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Video Game High School (VGHS) - Ep. 5

by RocketJump • 5,424,315 views

Episode five of our feature-length webseries "Video Game High School!" Here's how the release is going to work: We will be putting all new VGHS episodes on our site,, one week before...

Freddie Wong Can't ride a bike....if you know what i mean...
Wait, the law was hacking! Explain how you can dodge a lock on missile.
thats why you always aim for the feet cus even if he dodges he still gets hit
I would've been so much more into this show if Brian didn't keep being awkward and sucking at everything. If he would've pulled through this episode, I'd probably continue watching it. As it is, it's too painful to watch him keep failing.
Yes thats so accurate!
So. . .Why is it that Canada is the good guys, and Mexico is the bad guys? I feel like this game is set in the not-too-distant future where America has crumbled, and Mexican cartels and the Canadian mounties are vying for control over the rubble of the once-mighty US of A. The twist ending is that 'Murka was just biding its time, using the war as a distraction while they conquer the Canadian and Mexican homelands. 'MURKA!
There's no bad or good guys it's just tvt
I want a movie now. I would buy it! You guys deserve more subscribers than you already have! Your scripting, acting, setting everything is amazing! You done the world a favor by doing this. I mean the actors are spot on and the set is amazing/spectacular! How do you guys do it!?! Its a mystery wrapped Inside of a dinosaur's breakfast. I mean, your most likely not top notch Holly Wood producers so, small budget? I do not know, and I do not care for this is simplu amazing! You could start a TV show! Make a movie! If so, don't let this heart of the series die. I loveevery episode! Not to mention the beautiful Maxtix Gal! I know this was made in 2012, but keep up the good work!
This is on Netflix already
+Samantha Krulik I know. I made this post when I didn't though.
I think The Law is a cheater
aimhax+wallhacks+some skill= the law
ya know, Brian would be a cool dude to hang out with, but he should really stop acting different and faking his confidence to impress people. I know this is just a show, but i mean, who would agree? (i know he's the new kid, but still)
sometimes I facepalm when Brian does stuff I mean come on lame.....
I bet the Law's using cheats
+Nosam Neerg Eyyy I'm sorry I was just guessing. I did watch the other seasons btw, and I get it now
This show is the stupidest thing I've ever thing I've ever seen in my life. Said NO ONE EVER!!! This is the best!
You'll be quite surprise. There's a lot of dumbass Es out there thinking they can do better. Too bad they don't have a future
Jenny should be in amazing Spider-Man 3 as Gwen just saying like for this to be a good idea
Imagine if this was real but the enrollment fee is expensive
I wouldn't everyone's a dick and has terrible jokes
I'd go.  I'd probably be the youngest guy there though.
Brain keeps getting rejected by Jenny He wants to see her insides
Am I the only one that would totally date brian???
I guess you and Johanna Braddy aka Jenny Matrix. P.S. Johanna and Josh (Brian) are married IRL. So yeeeeeeeeahhh
Brian and Jenny remind me of Andrew Garfield ad Emma Stone
Does anyone else think the rules this school follows are incredibly unfair. for starters if you fail to get a certain amount of kills you get expelled. So if you ran into someone like Law who would constantly pick on you and kill you personally you'd be expelled because you were being Cyber-bullied. In real life this would mean that VGHS is THE worst school ever conceived!... ... ... This show is still really fun, though.
Then rage quit before he tears you to shreds haha
Do you really mean 'brake' or 'break' ?
5:43 the ipad case is empty.
Right?!?!?!?! I noticed that too
omg 3:26 looks kinda like hermione, harry and ron! xD
that's so fucking racist, Just because his asian his father should also be asian ? So fucking racist smh
+ABOODY006 they really are brothers you arrogant baby.
You dumb asses he is just kidding.
Law is the third death gun confirmed
Jenny sounds like the soldier from TF2 cause ya know MAGGOTS WE ARE HERE TO KICK ASS AND YOUR NOT THE LEADER YOUR THE BLEEDER
Spoiler Alert!! There's a legend of zelda reference in this episode
It sucks to see Brian make a fool of himself so much!):
Hey I hope these kids are all at least 18 cause gambling is illegal until you're 18.
Nothing I'm just saying if this is in America ( which it is) they're gambling illegally unless they're 18 or over but they're supposed to be sophomores and no sophomore is 18. +Darkzz Lord
+Lord James Jr. ooohh cmon a friend won 10k cash in what do you call them betting shops and he is 16 he needs to have 18  to  be an adult but what the hell thank god he was able to get his money  
the law is a little camping bitch!!
+LinkFrostGaming Yes a fellow zelda fqn we shall unity and prove majoras maskasthe ultimate video game
liek dis if u crei evry tiam
I love that majora's mask refrence there
LOL at Brandon in a FPS team game haha, quite unreal xD
Wow that's pretty mean wong
That Majora's mask reference tho.
Anyone else get the Majoras Mask reference?
I added you on Google +
Those Majora's Mask references tho
They should put this on nettflix
+Jennifer Matthews I guess I should have guessed it.
It's Freddie Fucking Wong Muthafakaassss!!!
