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Sonic For Hire - The New Kirby

by Machinima • 723,960 views Click here to watch Sonic For Hire: MegaMan Sonic For Hire - The New Kirby Sonic gets some new direction from Hollywood's hottest bigwig. DIRECTOR'S...

Seeing that you have a Kirby picture (I think) it's easy to tel....
Kirby is danger do not go near him
lol Popeye the sailor and sonic 'so i blew up yor boat" "SKUDUNAFUNASINADSANAAH!
Kirby looks like a penis
Kirby is a physico đŸ˜º
Kirby looks like a dick
at the end, it sounds like smosh ian and anthony...
love it love it love it kirbies so funny
seriously??!slim KIRBY??
Yes, that was Popeye. And that was Bluto raping Olive.
+TheDragonNamedTim And I lol'd at Popeye's talking.
Wat is bluto doing to olive
Definitely not the Heimlich maneuver!
Kirby looks like a Dildo
kirby looks like a penis here...
I just noticed the last waddle dee whispered "I have a family" while kirby paused to tell sonic "yeah movies dont work that way" before finishing it off
why is kirby killing them when they are being nice
+00rphb don't we all hate this kind of kirby
+Sean Buchanan what are you talking about, I have always seen Kirby like that. That thing is beloved by vore lovers everywhere, he just devours everyone and everything and takes their power. Imagine what he would do if he came to earth. I can just see him sucking up Hitler, and becoming Hitler Kirby.
age restriction WTF!!!???!!?
@Supa Blank *dum dum crash* though i beg to disagree
Heres a good suggestion. Watch the video first before scolding people about their comments -_-
on the last kirby episode like in seasone 1 or 2 sonic killed a waddle dee and he was sonics friend
Because you put quotation marks there. Thanks again. You truly helped me out there!
lol Movies don't work that way.
wtf was that but it made me shit my self
Yes, that is a quote from the video. Thanks because I'm deaf.
Then how the fuck did you know that it was a quote from the video?
Ive been watching these for the past 3 days, and I just noticed the number of views go down. not many people make it this far.
Has Kirby sucked a penis/dildo too hard or what?!
Imo Sonic is the biggest dick in the whole series. Tails is chill...
He was quoting the goddamn video, he wasn't dissing him. Go yell at Kirby.
kirby is a dick i dont like this one
Omg that was funny dick kieby was killing waddle dees xD
0:31 kirby looks like a big purple dildo!!
Okay, I typically don't mind misspellings like that, but omitting that "b" made it sound like bestiality... That's gross.
iv'e heard of people being dicks but this just puts it on a whole new level.
That gibberish rant by Popeye never stops being hilarious XD
sonic for hire really needs to hit adult swim
cares enough to remember their names... Then brutally murders them
sonic: what do you want from me you asked me to save your uglyass girlfriend i couldnt do it so i blew up your boat popeye:bleblablegubughfh sonic: ugh i got none of that
I love how Kirby just keeps killing people with his umbrella
i swore that last waddle dee that kirby just killed was talking
just cause she likes it dosent mean she wants it to happen
kirbys favorite words are love it
The guy at 1:47 says "family" while kirby is wacking him XD
sonic for hire: my little pony
Thumbs up if u think this season will end with the movie totally bombing and Tails losing all his money?
This is like the 100th time i've explained it to people but I've called him pluto ever since I was a kid. When I found out it was actually bluto i didn't care at that point and stuck to calling him pluto since I was used to it.
you can hear the wabble dee saying "family" at 1:46 XD
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