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National Geographic:African-American Culture( An Inside Look:Part 1)
why is the quality so bad
When you got a bunch of black bitches fighting you can always count on some hair laying on the ground
@HeyManThatsMine ur really dumb thinkin people is gonna thumbs u up .....dont be a moron man that shit dont work no more
mate jerry springer is a twat he just stands there and takes the piss of people while the argueing what a wanker....
"you do not be there!!" Jerry: "why do you not be there?" lmao!!
I could never believe this show. So setup, but cant hate on they crazy asses. Entertaining!
@Th3w3n keep on trollin cause you know your life is shit and you want to put everybody else down because your life is crap :D
Did you film this with a camera?
wow. youtube should BAN users that uploads this type of ''QUALITY'' videos :/
i thought jazzy was nicki minaj for a second. lol
What Kind Of Toaster Did You Film This With?
@prostockgirl Enough about Camcorders >>back to the kitchen
this sir was recorded using a calculator :P
I thought that black girl in the fuchsia tank top was Glozelle! LOL!
if i had a dollar for ever pixel, i'd have 1 dollar.
coonery. Bitch said he treat her real good . But he pimp her ass smh
This was filmed from a trash can wasn't it?.
you didn't have to say niggers B/c every race fights
15 seconds then im gone,shit vid
wow really bad screen quailty! >:O
better resolution on a van gogh.
jerry always be tryna say stuff on the sly :D
you mean being an ex ho who has two children by your pimp doesn't look bad enough already? lulz
Did you film this with a potatoe?...
Love how the camera man keeps zooming in on the hair
not entirely tru my wife sits at a desk 14 hours highschool/college grad komes home and kalls me baby daddy shes far from trash u must be lookin in tha wrong place
I hate it when black women call the father of their baby their "baby daddy" it just makes them sound ghetto and uneducated
and if she says, "my baby daddy" then its safe to assume that her dad is a baby...
Go to 5:10 for the actual fighting
Somebody need some HD in this joint
@stikmenrule Whats a potatoe? I know its not from kodak nor Fuji. Must be a knock-off.
I miss the Jerry Springer Show!! JERRY!! JERRY!! JERRY!!
@Th3w3n dam who stuffed the dildo uped your ass today
@PokeMonMonLova hahahahah. no. not an original comment and we have all heard that joke about 1000 times. ur not funny next time think of your own joke
if ignorance is bliss, then knowledge and self educating is sorrow
Is it weird that my email address is pimp_daddy
All part of the Jerry Springer Masturbation School........
5:10 dnt watch the bull shit story
Jerry stories don't be real she said her baby daddy was her pimp n everybody knows that pimps don't pay there hoes to have sex with them
This was recorded with a potato.
Woah she punched that chick like a straight up man x.x
What ever happened to saying "The father of my child? " Saying "Baby Daddy" Just makes you look bad.. Honestly..
@prostockgirl - I believe that the uploader used the box the camcorder came in. Or a potato.
Poor video editing/picture. This was watching a film while looking through a coke bottle.
you guys are dumb this was obviously filmed with the potato panasonic g223
Girl in the red look like she a boxer
Green Card??? Pococazzo.... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...
@Mikuruification Up yours asshole..that comment was over a year ago.,you always comment on year old comments..Seems you need to be in the kitchen if your that bored..get a life dork.
i would not go on tv to tell my business
Do you have any children? Yes one and a seven month-year old
Was this video filmed with a potato ?
who video teped this omg this is so crazy
you record this wu=ith a snadwich you made.... ? :P
the audio and video suck. Try to not use a camcorder when getting vids on youtube. It comes out like shit
I've not watched the full video but let me guess, they are fighting over men? AS USUAL of course.
Umm there are plenty whites that come on there to fight so stop sterotyping you asshole!
pac man on atari got shit on this video
whose stereotyping its always same youre all interbread thats problem dont call white folk when yor as racist as us
but she stupid for supporting!1 made herself look retarded, but she is pretty..smiles
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