He's a producer or the director I forgot but yeah its him.
Look at the guys Journal at 1:10
Why won't you just beat his ass in person instead of in the game? Honestly he would have gotten his ass beat the first time he f*cked with me (law) . But the truth us no one has hands at that school lol. When ppl get mad at each other they battle it out in a video game lol
it is known as a video game school.....
The guy talking to Brian saying he'll last 3 minutes, to me resembled the Cardinal outfit from Saints Row: The Third, plus the saints symbol was on the hat.
The law guy looks like my teacher
My god. Dat hand at alert
Stay Frosty? My Code Name in Video Games is Frost 👍
Absolute crap.  This is the American education system fer shure.
+Kelp Hurk you sound like a fat greezy kid who humps the american flag...
Damn watched only 1st episode and I'm actually addicted to it. Rly good work
What's teds actual name
1:39 How could they pass up the chance to call him "The Sultan of Swing"???
I'm confused about the game controls....they can do all these different shooting ways,are there like cut scenes after you die of an amusing way of your death? Also how did he dodge that missile by just moving to the side? In a game I have to move my entire body to dodge like that and nobody reacts that fast..also why are the hit boxes so good?!
In a different universe my friend.
hahaha.... heroes joke...
That hover hand thou Ted 😂
i love how xperthief was second to last in the first episode
It kinda sucks with Brian always being so freakn wimpy. I can't stand anymore of it. Done!
Watch EP 7? He beats up the law
+ImmunePi3 Thanks, now I know what happens! #spolied 
Wait freddy wong is a real guy im pretty sure. He is in and episode of Rob Dyrdeks Fantasy Factory i think....
he is a real person, if you look at the creator's names it says Freedie Wong.
They want briand to suck, but not enough to get expelled, because if he gets expelled he can't get the girl and upset the law, very predictable. I bet by season 2 they will be dating and the law will be expelled
Sounds like you totally haven't seen season 2. (Sarcasm)
He got expelled, and bullshit plot allowed him to return because "signing up for a class" matters after you are expelled
Just noticed that they're using Razer Naga's and Orbweavers.
boo the law know one likes you so go home hobo the law
yeah brandon makes an appearance 
seriously "focuss big D"
ok my question is what purpose does Ki serve tbh shes nothing but dead weight because all her character is is a game designer girlfriend chick and nothing more. Tell me does she get better as the show goes on?
She gets better until IT happens in season 3 ep 3
I Like The Majora's Mask References In This XD
Like the Zelda reference (seriously who entitled Zelda even though the protagonist is Link)
And BTW was Jovenshire there,man he luk SU fut
xx lindgroonie xx Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
That ginger girl is sooooo hot
What are the mini keyboars called? 
Razer Nostromo, it is outdated by now, Razer has newer models, better aswell. I do still own a nostromo but dont really use it.
I really like this show and it's really popular now and i think they can make it even bigger by focus even more on the action itself with some good fight or good race or good adventure.  i feel like it has good plots but the competitions should be more in-depth and sophisticated actions.  
if this is your first time watching then im just saying they ended it like week ago. tho starting on season 2-3 of VGHS the eps are 45 mins long
Well the series finale happened so its done.
He's the boy who lived.
Did anyone catch the majoras mask intro 👍
I did when you pointed it out haha
Who plays as Jenny?
I JUST Seen this Advertise on #Hulu @RocketJump. I'm REALLY Liking this Series.
Also, before I forget, Thanks for Adding CC.  I have trouble hearing and this HELPS a LOT
The virgin hand float at 3:34 ;)
The LAW can't be broken.
Then a criminal robs you of your computer and when the cops asked why he did it, he said "Because some guy said that the law cant be broken" Then the cop replies " He meant the law as a character." facepalm Well that was random
This show in my opinion is better than anything on TV right now. All who agree say aye.
Doctor who is way better but I love this
I'm sorry, but I ship Brian and Law so much :3
+corey kim I don't even get what the hell your trying to say...
what gamepad are they using?
The redhead chick that hangs out with Brian looks A LOT A LOT A LOT like the pornstar Phoenix Marie, like oh my god I actually thought she played that chick in the show
She looks like Charlotte Arnold, who played Holly J on degrassi
Anyone else notice that Ted never actually puts his hand on Ki"s shoulder when he puts his arm around her? Nervous acting.
Yeah I noticed that it completely distracted me from what they were saying haha
do you know that a guy from this ep is from node
he also created the show and is part of rocketjump which does node so yeah
Anyone get the Zelda reference throughout the video
Is it me or is this based on battlefield?
Have fun there are 2 more seasons and the episodes are All 45min long ;D
I want to rip The Law's head off and feed it to a dragon!
Am I really the only one who noticed the heros reference
I missed it. What was it?
Freddie wong is a boss XD
Why not just download it?
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