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Top Gear America Rutledge Wood -- Jalopnik TV

by /DRIVE • 96,244 views

Top Gear America co-host Rutledge Wood stops by the Jalopnik TV set to talk about his weird car collection, his love of Saved by the Bell, and how he's not a cake-eating hipster. Hosted by Ray...

ayy, a 69 charger is not crap lol. and i said PS3 at the exact same time as Rut did , PS3 Master Race
Wood is cool but this host is shit
. . . . .  "I don't like the red ring of death" "They fixed that" "I don't know" This was done in 2012...The RROD issue was taken care of long before this was filmed. Fail, huuuuge fail.
I actually think they should add a segment to TG:USA where they read awful online comments about themselves
I like Top Gear USA, it's not original one, of course... but I'm watching it and it's better to me than boring Fifth Gear. wear prescription Ray Ban ARE a hipster. END OF STORY.
thats not hipster its just badass
:(:(:(:( this is bad on so many levels.please don't ever do this again drive
I hate u both..please stop watching these complete douche bags people. Good god they suck.
I don't watch the UK version as Clarkson and Mini Clarkson wannabe make me feel violent when I look at them, mire so when they talk. This Ray guy is a total douchebag.
Jalopnik's inaugural show is an interview with the worst cast member of the worst automotive show in the history of everything. Everyone knows that Top Gear USA is so horrible it's been ranked lower than Top Gear France (the only country that doesn't have its own Top Gear show). To compound this slight, Tanner Foust (the only TG guy with a driver's license) was overlooked for the chubby hipster, Appalachian Edition, with two last names that no one's ever heard of or heard of since. (That's why they flash his name on screen every 7 minutes.) Jalopnik could have just shown Rebecca Black's Friday music video 10 times over and it would have been better series start than this. Way to go, "Ray". Note: the Friday video has cars so it's in Jalopnik's wheelhouse.
I like TG USA, good as UK but it takes a bit of getting used to
"You didn't mention facebook, you're full of sh*t" That made me laugh
Not a big fan of TG US but what I simply cannot understand is why BBC airs TG UK in the USA so much later than in UK... Do they know that there is a thing called the internet??? And then they blame us for piracy.
I would have preferred to have Alex Roy as the host, he would have interrupted enough to make it at least little bit interesting.
Sadly, American Top Gear hosts suck as does this Jalopnik hack.
Rutledge is a funny guy. You could tell he's a car guy because of the car selection he owns. He doesn't just buy the most hyped cars every actor/actress would just for status. I don't think he's a hipster but he does dress a bit young looking for his age. Can't wait for Top Gear USA to start again! :))
This fatass is annoying. Get May or Hammond on this show. TGUSA fucking sucks.
jalopni don't say the wrong word
83 civic with ls/non-vtec? Awesome!
I love them both. I have never seen the Aussie version!!
i dont like the US version as much sorry no offense but i dont think its as interesting or funny as the original
19:08 to the end, best part of the interview
Ray Wert is the douchiest guy alive
This host is trying way to hard to seem cool and distant.
Going over instead around a fucking chair to sit in it? If that isn't hipster I don't know what is.
Y U FAIL AT XBOX QUESTION? Topgear are partners with Forza. You Were playing forza on the Show. You sucked at driving but you did it.
This is a terrible interview. It's so awkward and the questions are utterly ridiculous!
I wonder sometimes too how these big names have such crappy plain or simple looking websites, its like back when web pages were mostly text and hardly any graphics. I could design better.
I know who Tanner is a little mouthy whiny snot nosed kid.. Adam Corolla knows a ton of cars, apparently you dont read much.
Damnit! I've been pronouncing it for 3 years as Jaloapnik, like as in soap...
jalopnik guy is a smug cunt
UK has done everything, so everyone assumes US is just ripping, well it is but with its own american twist.
Rutledge said on the show he had a Toyota tundra that's a good deal toyota fan Yeahhhhhhhhhh lol!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't see that at all with Tanner, actually I thought you were describing Rutledge before I read what we were arguing about. Tanner doesn't have that type of attitude, maybe that's how you view him but if anything, Rutledge behaves like a know it all, superior douchebag. Tanner actually is usually the first one to admit defeat and not make excuses. He gets into the competitions with them but he doesn't act as immature so I disagree with what you're saying about him. & with cars, he is smarter
This interview needs to be converted to a written article, this video is too long and doesn't keep your attention.
Not quite so funny. Too much sarcasm from the host for me to handle.
HAHA good one but you forgot Richard Simmonds LOL
the american version is so lame.
Rutledge is so funny but I disagreed with him on the Xbox or ps3 questions
