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Criken's First Time Playing Grand Theft Auto 4

by Criken2 • 369,919 views

*Update* Hey everyone, mostly decided to make this short video to prove to you all that im not dead =] Ive run into a few problems recently with my Steam account being disabled because some douche...

He shot him because he doesnt have the full game to go ocross the bridge just like me im getting gta 5 today later anyway ill go online
Why did the cop shot u when st Bridge?
i tried whith the big black man i run into him and he said to me HEY MOTHA FUCKA and another time he said PUSH ME AND I BEAT YOUR ASS
Anyone notice at the beginning when he got in his car and started running away from the guy, the music going " I'm coming home" lol
Niko sound like he is saying yeah for BALL OF STELL
3:36 sounds like Tracy Morgan lmao
The laat part he hit his balls against the bin ^^
@RaiderJake26 means he does't know how to drive properly(in gta) you have to run over peeps
[iminent=IPzh1AgUWfOB] 😊😊😊😊 _____________ I have just posted a cool Emoticon!
crikin can i add u as a friend in the xbox360?
My left speaker enjoyed this. :L
OMG! POLICE CAR! act natural. *tries to steal it* SHIT! WRONG BUTTON!!! XD XD XD XD
I love videos where the comments are just as funny. And with Criken, you'd think that would be damn near impossible.
49 people didnt have Balls of Steel.
think the dude hit his balls at 4:30
If you havent unlocked the city yet then yes it does because in the story plot there was a huge terrorist attack and you cant get passed without a green card and in the game you do not/ cannot get a green card you have to unlock it by doing the game in order to unlock both cities
I am watching every criken video out of nostagia.
The fatty drops his phone at 0:54... perhaps in the middle of a call... and then he just leaves it there! GTA logic
Testicles. Apply directly to trash can.
@robloxDBGT Grammar, do you use it?
What i dont get is how do people actually dislike this? Its nothing bad its hilarious! I have NEVER seen a video wqith 100% likes because of gay people like this!
4:30 made me laugh man he hit his nonolls
4:30 (crunch) ow my nuts (instant recover) lol :)
criken do both text and commentary
NYAAAHH!!! *testicular obliteration*
1:36 hahahah do you think i'm a joke fast
why do people try to get their comment in the top comments
Oh my GOD I forgot all about Cricken!!!
ACTUALLY, it's going to another island, which isn't possible in the beginning of the game. You unlock new islands, which you go to across oceans or bridges.
@Silentwolf47 he plays on the pc, and this was added nearly 3 years ago, so i doubt he'd still play xbox.
go watch politics if u have so much sense of humour, i mean ur life must be pretty fucking terrible to be such an assburger.
It does with Obama's dictator booty running the place.
Cross a bridge? 6 Stars. Kill a dozen people? 2 Stars.
My left ear enjoyed this video a lot.
Wait, so you compare his first time playing GTA..... with his newest GTA series?
The random exploision was da hot dog stand.... :|
6* just for walking up to a cop , jup seems about right In the real world anyway
4:20 is the first thing I do when I'm gonna play this game.
4:28 NNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nya
u dont have to tell me that, i already know... :P
i like it when the cops yell "I'm that badass nigger your momma warned you about!"
Lol that's how I'm probably gonna be like I go TBOGT and TLAD which means the ballad of gay tony and the lost and the damned
Only Chuck Norris has balls of steel
1:08 Grand Theft Auto IV has a The Room moment.
for any one who doesnt know this kick you engine 2 times or just the 1 incase your engine stops working get back in and drive
1:36 WhatdidyouthinkIwasajoke?
You can fall from a high building and die. No one will care.
yeah i know! and for shooting a cop, it's 3 ...LIKE WTF.
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