. He enjoys simplifying things you shouldn't to get people on his side
"i'm gunna move to Canada, derp....." lol
Those "Yes, we cans" are starting to feel more like "No, we can'ts." So what's the most constructive way to get those feelings out? In a song parody, of course nothing's been hotter this year than Gotye's addictive single "Somebody That I Used to Know"-- it makes for a perfect spoof. Cool video remove the (dot) and put a (.) period without the parenthesis or search the title in YouTube. Obama That I Used To Know-Gotye 'Somebody That I Used To Know' Parody youtube(dot)com/watch?v=yJnAp3YxCCw
To answer the question of the day.... I don't care about obamacare... Im rich and can pay for shit
i am not against you, but i want to go to college and i don't have money to pay for health care. i would rather get hit by a bus and endure the pain than paying for something when i'm perfectly fine.
The military budget is pretty bloated, I agree, but the war in Iraq is practically over, Afghanistan is winding down (albeit slowly), and we shouldn't see any other wars in the near-future. Besides, that's a pretty general argument. Obamacare won't be repealed because we'll have run out of money for it. Our government isn't incompetent. Questionable sometimes, sure, but not incompetent.
Everyone who dislikes a PDS punches babies and kicks puppies and kittens
The UK and France, both of Americas best allies have socialist health care.... does that make them communist aswell? Is Canada communist?
I knew right off you were a young person when I read your reply. This administration is a hand-me -out administration. The more they hand out the more dependent we are on the Gov. yes some people do need help but the majority that milk the system do not. Most of the what you call poor are people that never applied themselves and work the system. Obama is making it easier for people to be on the system. I could go on for hours about so many things he is doing to drag this country down.
It is a religious issue in the sense that some of the main people fighting against it have to do with religious groups
What a dreamer. What you are going to get is unlimited waiting periods with this new program. How can there be the amount of services provided by fewer Drs. and heaps more patients. Common sense was not used here at all. We hear cost savings and 40 million more people provided the care. If you believe that then go offer you neighbors to buy them gas and see how much you save in gas this year. Let me know where you live so I can get some of that gas savings you are providing.
I'm so glad I live in Norway... Due to both in severe injuries and sickness my family would have been bankrupt a long time ago had we lived in America. The "as good as free" health care we have here in Norway is just awesome. Long waiting time sometimes because there are no competition is the only problem. When I broke my ankle and and to operate, we spent less than 2 dollars(10kr is the amount we spent) on some painkillers. Not a dime more!
That's just something that has to be done. Not saying that I agree with it but as far as the act is concerned and how it works, I understand it. Thoroughly understand it first b4 you make judgement. I wish people will stop using what other people think and start thinking for themselves.
that you didn't build that...namely the roads to get to your job, the water pipes that let you use the bathroom at your job, the cell towers that mean you can call people from your job or call your job from anywhere, the electrical wiring that means you can blast the a/c at your job in the summer. You didn't build any of that. The government did. Which is exactly what Obama was saying in that speech that you misquoted. He was saying YOU didn't build your business ALONE. Because the fed help
I only see a couple of problems with this act that can be fixed in the future. Requiring jobs over 50 employees will either make companies not hire more than 50 full time or like he said some people are going to part time positions. Second, The act itself will put a lot of strain on doctors and nurses (even though that's their jobs).The more people w insurance, the more patients will be coming in and the more demand for doctors increase as supply stays the same (or decrease)
It is a VIOLATION of the US Constitution for the 85% percent of middle and upper class citizens to be FORCED into paying thousands of dollars in extra fees, both blatant and obscure, in order to provide free healthcare to the 15% of us that are in an unfortunate predicament. With this new policy enacted many middle class families will be unable to procure these higher fees causing them to become part of the much forgotten lower class, essentially lowering societal positions on every level.
you sir a an idiot, I would give you a piece of my mind but thatsmeman780 has already put you ignorant American in your place. Have an absolutely fantastic day.
I just took a break from studying my medical books to watch this vid, when I heard that in three years doctors will get paid based on the quality of their care (???). Ima go back to studying now.
lolol thats just basic hospital principal. Of course life threatening gets taken care of first. I sadly had to see a man get carried through on a stretcher while still bleeding heavily out of his gut as the nurses tried to stop the bleeding. Our doctors are some of the best in the world by the way.
Infamouskid, the discussion is not about how you are taken care of, it is about how much it costs you to get taken care of. Pay bett attention next time you decide to leave a comment.
dude.....calm down.....i live in denmark we pay like (allmost) 50% in tax...and we have free care, and were fine, infact were better that fine.....a democracy is just as mutch as beaing a part of somthing bigger that yourself as getting the benefits from beying a part of a sociaty.............i restect your opinnion, and you as a person,but you can do this....YOU ALL CAN!
