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Katy Perry - Firework

by KatyPerryVEVO • 539,515,936 views

Official music video for Katy Perry's "Firework" off her album 'Teenage Dream'. Director: Dave Meyers. Producers: Robert Bray & Danny Lockwood. Get 'Teenage Dream' here:

Is it gay to like Margaritas and listen to Katy Perry?
Thumbs up if u came here after watching the interview
xd not, I see the video just because the subject is not bad and katy perry this good jajaa
Aren't bisexuality and homosexuality mental disorders? Now before taking out your pitchforks, please hear me out, I just want a respectful discussion. Ever since the beginning of time, humans have mated and made babies to reproduce. This happened between a man and a woman, and was required to make us reproduce. Survival was what was important. Over time, survival has become almost nothing in terms of importance. Now we as humans make babies because we want to start a family, keep our legacy going, etc. And now a lot of people do not care for marriage or reproduction. This is a different time we live in now.  It has been proven that what causes transgenders to feel the way they do is by a disorder in the brain, in which they feel like a different gender that doesn't match their sex. This is what we call gender dysphoria, and there are treatments for this, most widely accepted sexual reassignment. To say that they didn't have a mental disorder is false, and not scientifically accurate.  Now what if these sexualities are conditions as well? What if sometime during human evolution the gene which gives us sexual attraction was mutated and thus caused the brain signals to go haywire and not be attracted to the opposite sex? This would be a mental disorder, like gender dysphoria. Transgenders don't feel they belong in their natural bodies that were given to them at birth, and bi and homosexuals don't feel they belong in the natural way of loving the opposite sex which is formed by the need for reproduction in humans. Thus the only treatment would be to roll with it, and love the gender you love, and if you want children, you can get a surrogate or a sperm donor, which was not possible in the past. This theory would also explain how homosexuality and bisexuality are not choices, they are something you feel normally. Am I onto something, or completely wrong about my thoughts? Please, be respectful and constructive.
There were Probably gay caveman. Just satin' although it makes sense since there are gay animals ...
If we're being technical about this then I have to say that some where in the 1900's it was said that homophobia was a mental disorder and in that time period it was also stated the homosexuality wasn't one in the first place.
All I see in these comments are "eww gays ewwwww" What are you 12!? Grow the fuck up. They're human too. I'm sure there's something about the homophobes which I consider disgusting, which I already do, and that is their ignorance. As a staight man, it sickens me how ignorant people are, if you love someone, be happy about it. Be it a gay couple or two people who met through an online dating site or an elderly couple celebrating their 50th anniversary to 2 people who had a one night stand turned serious relationship. If you love someone, I see nothing wrong with it. (Of course I don't mean a 40+ man who "loves" a 15 year old girl) Be happy about who you are. Honestly, to any homophobes reading this, I hope a close friend/family member is secretly gay. I really do.
this is great i love it
김정은 Kim jong un lolololol what are u doing here?lol
If listening to Katy Perry and drinking Margaritas is gay, who wants to be straight? 😂
they hate us cause they anus :))
I am here because of The Interview.
+Widget Healy i know and i said im watching this on my istone
+Benjy Phanor watching in 2115 on my iRock
The gays ruin this video for me 
+lee stevens Its not truth and facts. Its just that you that it is weird because you're not gay. If your main point is "it's unnatural", then your wrong. There have been reports of some animals being homosexual. So if anything being Homophobic is unnatural.
Oh my god about 99% of the comments on here aren't about the actual video in general. They're mostly about the TWO SECONDS of this FOUR MINUTE VIDEO of the gay couple, and i find that stupid. I'm not song to that, I'm trying to concentrate that amount into fewer comments so people can see the beauty of the video. I mean, it's something you don't really have any control of, just homosexuals aren't accepted by the public because they're "different". Well, we're all a little different in our own ways. It's the difference between humans as we know them and a bunch of mindless drones, we all have a unique sense of thought. And to every homophobe reading this, THERE'S NO F***ING DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STRAIGHT COUPLES, GAY COUPLES OR LESBIAN COUPLES! IT'S LOVE, AND LOVE KNOWS NO GENDER! Imagine if you were in that situation, if you loved someone of the same gender, and you had to hide it because the way you are is not accepted by the public, then how would you feel? Because for most people, they could come through and then that could lead to severe bullying, and could lead to suicide. So if you're at this point into my book comment, and not against homosexuality, then stop reading. If you still are reading, then chances are you would treat someone you know differently if they were gay. You would probably treat them worse or even bully them. Well if they were to kill themselves because of the bullying (most of the time is because someone told them to), that could be considered promoting suicide and that could get you fined or sent to prison. I would like to hear your arguments below in the comments on this post as to why you are against or for homosexuality. Thank you, and goodbye for now.
