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Thinking With Portals: An Experimental Machinima

by WarpedMindDogma • 1,010,687 views

TwP is the final project for my senior capstone at the University of Maine, titled 'New Media Machinima'. The live-action elements were filmed using an HD Sony handicam, while all of the machinima...

I know what everyone was thinking as he was looking through the portal. Don't go In! The cake is a LIE!
ok never go into a portal that has cake XDD
Half life vs team fortress 2 and portal. Orange box? ...
MrCg4523 Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
oh my god that was great effects!!
He really was think() ()ing with portals
one does not simple watch a portal video without a 'the cake is a lie' comment
I'm pretty sure that had nothing to do with the empty child but rather Team Fortress 2. I've never played but I'm pretty sure that was a pyro. Question: do you make that reference EVERY TIME you see a gas mask?
theres two pyros one on team blue and one on team red, the one thats red is on team red, the one thats blue is on team blue. so in reality your the noob.
my mother allways said that cake wasnt good for you :)
U suck use a portal gun better than ur hand
How is there a portal on a non white surface -_-
is he the first man to make portals with hands XD? THUMPS UP XD
rick rolling is possible even in portal
1:00 Counter Strike Source cs_assault map xD
the pryo only wanted to be friends but did you want to be his?
Although Portal 2 definetely doesnt need a sequel, imagine if we had "Rainbow Portals" that could affect time as well as location! :OOOOO
What is that music at the beginning?
that was awsome animating!! good job
0:35 - 0:45 Thinking with portals.
OH MY GOD!!! im not worthy. you do it, you will correct him, for me
Well,everything l can say is : "Hate the cake!"
295 people weren't lured into that thing because there was no cake. D:
"The live-action elements were filmed using an HD Sony handicam" Cool name for a potato.
He shoulda snapped until the portal reopened...
What color is the pyro in the video? Red What color are the guys jacket and jeans? Blue What should red pyros do to people in blue? Burn them What did the red pyro do? Not burn the man in blue What does that make him? A noob Can I put this in simpler terms?
Well I just so happened to have made a working portal gun like that. Its up on EBay if you want it.
"What kinda weirdo puts cake in a glass?" What i think you meant to say was "What kinda weirdo leaves cake out in the open on a storage cube?"
1:58 Someone FINALLY makes fun of that. Nice.
just when portals become dodgy
looks like someone didnt have the long fall boots /:
2:04 he stops, walks in, pulls back the curtain... oh no! Rick Rolld
Keep going friend.. Check out my video with Teleport !!!
I've been thinking with portals since far before 2007
bit slow at first but loved the ending, nice vid dude :)
There is no free cake. You know it's a lie.
Am i the only one who has ever wondered what would happen if you shot your face with one portal, shot a wall with another and then put your head through the wall?
GLaDOS: And that's how we get our test subjects. Me: They always go for the cake. =.=
Cake? IS THAT... CAKE!? Heck yeah! *goes through oval thing that leads to God knows where*
on the TF2 part I had NO idea what TF2 was at that time when I first watched this and now that I watch it again it makes seance now! :o
I didnt know everything was made of rare moon rock!
Think about it, it'd be pretty shit to have a portal gun and no surfaces :P
2:14 I love the way he says CAKE!
Him: ooo cake Me: the cake is a LIE. the cake is a LIE... *thinks "this guy must be genre blind I guess." Him: *goes to the cake and realizes its glassed in and still doesn't get it* Me: *facepalms and thinks "yup genre blind. probably never touched a computer game..."* GlaDOS: *starts talking* Me: *gets ready for the climax* Glados:*the portal will open in 3... 2... 1...* Me: *sees climax (which might spoil for people who read comments too early) and busts up laughing*
@MegaGamingFriends It's funny how you copied omegabot1's correction and didn't notice that 'Its' should have had an apostrophe but didn't.
Dude, you have a portal to Gold Rush, jump freakin' in!
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