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Internet Icon Ep4 - The Infomercial Challenge (Part 1 of 2)

by The YOMYOMF Network • 433,932 views


Is it just me or did Dayside act the crying thing cause it sure looked like it.
I fucking despise dayside they talked all this shit and weren't even that good.
I finally realised why Chester's voice sounded so familiar to me! He has a similar voice as Allen Haff! :D
They are gonna need more actors than just four.
Am I the only one who thinks Justin and Anna (i don't know her name just a guess and I'm to lazy to watch the vid again) are so cute together?!?!? She's just playin hard to get! ULTIMATE SHIP!
dayside.. so annoying
Marlin kinda reminds me of Ryan when he first started youtube.
Dayside is way too competitive... Aggressive-competitive almost. They are so unsupportive of the other ppl
Welcome to the real world. 
+Caitie B. Probably the same thing Megan and Will in season 2 have...
My name is Natalie
My biggest problem I have with this show is how long it is. Commercial breaks and recaps might make it look like a television show, but there are no commercial breaks, this is youtube. It does successfully waste a lot of time though.
The cried guy? Because he cried? I don't think you've been in an event that actually GETS on your emotions. I've been to many world events as a performer and, well, I understand it.
For every episode lana would give us an antidote. She is just awesome
Is it bad that I still fan girl every time I see Justin
Not to be mean but I like season 2 more..
awkward hi-five form Lana to JJH at 15:00
Anyone noticed that there is only one grey shiny thing on one of the riedell brothers' glasses? xD
the fu bros together sounds like ted from wongfu
haha lol dayside broke up right after internet icon season 1 lol!
Dayside is a bunch of jersey shore bitch douches
I hate the rest, but I like the crying guy, he is a Youtuber, his Channel called "Arewefamousnow"
Well Ryan's infomercials are what make him famous so I'm sure any number of his videos would win this challenge XD
i think we all knew they would win after the first challenge episode :)
"we're filming a very serious scene. it's a scene about lovemaking...with mannequins." AHAHAHAHA
like if your watching this in 1628.
I hate dayside production they were on the verge of leaving the show yesterday now they are all cocky
Okay it's 5am and I'm watching every episode bc I'm obsessed
Justin reminds me sooooo much of Shawn Spencer from psych his looks and personality
Oi, oi. Karim isn't bad. He quit Dayside and joined solo on season 2 because he quote "didn't want to be associated with Dayside negatively".
Dayside is shit they are the biggest douches ever!
I like Justin Hughes, Riedell Brothers, and Lana. FU music is great too.
People talking about who is gonna win, this season is over, you know?
"the guy who cried" is called Karim and he is genuine and he was genuinely crying, he is terrific and entered season 2 alone he is amazing
The brothers are so nice, they left 2 actors to share with the other groups
You know one guy from dayside, unfortunately, reminds me of phil from wrongfu
the brothers riedell were just on another level than everyone else
The Brothers Riedell ALL THE WAY!!!!
damn i wouldn't trust myself to hold open my laptop like that while skating
i think they got more subscribers after they got into internet icon
I hate dayside,they are cocky when they were yelling in the first elimination. I liked the rest.
Justin is my favorite I like his personality :)
My favourites are Lana and Marlin and Justin x) I love their personalities so much!
i really wish they didnt get rid of tahir he was so funny
Some of the dudes in dayside arent that bad
i just wanna beat that weird nose ugly fag asian jersey shore gay bitch ass douche from dayside till you couldnt recognize his shit face....
Justin James Hughes looks so much like James Roday
My favorites: Everyone except DaySide. My Top 3 (Who I hope make an alliance, it's why I love reality TV shows): Justin Hughes, cooking girl, and FU Music. And Riedell Brothers.
Lana and Justin = Megan and Will! lol
Oh my god seriously it's been a long time I laughed as hard as when the right dayside guy said we are coming back stronger than ever and the cryguy replied...OH YEAH..that really cracked me up
Yep, it sure will with the Japanese kimono 'ladies'.
i can...i can HUG really well.. oh chester.
it would be so crazy to be one of the actresses
I have noticed 60% of these guys are Asian lol
can anyone tell me what's the name of the tool that the brother Riedell used? the on that they used to hold the camera, one with the blue furry grip? thanks :D
i don't like dayside at all especially the main one
i hate when dayside laugh at the broken table, they should be ashamed of it
Lana and justin should join channels
I feel like most of the dayside videos don't appeal that much to the female audience unlike the other contestants who have videos that everyone can like. Maybe I'm only bagging on them because their personality sucks but I would subscribe to channel that will make a girl or guy laugh. *I am a girl btw
dayside are such stupid guys
justin reminds me of Justin timberlake
Dayside is seriously annoying. That one guy is just a douche.
Don't ever read the comments before watching the video. Since this is the older season, you have to be extra careful :P Can't blame people wanting to discuss the video, that's what the comment section is for!
The brothers were so unbelievably talented
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