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*HUGE HEADS*!!!!!!!!

by shane • 720,665 views

Thanks for SUBSCRIBING!!! People in this vid Brittani Joey LINKS: SHIRTS/MERCH STORE -...

Shane is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brittani and joey are soo cute :>
"Who the FUCK is Shane?! It's Paris."
thumbs up if u have a big head
He posted this on my birthday
Shanes laugh is freaking adorable!!
Okay none of them the guy with the curly hair does lol
ur lady and have a nice dress but it looks like you look like you give gud head haahahaha lmao ily shane i luvvvvvvvvvv u i masterbate to u jk i do luv tho ur awsome
Brittney (sorry if I spelled it wrong)
Britt britss head is you guys look cute??? together ;D
i feel like the reason why shane doesn't talk to britney anymore is cus her bf doesn't like shanes cussing...
"Shane that's my secret!" "Who the f**k is Shane?! It's Paris!" :D
that plant is called "birld of paradise" my mom has some
LMAO Joey looked pissed when shane is like 'you give good head' hahaha :3
lol the beginning makes me think of facade :P
Shane's is way bigger...more dirty jokes than brittni love you
shane u are the best so shane u have the bigger head sorry britt that didn't vote for u
thumbs up if you think joeys gay
and the name of the video is black swan hottie
They look kind of the same to me.
my head is fucking huge!...i hate it.
why dont you guys hang out anymore?! u guys are soo funny together!!(:
Brane forever. (Brittani and Shane)
@ArrivedOnRockets haha i see a 2nd version of him xD
@JesusPaid4You poast that crap on a christian channel or smthin not on a random video that has nothing o do with jesus or god. seriously thats spamming.
i was expecting this to be something different...
if u look at this thumbnail n the 1 before this vid they look alike
@Sukiedo I know but shane and her are sooo cute together
Shane u should stop scamming and being violet -.-
lol when Shane asked ''WHat are you?'' I think he meant that it's about time that Brittani and Joey admit they love each other <3
finally brittani Joey and Shane meet again
were human omg..hah..hahahah....hahahhah oh my god
brittany's expression WTF YOU SAY BITCH?!?!?! @1:38
Who the fuck is shane, its Paris hahahahahah
brittanis so tall haha, shes like 6'1
Soory brit brit i think Shane got a bigger head then u!!!
at 2:01 britanni and look like a good couple
"Aliens from planet hot" Lololololol I love u Shane
brittney but its only because she has a low set upper jaw which results into gummy smile and what appears as larger set of teeth, which elongates the head
Shane, your head is bigger, but it's filled with hot air ;P
i cant tell!! both of you have big heads!! :P
Shane's is slightly larger literally and metaphorically:)
Omg Shane I freaking love u .. Ur so sweet and cute and adorable and I love your hair :)
it kinda looked like Shane's xDD
its almost a tie between ur heads lol
thumbs up if you think its super cute how Shane defended Brittani when she said she had a big head. awww <3
Joey looks kinda uncomfortable when Shane says that she gives good head XD
They would look so flipping cute 2 gether
I love the videos with Brittani in them... they make such a good... I mean they're such good friends.
I dare you to go to a place and shany-any costume
i saw your facial hair in the black swan spoof behind the scenes and i think you should do more with it
paris vlogsss!!!! MORE MORE MORE! <3
I think shanes head is a little bit bigger! :)
Press 9 for holy bitch ( i feel like one of those people now)
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