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Minecraft - I'M DEAD AGAIN

by TobyGames • 512,119 views

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Favorite facial expression 7:32!!! 
Toby is one of those Minecraft players who are terrible at playing this game (noobs)
what was the thing you killed early in the vid?
+Sayome Kartha well in most youtube video comments uusually when someone starts comments like that they begin going at each others for a very long time and instead of that you guys politely commented  your comments and then went on you mary ways without arguing
"housekeeping!"  Hahaha XD
ar  you   useing  mods   
Eminem is from my home town.
ENDING SO FUNNY WATCHED LIKE 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 TIMES
When he did the house keeping voice I laughed so hard !!! XD
Iiiiiii, FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaah
It's adorable when Toby laughs .........even if he laughs at himself........
5:39 Lol Toby. You and your ships :p
the ending is sooooo funny XD i watched it over and over again haha
I speak Russian almost every day. For real
sometimes I pee and there is blood in it
You should go to the doctor my friend :D
Look at his face at 7:31
your head is a potato
My mom is from Russia
Omg that was totally so funny
ran out of torchs? :( Still wanna mine? :( Then try this mod! The miners helmet mod! it will light up the cave! no torch's needed. :)
i love Russian accents  
why didnt he just eat the food
James Kemp Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
James Kemp Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
your aloud to sponcer me in one of your shows i am dianna jack
House keeping you want free shampoo samples, lol toby your funny
wtf is gold i only know butter
7:28 I laughed really hard... He actually has an amazing voice, anyone agree?
what is this gold you speak of? i only know of budder
Awwwww so cute @Christina Hulett
pause at 0:00 if u want to have nightmares
no its u press 7:29 and then it says (it sounds lik) "oo go, AAH! *CRUNCH*" XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
To find diamonds all you have to do is dig a stair way all the way to bedrock and boom keep mining till you get to diamonds. Thats how I mine and I find tons of diamonds, I get full diamond armor in no time.
lol pause at 00:07 and look at toby
no i'm watching this in 3,000,000,000 BC on my Irock osx 0.10
Butter swords make MUCH easier to kill them. I've used Yogbox (with the new mobs and such). You can kill werewolves with other swords, but they have like 150 hearts if you try...
What the fuck is that kind of voice??
he still hasn't learned shift click 250 episodes in?
Ah but that one was in human form thus it was weakened and was susceptible to damage from everything
Toby dies..... Dolphin laughs "SHUT UP DOLPHIN!!!!"
anyone else hate when people say that minecraft's for kids?
SHUT UP DOLPHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That dolphin laughed at y'all girl
Then your gay if you married to a man your gay
then why are you on his video? to hate? you must be sooo cool.
any one else crack up when he screamed shut up dolphin???
I think that iron is closest not budder but budder was so majestic they made budder there weakness because everyone is weak to budder
I'm sure many people would say the same about you. Here on Earth we don't like people like you who can't type "you" correctly.
You should build a kingdom! And a great video!
is it sad that I waited all episode for that moment? haha
Does any one know where i can get Mince craft for free??
you claim you can only kill them with budder swords, yet just last episode you killed one with lava. now what does that tell you?
Pause at 22 if you want to have nightmares
"I'm talking about ships" nnnNOOOoOOOooOo DONT TALK ABOUT THAT.
Toby likes me because i'm Russian!
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