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Still Doll (Vampire Knight) Electric Cello (with solo)

by theblackantonio • 19,598 views

A cover (of sorts) of Kanon Wakeshima's Still Doll (also the ending credit song of the anime Vampire Knight). Forgive the lousy sound quality, my recording technique needs some work, plus I don't...

Amazing! Could you upload your sheet adaptation please? 
may i know what kind of cello did you play?
That's an electric cello.
I'm playing the chello and that's my goal to play the vampire knight themes
Do you have a sheet? I want to learn that song in my cello but I have not find it, please
Rocel N Jeilo Ursua Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Still Doll (Vampire Knight) Electric Cello (with …:
I think your covers for kanon's songs are the best. It's so beautiful that it makes me want to cry T - T!!!!!! What I really appreciate about your covers is that you actually play the cello instrumental parts of her songs. Unlike those other people that play covers for her vocals =___=....  You're so pro!!! Thumbs up x100000000000 PLEASE DO OTHER COVERS OF HER SONGS!!!! :DDD
This is so good! It makes me want to learn cello :D
Debe dar su trabajo acostumbrarse a un Cello eléctrico o.o , Pero suena muy bien, Good, Nice Work! ^ u ^
About how hard was this to play? Exceeding the solo, of course. You've got to have amazing talent to be able to play that. x.x
amazing... you have such talent!
Dammit im learn to how to fully play cello and this will be my goal to play this amazing song
I really appreciated your cello cover because I'm a fan of Kanon Wakeshima too...When I watched your cover I simply say, AMAZING!!! you made a same piece like hers though I'm not a cellist... I suggest to play one of greatest Kanon's songs like Shinku no Fatalism, Kagami, Maboroshii, Sweet Ticket and Shakespeare no Waserumono..Hoping that you will upload and play these songs someday..
Makes me wish I still played cello...
I think I here a mantis creaking
FINALLY!!!! A cello cover that actually sounds good! I have inspiration now!
Truly the best Still Doll cello cover out there.
U r amazing im to young,to play that well yet
Wow how long have you been playing for?
gonna get a private teacher just to learn this song!! <3 or I'll try and teach my self the fingers shouldn't be to hard
ohaider baby! epicness as always <3 *fangirls* can i take you home to bed now? cause you have magical hands muah!
Thanks for the compliment! I plan to release the sheet music soon (the cover as I hear and play it), when I do so, you can download it and take it to your teacher. (If he/she still can't play it from the sheet music, then maybe you should get a new teacher... Lol. XD)
I played this a long time ago... A ridiculous amount of accidentals and flats I think... GOod job!
Nice work man! You truly have talent. Looking forward to seeing more, and also sharing this on FB for more views. Cheers! :)
Where did you find the sheet music? T.T
@BiancaShadey I'm still figuring out whether it's doable (it's MUCH tougher than it seems). I learnt that the non-solo parts of Kanon Wakeshima's songs are not recorded with a real cello. I'll bet a month's pay on it.
@BiancaShadey Thanks! The cello sound could use some work definitely, because I got lazy and plugged it straight into my (bass) amp without doing up my effects. As for more songs... why, yes. How does Suna No Oshiro sound? ;D
Yay! I can't wait! You should do some of the ones that require the most cello work. Like Shinku no Fatalism and Heroine Syndrome and stuff but yeah! Dude, you rock! :D
Is there any way anyone could find me the music sheet for this song for the cello? I can not find it anywhere! Please :3
Wow! you really are awesome! *u*♥♥
Finally still doll cello cover! :D
Awesome! Oh my! I really love your videos!
Thanx, you brought back my beautiful memories from the Lolita Wakeshima. Hopefully we see her back.
oh yeah ..! i really enjoyed watching ,, you're amazing ! :D
Definetely something that i admire amazing solo! (Y)
._. I don't like electric cellos, but this is the only cover i've seen when the cello solo it's perfect, i'm trying to learn this song, but i just can't do it right xD! my teacher says "You still have a lot to learn if you want to play this song" and i didn't know it was that difficult D: my teacher can't play it right either, maybe....i just need a new teacher LOL
anyway you can release the sheet music?
This cover was amazingly done. :D You're very good at the cello. You seem very passionate and happy when you play too.
What lousy sound quality, all I hear is awesomeness :D
o.o..... WOW! This is incredible beyond comprehension. Do you take requests? If so, can you pretty please with a cherry on top make a cover of Kanon Wakeshima's Kajitsu no Keikoku or Princess Charleston? It would make this fanboy very happy. :D haha Liked and Subscribed! :D
this piece seems tough!! but u did a great job! *likes* and subscribes*!!
I love how you play... Please make more videos of you playing please ^.^ i
oooooooooooh ..a male version of Kanon Wakeshima.. love it .. you're a pro ...! i have a request: can you play kajitsu no keikoku ?
@BiancaShadey I definitely go by ear. Takes dedication to get the cover accurate to the last note though, something I take pride in doing. I plan to release the sheet music and then do a Still Doll tutorial. Probably after I record Suna No Oshiro.
O.O three words.... you.... are.... AWSOME!!!!!!! its almost perfect! amazing! and it sounds beautiful! :D
I'm a cello player myself and I'm amazed on how great you played the solos! So awesome
Do you have the sheet music, or did you play it by ear? I've been looking for sheet music for a few of Kanon's songs, and I can't find them.
Dint no there were electirc cellos.
Thanks for the support! Princess Charleston doesn't sound very interesting, but I shall put Kajitsu No Keikoku on my to-do list! :D
A collaborative would be awesome.
I'm in orchestra and I just want to say you are an awesome cellist and I love the bravado you did also you are just amasing
Time to make more videos. Keep me entertained mang!
Kajitsu no Keikoku is up, if you haven't already seen it! It says comments can't contain links, so I've put the link in the video description. Enjoy! 8D
You are really good, thanks for uploading all of your videos! They were amazing to listen to.
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