it's so upsetting how people doesn't support gay rights. imagine you being in that position of loving a same gender person, you all need to stop looking pathetic and try to understand their feelings. because of all the society, they feel themselves insecure and lock their true feelings, their afraid of people's judgement when they admit their gay/lesbian even bisexual. society needs to settle the fuck down and support all of these sexuality on people. stop saying "eww" "disgusting" and sort of things because honestly, those words should be returned back to you instead of them cause you're truly disgusting for not supporting anything like this. gays and lesbian loves are like straight relationships, the only difference is the non opposite genders, grow the fuck up and quit looking pathetic, quit throwing their happiness away to keep them crying, get your mind fixed and apologize to all the different sexuality people, because we all are the same human beings and you've got absolutely no right to judge them at all. 
+Braden Kemmerer yes the 'new' testiment which was written by man not god unlike the old testiment
+Violet Gamer no people did write the old testament. David wrote a lot of the psalms. Correct me if I'm wrong. 
cool video until the FAGGOTS started kissing
Homosexuals are more violent then straight people. Proof:  Straight male/woman: Eww, homosexuals are disgusting and it's wrong in every way. Homosexual/bio: YOU FUCKING CUNT I HOPE U DIE YOU STUPID STRAIGHT SHIT I WANT YOU TO BE GAY YOU IGNORANT IDIOT I BET YOU'RE IGNORANT CUZ OF UR STUPID GOD FUK ALL RELIGION I WANT EVERYBODY TO BE GAY AND IF UR NOT GAY I HOPE YOU DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH!!!  yep that's pretty much sums it up. 
I love the message of this video, very true. Katy Patra 🎇🎆🎇
+La Esmeralda It is her character in 'Dark Horse'
+Bruno Vanderheiden Oh ok, i thought you wrote terribly her name, sorry :P
Her tits are always shooting stuff. Fireworks here, whip cream! What's next?
+The Maxx I'm not good with grammar.
+Alma Aguilar Gracias que bonito que te gusto. Saludos cordiales amiguita.
All the bible bashers all focusing on the 3 seconds on the video that is about boosting confidence. If you want something else to talk about I got it here... God isn't real... (HOLY SHIT WHAT HAVE I DONE! I HAVE OPENED TO FLOOD GATES FOR ALL THE BIBLE BASHERS TO COME AND ATTACK, WITH THERE LOW KNOWLEDGE ON WHO "God" IS!)
I haven't been fighting for my life every single day? I have fucking cancer in my brain. I struggle to survive everyday. But that's irrelevant as well. Anyway, you say we cause starvation? I don't think so... For example, in Africa land is too hard to grow crops so they can't grow anything. No water because of the climate. Hardly any food because of the high population. Diseases such as Ebola that get out of hand because there are too many people that get it within a matter of days, with not enough medicine/doctors to aid them in their battle. That is no one's fault. By the way, I only ASSUMED you were Christian because you claimed that what I said was incorrect. When I speak about Christians I speak about the EXTREMISTS a.k.a the Crazy Christians. They believe every single word of that book of lies (I mean seriously, a flood that ended the world with 2 of every animal on a boat? Yea, not possible for a number of reasons, but that's also, irrelevant). I wasn't talking about the Christians that just say they are Christian and don't do anything with it (Such as Pray, read extracts from the "Book", go to church etc.).I have friends that are like that and they don't believe anything the "Book" says. If I didn't specify that before, I apologise. Also, this was an OPINION, I never said it was a fact. Make sure you have your own opinion on random shit, instead of insulting my opinion and claiming I don't know what pain or suffering is like (If you forgot why, look back). So personally, for the comment about me being an "idiot" and not know what I am talking about, I believe you are one. Ok? Good. Now sit down, take a chill pill, and go back to bed.
He predicted the right thing if he were to not say how all the bible bashers were gonna argue YALL would reply in a very harsh way and call him Shît but now you guys are trying to act so intelligent. I am religious but keep that to yourself and let them believe in what they want. People think religion is a competitive thing where my religion is better than your or other way around just be a believer or not whatever
Damn, half a billion views for this garbage? You'll never see those sorta numbers for REAL music.
+Penguin Paridise  You will never understand what REAl music is if the only thing you do is listen to Katy Perry.
This isn't the only thing I listen to. I listen different types of music. But if you call this fake music, then you don't know what music is.
Katy Perry - Firework: No sé que canciones poner en la comunidad, así que pongo esta, de la intérprete con los ojos más lindos que he visto ¿ les gusta?
+Manuel Andres Carrasco Estrada oh si, tienes unos bellos ojos y se realzan con su pelo negro.
I love this song!!!
The arnt You dead?
