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Minecraft - Deaths You'll Never See Coming

by Machinima • 3,559,710 views Click here to watch: Minecraftville (episode 1) Deaths You'll Never See Coming! The most random, outrageous ways to die in Minecraft (think "Final Destination" meets...

this is STUPID!!!!!!!
1:29 the guy with the iron armor should've taken the guy's diamond armour.
wtf is with all the minecarts.
+Javkhlan Ganbat That's dangerous you know, leaving your house without enough tampons.
Wait, it was animated by Cucu Mihai..and i'm sure he is romanian...dude, if you see this comment, mă bucur ca e şi un român măcar in Machinima :))
My reaction to most of these: "Oh shit." or "Well then..."
Give me death #69, I know I'd fall into that Lava pit.
...this series was then milked to death... like what? 10 episodes or something?
+Jacob Jarrett each one better than the last
Ewwwwwwwwwwwww, the dog peed on the people at the end.
I would get hit by that skelly easily...
Do a death that he is on a crane made out of cobblestone and then a chicken comes out of nowhere and make him fall. PLZ DO!!!!
and Machinima made this? the rise and the FALL
"These deaths were performed by professionals. If you fell the need to attempt them yourself, please do; the sooner the better. Natural selection could use the help" The person that came up with that phrase must be given all the cookies he/she will ever need/want.
this was stupid.. sorry
GRASSHOPPER??? Do I look like one to you?? FUCK YOU
+Javkhlan Ganbat no no.. It means you are a novice, still learning. And i can still see you are still learning. you don't know who you are talking to. you really don't know.
Well... This video's physics: You can kill someone with a minecart by running them over. Minecraft's physics: Bumping into a cow, reflects the minecart, going backwards. Seems legit.
The dogs piss came from its mouth
The ending promotes suicide :P
I like this show but the animation is ugly as fuck
like to see you do a better one 
+TheGamingEndermanHD Why would that have any relevance? Total biscuit doesnt make video games but people still respect his opinion and lots of people including me and probably you too think he makes good reviews.
I laughed so hard on the second to last one... XD
Did Anyone see the creeper blow up people in the background in every one in there? i saw that
Love the animation do a advanced warfare video ok plz''''''
fuck off machinima. your company is shit. kill yourselves
+OfficeBear IMBACKURMAD Okay, I'll own up to my mistake, and say that you DO have the right to insult him, and it was wrong of me to say that you don't. What I was trying to say was that it was extremely hypocritical to degrade his insult since you made a similar insult to Machinima.
Parent advisory- inappropriate language for young children
Dog: oh looks like someone just got crushed.........
i dont think all the bad words are really nesscacery
the song at the end made me cry cuz i used to be a xbox 360 minecrafter, a loner and my xbox BROKE :'c
Since when did Machinima get this funny? Those two statements at the end are freaking genius
I love the parts where he gets hit by a minecart LOL
I lOVE DIGING STRIAT DOWN AND HATE BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IWill AlwaysBe Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
whats with the cart man
I know the mine-carts and stuff but REALLY THE DOG HAS TO PEE ON THEIR CORPSES wow.
Because science asshat kid
Hey guys, Let me start off by saying sorry for doing this, I know its really annoying to read these types of comments. But I am  making a new gaming channel that I just started this weekend. I have had some previous experience with YouTube and video editing but I really felt like I wanted to start fresh. If you would take the time to stop by,and if you could subscribe, it would mean the world to me! Thanks for reading!
Can I not read? I think the real question is can YOU not read, Luke and girl gamer told me to shut up, And I told them that they were pathetic, and if you don't like something don't read it...
Hmm, "This was in June.  You guys are pathetic." I don't see you excluding me there. :P Key word(s), YOU GUYS ARE PATHETIC.
what this video taught me minecarts are dangerous
Funniest part was the text at the end :D
Good Doggy! You get the best treat
Why do people still watch this garbage?
say your crush name 25 times then kiss your hand then post this on another video, then that person will ask you out. DONT ASK ME WHY I FOUND IT ON ANOTHER VID OK!
raises eyebrow It didn't work did it -.-
So all iron pickaxes are now girls... -.-
Did anyone else but me saw the wolf at the end went to the explosion/ hole and did a little wee???
the dog pees on the dead people
Animated by Cucu Mihai , he's romanian ! I'm proud of my country ! tear tear
Lol death number pi lol
Haha the wolf peed in the hole
I am very happy with the last comment; as a female Minecraft player I get plenty of shit....
im a kid I still watch fucking things do who say that every person don't watch it walao u a rrrrrrrrrrrr
if you stop the video on 0:58 you will see herobrine
☻/ This is Bob. HE IS A FUCK ZOMBIE!!! /▌ / \ 
Rating of my comment is L+. Not for kids!
☻/ This is Bob. He is part of the repressed /▌ sexual minority that enjoys fucking shoes. / \ Please donate all your shoes and vaseline to Bob and support acceptance and understanding
created by someone who never touched minecraft
Dude one time i killed my self
☻/ This is Bob . Copy and paste him /▌ all over Youtube / \ so he can take over and take down Google+
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