wait they show it in Australia and not in Canada?
This was a boring interview lol
Rutledge Wood and Top Gear USA are utterly pathetic in comparison to Top Gear UK. Top Gear USA appears to have a target audience of 10-12 boys with their dull humor and lack of any sort of wit. Rutledge was right about having a very lame car collection though.
I watch Drive to not watch top gear (US)
I just keep wondering what is in the water in the UK,every UK girl I see her chest is the size of watermelons. If only the American girls were as delicious, haha.
Fuck u top gear uk lover... I love us top gear
This Jalopnik guy needs to go. Mr. Wood you are a funny SOB. Keep up the good work.
Adam has more intelligence? HAHAHA are you confusing the hosts of this show or something? and you do realize Tanner is a drifting champion and been around race cars his whole life right? did you ever think he talks like he knows things because he actually does? seriously, you trying to convince people a comedian and a fat guy know more about cars than a champion in motorsports, how is that possible?
This has to be the worst interview ever! Not mention the editing or lack there of is horrible.
I wish they would show top gear US in Canada
What an idiot of a guest and the worst person they could ever put on topgear absolutely ruined that show. Topgear could have been a good show with out him f**king stupid
F1 vs NASCAR common no comparison this is why topgear USA is so baaaaaad
@spazzonio Tanner Foust... funny? You kiddin', right? The guy's TV personality is no different than a piece of cardboard.
It just the us top gear needed tanner and the cast of the car show minus the nba player.
Salley already left the show to do some entertainment show on another network, how that works I dont know, a NBA dude interviewing movie stars. They need Corolla, Adam Ferrara and Rutledge, a name I cant remember sometimes. Tanner is a whiny dude.
What's wrong with everyone? Ray's cool and Rutledge Wood is the best Top Gear US host in my opinion. This is an entertaining new segment in the plethora of good DRIVE videos. Good job DRIVE and hello to my fellow Jalops!
This was excellent! The awkwardness makes it feel more believable and personal. Jalopnik FTW!
Don't hate on rutledge. He is cool :)
too long, and the interviewer really lacks charisma
Top gear USA is great i love it, of course the UK is better but it cast such a immense shadow.
Rutledge is great. I'm looking forward to the new series.
I didn't expect it but I actually like Top Gear US. I think after a mediocre start the show turned out to be really entertaining. Way to go guys, just keep on doing what you do. It reminds me a little bit of Top Gear UK when they began. They just did what they wanted to. But this Jalopnik dude really sucks.
Oh, by get May or Hammond on this show, I meant for an interview, not to host or anything, I fucking love TGUK.
Adam Corolla was originally considered and I still think he should replace Ferrara. Ferrara is good, but not for this show. Tanner needs to cut with the wooden act when he's with the guys. When he's alone he seems so much more natural. All the in-car footage, removed from the other two, he's far more natural and even funny. He needs to keep that 100%.
what he mean they don't know what fat is? He is fat. maybe not in US standard, but in general human standard, he's hella fat.
Hes a stuck up white boy.. Im white, by the way, and hes just some kid brother who thinks hes smarter then the rest of the family and everyone is irritated by him.
@DennisBerkhout1 I thought season one's episodes were boring but, I really enjoyed watching season 2's. Speaking of Top Gear do you know of any channel that let's you watch the British version? They're not showing them on BBC.
Jalopnik trying to win back the masses who abandoned them because of their atrocious web design? I f*IN hate that format.
Ray, are you talking that way ironically or do you really talk like a douche full time?
NEWS FLASH; Hipsters don't sport a Rolex and Ray-Ban rims!
i love Jalopnik. Rutledge is a likeable enough guy but his car choices are laughable. the guy doesn't own a single actual sports car and co-hosts a car show. what a weird country we live in!
Ahh the secret Ingredient..Well played sir... ; )
@thnk4urself the other two reasons are his co-hosts sadly...
fuck you FRED and your damn adverts !!!
Chick-fil-a is evil now, so is papa johns. But they both have shitty food anyway. Ohhh dry chicken patty on a dry bun with, hold me back now, A MOTHERFUCKING PICKLE! How could anyone have thought up such culinary GENIUS!? And soggy pizza dough and plastic flavorless cheese with like 5 pepperoni slices on the WHOLE DAMN PIZZA!? CHRIST! Inspired! Yeah they can both eat a dick.
Top gear us, is not bad, but the Top gear UK is better!
While I dislike most Top gear US, Rutledge Wood keeps me watching haha. The only one who really knows about cars.
The chair angle was just a little goofy ... is this show always this location?
I like all pizza. Even shitty pizza is edible.
Yeah the interview sucked, wish they woulda spoken more about Top Gear US
This was awesome, I enjoyed the guest and the length
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