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Girlfriend of Zombie Cannibal Comes Forward

by SourceFed • 454,761 views

Order your SourceFed Posters here: Description: Girlfriend of Miami face-eater defends his character. Our Sources: Go to...

I bet that hobos face meat was gamey.
He wasn't really kissing her in that picture, he was just having a taste test!
spice sounds like spice.
her voice gives me a headache
the bible and the koran together? uhhhhh maybe that's why he went canibal crazy. she's lucky he didn't eat her or her kid. is she rhianna's sister?
rabid with lsd and bathsalts...three things that, if mixed together will bring the downfall of civilization
Because dark humor is a psychological defense against horror such as this.
Seriously, four months? Wow. Long haul.
Is it me or is "cannibal" sort of implied when you mention zombies...
Bible and Koran or Bible in Korean?
It looks like Gloria alred looks like her face got eaten
Holy shit I with I didn't click this video, there voices are fucking annoying
This sounds like the episode from Castle that came out recently. Apparently there is something called the "Zombie Drug" and you can make someone do whatever you want if they take it. Like this so Sourcefed can see it!!
some one said that before now who is unoriginal ???????????????
LOL now that would make sense... Guess I'm a racist :/
Lol. Did you hear about the one in which the cannibal dumped his girlfriend?
well u know (insert canible pun here) so ya
Crazy thing about it is that I work in a video gaming store and I own it. I should have played it a long time ago. I played Skyrim. I loved it and oblivion. Currently playing Halo 4 and Gears. Next will be Bio Shock Infinite.
I love your shirt lee! where is it from?!
Part of me wanted this to be zombies
I just realized, for a short time, I had top comment on this video :D.
They employee 4 year olds in the Government! A lot of things are making sense now
Who do your voodoo Bitch! - Sam B.
I could give you a mouth full of my material
What if he ate his children!?!? D:
... I find it kind of heartless that you're making fun of the pain of someone who lost a loved one. You've had your jokes about it, and I've laughed, but this is insensitive. I say that as someone who loves SourceFed. It's funny until it becomes teasing of surviving loved ones. You seem to care for the victim, why not another victim? It looks like you've heard her pleas to stop the ridicule, and laughed about it. I'm dissatisfied with where you're heading.
Really, it's dangerous to be eaten by someone? I never knew! lol
Q) What did the cannibal do after he dumped his girlfriend? A) He wiped his ass....
they read the bibile and koran ? wtf. religion made him eat people! for sure!
She knew him since March?!? I've had shoes for longer than that lol
Yes Gloria...Id say getting you fucking flesh eaten is pretty damn unhealthy for you...sigh...stupid bitch...
what if we lace the water supply with bath salts and then instantly vapourize it batman begins style? instant zombie apocalypse... opps i shouldn't have said that out loud (or on the internet)
I'll give Lee a mouthful of material.
cannibalism cant hurt the cannibal only the victim.
I'm from the government this is not the start of the zombie appoclycse and by that I mean it RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. thank you that is all enjoy your day
I obviously live under a rock because I have no idea what they're talking about...
no joke someone lose there face. sad
I love how you barely touch on the bath salts while media outlets have already stated that they were the cause of his crazy. Please do a segment on just that part so we can know where to buy... I mean so we can know where to avoid shopping so we don't do something like that too.
what about his previous girlfriend who dumped him because he had a history of biting when angry..
wow u's are annoying and ur jokes are not even remotely funny...
oh yeah, that is one of the jokes that your robot butler tells you in megaton when you ask him to tell you a joke... fallout 3 is an amazing game. get on that if you haven't yet!
I stole nothing. I don't know Wadworth. I heard the joke (not from any Wadworth) and passed it on. If Wadsworth owns the rights to it then by all means let Wadsworth and his team of lawyers come after me for it.
Ohh I thought it ment something else like amazingly stupid or something like that
I agree.The reporter lies about the no zombie making virus. Loook up Solanum. CDC already knows this. Look up the San Pedro, California incedent about Allie Goodwin, in March of 1994.
she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot
I ef'in hate Gloria Allred! Stupid slut!
How can bath salts turn you into a face-eater? I don't get it?
I didn't even realize that it was in Fallout. That is great though. I am seriously behind on my gaming.
Hey I just met you, and this is crazy! But I had bath salts, Your face looks tasty!!
noo the drug is nicknamed bath salts it's not really the stuff u put in you're bath
He was on more drugs than just bath salts.
Why do people use religion to make themselves look like good people?
i cant listen to this story without wanting to barf...
and this video is a year old idiot
You're trolling right? Its not like store brand bath salts...please....please be trolling...its just a nickname for the drug...
check out the vice video on the drug code named the devils breath maybe this what was used.
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