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Minecraft: Quad Mountain Survival w/Nova Ep.20 - COLLECTING REED

by UberHaxorNova • 391,380 views

Leave a like FOR QUAD EFFIN MOUNTAIN Map:...

you have like 6 or 8 or 7 boats from that chest in the cave
Look at james map it looks like a duck
He's a turtle and appeared in one of the early episodes can't remember which
ii keep noticing nova has gold why doesnt he make a fucking gold sword
Me at 12:40: Creepercreepercreeperglowstonecreeperthere'safuckingcreeperCREEPER
Dude, he didn't say anything except for that one thing. You would know that if you would actually bother to look.
it used to be the rat and creeper conspiracy but not its the butterfly and creeper
What is that blue stuff outside?? its like a line up to the sky and its like a blue dot. @ 1:48
Quit arguing on a video that has nothing to do with what you are arguing about
Nova please tell me were able to install all these mods wit mcpatcher for.the hd texture pack cuz im tryin to install all these mods and use my hd rltexture packs
And how is breathing in burning Marijuana any different than breathing in burning Pine? Or Cedar? or Oak? It's not, if campfire smoke is a poisonous fume than so is smoke from marijuana. They are both natural growing plants burning.
Pandas don't eat reed. They eat Bamboo.
T-dog is Nova's pet wiener dog he appeared in episode 18
u know if your even going 2 get that much mods like nova YOUR NOT SAFE AT DAY OR NIGHT
@MrKain26 The Youtubers decide.
Why are people talking about religion and drugs on a fucking Minecraft video. Can this be explained at all?
Pams mods its 6th from the bottom in the description.
im christian and i never swear so not all us christians are bad im no hypocritic he's not a real christian he's just saying that so he thinks he can get a free ride off how sucky of a person he is
thumbs up for him to play minecraft crossing again :)
dude it is an illousion creeper it makes four of its self and one of them is real the rest are fake
Isn't it even more entertaining when they rage. Caps lock does wonders.
I thought i made weird noises, but this is weirder then me.
It doesn't matter if it is a plant, it's still a drug used to get high. Unless you're talking about the weeds that grow in your garden like dandelions, but i doubt it. What the hell does the bible have anything to do with this?
"hmm, volcano, that seems pretty cool to explore" DOESNT FCKN EXPLORE IT
moar turtles ? *i bet T-dog will not like mah idea D8*
Weed is weed, it gets you high. Who needs wheels, when you can fly?;)
Am I the ONLY one that wants a Glowstone, Dirt etc Creeper to blow up in Nova's house! xD
Kinda what my church would call, a "closet Christian."
Rick #3s diary day 2:we haven't been fed in days I was discussing with hershel how we should eat spoon hes gigantic compared to us....i also sent turtle spies out to spy on nova.He beats up people looking for camels and kills slimes.Slimes like turtles he just doesnt care about us.
Nova: I need some seeds, some seeds and more wood Me: MORE WOOD?!?!,!?!?!!? Really nova?!!?! OMGGGGGGGGGGG
Volcanoes should be implemented into normal minecraft. Volcano biome or somethin....
T-Dog: The others call him master nova I call him asshole
11:00 What happens when a tornado disappears after ripping up blocks. =D
Red mushrooms are apost to be RARE but in quad mountain there EVERYWERE
who uses the word "smite" anymore you midieval bastard?
PEOPLE. SHUT. THE. FRENCH TOAST. UP. Gosh this isnt a place for arguing! Stop arguing and talk about something like, erm, TURTLE ARMIES AND HOW THEY'RE GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!
Ahh weed sucks. I'm not one of those "blarg! above the influence!" people, but I have a genetically large head, and it gets really really heavy and hard to keep up when I'm high. :(
Actually swearing isn't mentioned in the christian bible, unless its swearing God of course. Or maybe I'm wrong, idk, I don't read fairy tales.
God !! Please just close up the holes to the giant cave in ur house already!
this is youtube not twitter you dont need the stupid fuckin @ someone thing here
the mountain at 9:48 looks so real
Sorry what do the black creepers do exactly?...
actually no where is the bible does it say " thou shall not swear." sooo yeah
are you retarded? there are 2 different weed. one that a plant one that a drug
Nova gets his stuff stolen all the time and doesn't notice what they take alot. Lol
somebody needs to make a picture of nova with his turtle army.
Black Creepers destroy light? I think?
they multiply into bout 5 creepers and 4 of them are duds have fun figuring out which is real
@twistorama you sir crack me up
seeing as the previouse comment no longer exists, i dont know what this is about, but you should not laugh about cancer of any kind. my grandfather is dieing from cancer
Is gold more resilient than steel
Hershie's Diary: Day 4 of no food. Master Nova's been out allll day. T-dog hopes he's dead but if he is dead how do we get out we'd just died cause were trapped. Wonder where he is........hope he's alive. Hershie(^з^)-☆ PS he had a reed in hia pocket this morning (*`へ´*)
R there even any fucking camels in this game
you will still go to jail if the police find out you smoke it in america but in any other country you can smoke it legally... i think
Well, depending on your beliefs, an authority that disallows the use of drugs may be an improper authority, so that particular rule wouldn't apply, would it? Not that I do drugs or believe that myself, I'm just saying is all.
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