How about you, jong un? Your aunt is dead?lol
Kim Jong brought me here ♥
E ricominciamo da un'altra musica! Buona settimana a tutti, Amici...😊😘
This song really speaks to me. It's saying no matter who you are, you still have the power to illuminate the night, like a firework. You are worth something in this world. :)
Is Katy Perry a man? Or is she really female? I guess I'm confused. Lol
Do you ever fee like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again? Do you ever feel so paper thin, like a house of cards, went low from caving in? Do you ever feel already buried deep, six feet under screams and no one seems to hear a thing?  Do you know that theres still a chance for you, you just gotta ignite the light, and let it shine, just own the night like the forth of July, cause baby your a fire work, come on show 'em what your worth,  make 'em go "Oh, Oh Oh" as you shoot across the sky-y-y. baby your a firework, Come on let your colors burst, make 'em go "Oh, Oh Oh". Your gonna leave 'em all in "Awe, Awe, Awe" You don't have to feel like a waste of space. Your original, Cannot be replaced, If you only knew what the future holds. After a hurricane comes a rainbow. Maybe the reason why all the doors are closed , So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road. Like a lighting bolt, Your heart will glow, and when its time, You'll know you just gotta ignite the light, and let it shine, just own the night like the forth of July, cause baby your a fire work, come on show 'em what your worth,  make 'em go "Oh, Oh Oh" as you shoot across the sky-y-y. baby your a firework, Come on let your colors burst, make 'em go "Oh, Oh Oh". Your gonna leave 'em all in "Awe, Awe, Awe"  Boom, Boom, Boom, even brighter then the moon, moon, moon, Its always been inside of You, You, You, And now its time to let it Through-ough-ough cause baby your a fire work, come on show 'em what your worth,  make 'em go "Oh, Oh Oh" as you shoot across the sky-y-y. baby your a firework, Come on let your colors burst, make 'em go "Oh, Oh Oh". Your gonna leave 'em all in "Awe, Awe, Awe" Boom, Boom, Boom, even brighter then the moon, moon, moon, Boom, Boom, Boom, even brighter then the moon, moon, moon!
For all you rude people saying this isn't real music... What IS really music? Rock and roll, pop, classical, what is it? This is still music. It has a nice message. Saying you ARENT worthless. If you hate it, why are you watching/listening? Many people here like it because of the message. This is one of the few songs I have found that dont have a bad message, or bad words. So shut up mean people! Don't like is; don't even click on videos that you think you will hate!! So as I said... SHUT UP!
K bien aver si puedes publikar otras.
Bui buenas aver si puedes publikar mas.
MJ Aguilera Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Aqui les dejo.... 
+Juanjo Olaya jajajja si enserio ,,, pues ya le conozco muchos novios hay que decirle que se decida ejjejej.... buen dia amigo ....
OMG doesn't she know that Homosexuality is a mental disorder? All scientists agree it is. You liberals don't like facts, do you?
+Pjbunny Rules Shock therapy should fix the mental disorder and it's pretty cheap.
+Sarah L Vivian​​ I believe sexual orientation is not a mental illness, it's not a real illness at all. I did a little search, and, I read a little article about how they had removed homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses or something after gay activists protested against the APA. It wasn't scientifically proven that homosexuality isn't a mental illness, it wasn't removed from the list because of a breakthrough, but they didn't prove it was either, it was a self-serving decision the APA made to treat human problems as an illness that needed to be cured. And it's an insult to human dignity. In the passage I read, it said that it was proven that most homosexuals were happy with their orientations, and that if poor adjustments were critical it being a mental illness, then it's quite possible that it isn't. So no, I highly doubt it is a mental disorder or an illness that needs to be cured. In fact, I have enough faith that I'm certain it isn't. Gays should have the amount of freedom we do all around the world, the right to marry an' etc., and they should be treated with respect and others should quit dehumanizing them. Stop being such a homophone, the message in this video was to feel confident in yourself and to love yourself, and about common insecurities people have trouble with. Yet, all you seem to see is the 3 seconds of two gay men kissing. We're all human, and shouldn't be treated differently due to any sexual orientation.
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Why is there fireworks coming out of her boobs? I'm so confused. 
Me gusta tanto esta canción I like music forever
Igual. Me gusta. ALEXIS
Why they have to show us 2 gay assholes kissing?
+Alec Alvarez to get fucked in the ass by a horse using ear wax as lube, of course you would 
Beautiful! Why i dont watch it on new jear!
sorry had fout getypt... 't is: Why did i not watch this on newjear?
And why do you then say the first part in dutch if you are obviously trying to correct your english comment
Who's watching in 2015 ???
