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Heavy Wanted Sandvich...

by ManualMonaro • 47,898 views

A silly video based on Deus Ex... With Fallout 3 music in it for some reason... :]

well off 2 re insTOHL Deu SEX!
25 people didn't multiply
Jokes on you, I already have it installed.
@ManualMonaro I've been going minimum force in my current play through too. so damn satisfying when I gassed a room of six MJ12 troops, then I managed to beat them down with just a baton and combat strength aug. :)
it was engineer that i like sandvich
Not many others people have done Deus Ex Gmod, what a shame. Expert sentence mixing, some of the best I've ever heard. :)
The Soldier looks badass in this vid.
the dialogs loks like something like a subliminal messange on a music played backwards hahahahah
this is why you get most likes and veiws cos this is a very detailed tf2 vid/gmod you use blink its awosme nice
Hurr Hurr Hurr Hurr Hurr Hurr Purly kewl vid!!!1 It is not a commentary on YouTube comments, I just need something to put here...
DEUS EX FTW!!! Best game of all time!
Who nearly thought it was over at 1:25, and went searching for another video before they heard "FUCK." ._.?
LOL i pressed Scout is a Simulacrum and paused the video and i was like WTF? then i spent like 5 minutes figuring it out lol
You had me fooled for a minute there at the end.
gm_construct is a good representation of props and buildings quantity in Deus Ex no hating, i love this game btw
The Spy shot the Scout in zero gravity :D
I saw 1:23 and thought it was the end, then I saw the slider still moving and I'm like WTF, DEMONS.
well.. off to re-in-stal de-ass sex
Being an engineer is good... and simple... :3
i lost it where i sawe "JC Soldier" rofl
There are plenty of graphics improving mods for Deus Ex like enb series, retexture pack and even ability to run it in direct x 11. Sure, the game won't have Crysis level graphics, but it won't look like an ass so much.
1:01 Spy should say that more often "What a shame" classic!!!
Thumps up if you thought that 1:23 was the end XD
Did you preorder human revolution?
"Im going to tell them you are a spy, and they will kill you" Thats what that kid says in the hong kong level xD
He might have put his disguise back on while the Scout flew away.
you are a god i was so fucking tired of all those rubberfruits and stupid mindfucks
"Well Of to play all-day-ass-sex"
Whoa! I totally thought it was over.
You did a fucking amazing job at the sentence mixing
Well, of to reinstall Day of Sex!
Hurr Hurr Hurr Hurr Hurr Pretty kewl vid!!!1 This is not a youtube commentary on comments
0:01 - 0:07 spiluspiluspiluspiluspiluspiluspiluspiluspiluspiluspiluspilu
I love you, Manual. I FUCKING LOVE YOU
@TammoKorsai the best way is to trow gas grenades and hit em when blind
Teehee I saw MrTenneks vid the Posh Mothershuckling dangler hour.
I was so happy when I realised this was a deus ex reference
@TheSwagganator That is the greatest case of 'misheard/misinterpreted' sentence mixing ever. Now that's all I'm going to hear now. X) I tip my hat off to you!
skittles skittles skittles skittles
@240Gromit I was thrown off until I saw the actual progress of the video.
Critical Strike on Scout! :D You Gained Karma!
@TammoKorsai I didn't hat this problem,since I was master at combat and used 3 augmentations to increase my force...I not a violent guy...
@Mightyfigter It's a series of video games, basically a hybrid of FPS and RPG. The first one, which is what this video is based off, was released in 2000. They're critically acclaimed (with a third one releasing next year...), though many people seem afraid to try it due to it being so old. For me? It's one of my all time favourite games. And to others reading this, yes, I did really like Invisible War thankyou very much! :)
when he killed the scout, wasnt that the music of when you die in fallout 3?
I have that bonk vending machine :D
Amazing scene.. I WANTED ORANGE, IT GAVE ME LEMON LIME! I love this game, played it through so many times. Everytime i try again, i give myself challenges such as "Melee weapons only", "No kills" etc etc. Its great fun :D
Damn Louis Pan in Wanchai Market, i was always tempted to kill him
@ManualMonaro how you got soldiers helmet off and scouts hat?
@primus918 It's the theme for Hong Kong in Deus Ex.
@TobySkov Same here, mate. I love pacifist playthroughs on Realistic difficulty. :3
Well, off to reinstall THE ASS SEX!
critical hit on scout scouts head is now crippled
Well, off to re-install day o' sex.
I never asked for this... But now, my visions are augmented...
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