I think the ultimatum "Buy health care or go to jail" qualifies as "forcing."
Something i find really strange about the USA is that you are able to not have a health insurance (that's right isn't it?) i mean her (in germany) you have to have one or you get punished or not really get punished but u get one if you want it or not and you to pay all monthly financial contributions you would have paid until that day. And this system works pretty good because if you cannot pay the government pay's for you (with taxes of others).
"Fascism is a radical authoritarian nationalist political ideology. Fascists seek elevation of their nation." From my Classes on government and Int'l Relations, Fascism involves absolute power in 1 person. Yeah other countries have the same freedoms, but that is not what makes them Fascist or not, China has a Freedom of Speech and Religion in its constitution, but that can be overruled. The US is not Fascist. Also, Nationalism is involved in spurring any big change (e.g. bolshevik revolution)
Go with the flow by queens of the stone age
Oh no, you have to get health care. How evil.
another reason doctors don't like it is because it requires them to give tests to patients that they don't need, which is a burden on the patient. Also, when my Dad first became a doctor, he said that he was not allowed to know the cost of the treatment, if they needed it they got it, but now they're forced to think like "He needs it but can't afford it, maybe its better for him just to wait it out"
Great. Patients will submit surveys for how well their doctor cares for them, thus determining their pay. I also wonder how many millions in this country make less than $9500 a year.
The best place to start fixing the U.S. health care system train wreck is to 1.) Fix the FDA and the best place in the best place is 2.) somehow, some way GET RID OF CLUELESS AMBIVALENT FDA CHIEF DR. MARGARET HAMBURG!!!!! Mindless rhetoric? Uh, Hardly! It's all substantiated! Here check it out! analyzetheanalysts dot weebly dot com/#FDAHamburg
I believe Obamacare takes away rights of the us citizens
I like Obama However, no one should be forced to get healthcare especially how exploitative they are making ridiculous amount of money from people suffering
oh first off, im not english native speaker! I wonder how u would handle my language.. seriously juging others on the internet for bad english is just pointless! secound. u should google the word socialism and its true meaning. also u have just proofen my point ! Only mentioning this word makes u ppl frak out ...
The German free healthcare is a parasite on its economy, and Angela Merkel knows it.
I like Obamacare....I'll be able to afford vision and dental,which my insurance doesn't cover.People don't seem to understand something,and I'm going to spell it out for you:do you realize that ppl who can't afford or for whatever reason not get healthcare use the US' ER's for their primary care?And then that clogs up the system for ppl that have true emergencies.I think this will benefit EVERYBODY,not just a chosen few.And,if you don't like it,then MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY!!!!
On this list (the first hit in google) Canada is number 17 for healthcare and the U.S. is number 46. But people in the U.S. never seem to know much about Canada...
good episode but did anyone else notice him saying at the end that sharing his videos will help the nation grow... high ego kinda new usaully(spelling) he even ackoledges people who dont like me
NO, everyone else pays for the ones that don't is what you should say.
It depends on how bad it is here, (Australia) and how population is in the area. Longest i have had to wait was 2-3 hours, 5 hours for something not SOOO serious. Longest i have waited for a serious problem was 4 hours but that was at a GP. Didn't know it was serious till the doc said so.
Are expletives necessary in this conversation? I believe you need to reassess the way you view this issue.
thought so. the US needs to get on the healthcare train like everyone else...
that's true, but those who want an education and don't have enough money to go to college have no extra unnecessary money for health care when they're perfectly fine.
Not a bad synopsis of ObamaScare for a layperson. The Medicaid bit is really a push to make the States pay more of the total bill for healthcare.
Thats your puppet masters talking. Either you help everyone get health care or they goto the ER for a headache. And dont count on you always having insurance either, This way the fat sick spew that is a bloated insurance industry with maggots who make waayy to much start to feel what its like with balance. Its a start in the right direction despite the rights idiocy
In Europe specifically UK doctors get about $96K & consultants about $193K. Why is it significantly lower in these countries? Medical students in europe graduate with an average debt of $70K where as the Americans graduate in debt of excess $165K! Bare in mind that they have to pay this huge debt back & American doctors work longer hours than European ones. If anything American doctors are underpaid. In America doctors work 60hrs per week in Europe 40hrs! Its the politicians that are greedy
lies... Britain invented the idea of an NHS and guess what we're not bankrupt. and also why does it serve corporations if it works through the government? learn the system before you preach it's non-existent faults...
WHY does he put "quality of their care" in quotes??! what, you want overworked doctors giving their patients subpar medical attention? w t f
I've been watching your videos for hours. STOP BEING SO INTERESTING, I HAVE PROJECTS TO DO. FUCK.
Does it mention population growth as a factor for the increase? More people more coverage, but also more tax paying citizens.