Nope. I'm watching this in fucking 2895489458949904589045089590648906490645906.
being gay is a good thing it is like loving other things in the world who ever don't like people who are gay  is not ok fuck u and die in hell
i was saying being gay is fine
I was talking to stargazer
This has to be my favorite song. #Iloveit. Have to bump this everyday while I drive to school! Wish I could meet Katy, she seems cool. #KatyFan4Life
When i first saw the video, i didn't payed attention to the kissing boys, 'cause it doesn't matter for me who you love, come on world! Wake up! They're people too!
FireWork is in Madagascar
The judgement day is coming. Please believe in Jesus in order to be saved. A few will enter the narrow gate that leads to heaven. Buy a bible and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ IT UP. IT IS REALLY FUN AS WELL. GOD BLESS YOU. JESUS IS OUR ONLY SAVIOUR. SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.
Why are katy's boobs shooting fireworks..... im so confused
Monikq Got Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Mily utwor w milym klimacie... Milego wieczorku Moniko... -:)))
Dziekuje Moniko... milego humorku...-:)))
who's still listening in 2015???
Do you ever feel like an orange peel
Hey what went through Osama bin ladens head before he died A bullet
No puedo creer que haya 84.457 estúpidas personas que le dieron "No me gusta" a este video
Son Little Monsters :v
 • * ¨ * • •.♪♫ • * ¨ * • • .♪♫ • * ¨ * •.♪♫ • * ¨ * • • .♪♫ • * ¨ * •
Let me just say that the couple that everyone is referring to as gay is actually straight. The girl on the left is actually a cancer survivor. She has no hair due to the cancer medicines.
thank you for helping to end all the homophobia on the video
Jessica Tuohey Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Check out this video on YouTube: Happy New Year to all my followers and everyone else out there! Time to say goodbye to 2014 at last. I, for one, am so glad it's over. Anyway, have this song to end the year with a bang :)
So glad to see the back of 2014. Love this song. Happy New Year my beautiful girl. Love you♡♥♡♥♡
there r boys kissing but being gay just fine i dont have a problem at all its ok 2 be gay
I love kitty pery and this song
America should just nuke Russia. 
+Avery Alvarez idi nahuj либо ты русский либо ты был в Росси
Hannah pistilli I love it and yes I do
saying gay is not ok that's what stargazer said
You some off people are mean
Holy Fucking Shit shes got fireworks blowing out her little titties Id make her leave her bra on when we fucked I wouldn't want my dick torched freaky flaming sparky bitch
It's from her heart
+Tommy Lee Either way...they come shooting out and blow off my cock that's a fail in my 
that last scene reminds me of the final harry potter battle
andreea nastase Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
a me piace lo ascolto quando sto male proprio come oggi sono ammalata e non so se vango domani a scuola
"Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?"
Fireworks chums from her boobs the she regenerates
Does Katy Perry reply to any of these comment
Of fucking coarse not, it's not even her that posts her video's.
Pretty city! Is that Budapest?
After watching the movie "The Interview" only thing that come's to my mind is;  baby you're a firework
Tim Austin Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Baby your a firework
+Brian Gill blame +Tha Muthafuckin BEARD​. He has been honeydicking everyone
Gang nam Style is the best song !!!
XD fireworks come out of her boobs
They came out of her heart
Un Do you ever feel like a plastic bag Drifting throught the wind Wanting to start again Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin Like a house of cards One blow from caving in Ha, The Interview honeydicked us. 😉 And it was a lot of fun!
They hate us, 'cause they ain't us!
+KickassW7 They hate us cause' they anus
SRIJA KUMAR Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
love you katy perry muahh!!!
Firework in the interview 😂😂😂
i loveu song ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ , i love u KATYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY <33 
Hana Gjergja Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
stay that how you're 
f off dislike and haters
Haters Gonna Hate Ain'ters Gonna Aint
Are you still alive???
Dana Pazderová Shared on Google+ · 4 weeks ago
my my my my my my my my my my my  my my my my my my my my my my
Kane Pohio Shared on Google+ · 5 days ago
Lord I thank you for blessing this world with an angel like Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (Katy Perry), you truly blessed us all with a musical superstar who is so down to earth, caring, giving, and approachable as Katy is. I love her music, it brightens my day, who would have thought going from listening to Metallica and other heavy metal for so long, and now appreciating Katy Perry. I think heavy metal darkened my outlook on life, where Katy Perry lightens & brightens it.   Katy, you are very beautiful but your personality is equally as elegant and I look forward to the day you move into acting and movies. It’s great that you are a fellow believer like me, I like your values you live by and the way you live life with other people in mind. Your song Firework gives me the encouragement, motivation and confidence to believe in myself and I’m sure the song has a similar effect on others. You are unique and special, Thank you and God Bless. Amen
Katy Perry - Firework
Rosilene Santos Costa Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Só para dançar
Boa tarde amiga querida,bjs Essa musica d+
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