Its true, my dad is a doctor and hasnt taken a vacation in years. I still remember not seeing him for a weeks at a time because he was doing paperwork or working in the ER too late and just fell asleep in his office
and dont forget the mandatory 'implantable chip' is in that bill ! look it up....
So, if I'm not a "commie sympathizer" then I would have no qualms about those who do NOT make over $80,000 having to fend for themselves and not have any avenue for proper and immediate healthcare while those who are sitting comfortably in their subdivisions in which they worked so hard to buy and live--cue laughter from me--in as well be afforded all the medical aid that they need. All this act is saying is to pay a SMALL amount for something that will help YOU and others. Not rocket science.
A tax on tanning booths is a GOOD thing?? Wow, tools.
We should help the poor, but why help the dumb too?
Currently Medicare requires hospitals to do inpatient patient satisfaction surveys to determine (based on a series of questions with 4 response choices) what the rating is. The lower the rating the less money the hospital gets from Medicare. This should be similar to what's going to happen with doctors, just the questions will be altered to fit that situation. So doctors who overbook, have long wait times, are rude, will get deducted pts on surveys, and get lower income from the government.
Lets be honest, the American system encourages hard work as it stands. And in America doctors get higher salaries because of the system we use. That means more medical advancements for the rest of the world to benefit from.
Obamacare is a brilliant idea, might fix that fucked up country
I support most of Obamacare, but I don't think it's right to tax people who cant afford insurance. Which is basically the only thing people are getting pissed about. Change that, and we are in business my friend!!
We may not be what you call civilized. But I am proud to be an American. I don't need to live up to Europes standards to be happy. Obviously people resent this kind of healthcare because borders on the lines of Socialist. We, America, have always proudly upheld Democracy. It's the kind of government that we know and love, so therefore, you can understand why even the smallest threat to Democracy, will get such negative responses.
grow up PUNK! and stop looking for instant gratification.
Consumer taxes is a given, I guess I should have spelled it out for you. The 1500 millionaires didn't pay taxes due to they earned it through capital gains. If it came from a different source then they had deductions to recoup that portion which all businesses have. You do know that it is legal to claim deductions right or should I spell that out for you too. Also, don't you think the IRS would have gone after those 1500 millionaires if it were illegal? Now that you know, your not as ignorant.
IF he gets elected and IF he can pass a repeal through a divided congress and IF he can find a suitable replacement.
Lmfao thank you for mentioning Canada's healthcare that was hilarious our healthcare is still better than "obamacare" or whatever
Britain, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Israel, Spain, South Korea, Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, and many other countries around the world have universal healthcare and spend way less per capita on healthcare than the US. Those are the real facts.
You didn't say Federal. In 2011 the IRS reported over 1500 millionaires payed no income taxes. In your comments you mention several taxes, all of which the consumers eventually pay through their purchasing. So your comment on half of the U.S. doesn't pay taxes is an allusion brought on by ignorance. It is ok though, because ignorance can be fixed. Let us hope you are not stupid. Stupid cannot be fixed.
Well it hurts me. I will be out an extra $13, 600 per year because I am over 50. I can't take that off my taxes, so I am going to have to come up with $14,000 per year more to break even with current income. If I take the public system, I will have to pay out $11,000 per year and will not get to use it for 4 years. So the government gets $44,000 and I get nothing. As for others carrying my burden, I have paid with my Credit card for years for all medical, thus paying it out myself.
A free market of competition is a great system in many cases, health care is not one of them. It is based entirely around profit. I don't know about you, but I would prefer a system that is based around giving optimal health care to as many people as possible rather than to those who can pay. What I would like to see would be an improvement of the system to encourage optimal care while limiting the waiting periods.
can anyone tell me in what video he talks about brazil
Oh yea thats why they come down here to get operated on..It disgusts me that everyone wants free shit but wont get off their lazy ass to work for it
I used to live in Singapore, they had a mix of government provided and private healthcare, the lines were never long, and it was a cheaper system.
But for the people that don't have insurance because they want to risk it so tut they can potentially make more money and get themselves higher up the ladder now its taking away the risk the government is trying to hard to involve themselves..
I knew you were a young idealistic person without even looking at your page, and I was right. Mark my words, you'll change your mind when you grow up and live the real world experience. GIVE me, give me, give me something. That is all you Liberal Democrats know. Half of the U.S. doesn't even pay taxes.
Obamacare = my hard earned money goes to lazy slobs.
Fuck obamacare i dont want no chip inside my hand
yeah but dude people are going to be helped, people that need it and not to some greedy little assholes. plus more tax means more programs would be applied and not some shitty way to glorify how powerful you are to people
what makes you think thats a bad idea? we need to stop being so damn dependent. but this worlds karma is to fkd up.. its like we still need mommy and daddy to tell us what to do.. thats why to those in the top, humans are disposable.
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