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Jonny Craig Frontman For "Dance Gavin Dance" On VideoMattPresents

by VideoMattPresents • 12,931 views

Think of this interview as Christmas in July. Due to the current recession this interview from Warped Tour 2011 is finally posted. Make sure you subscribe to the " Video Matt Presents " channel....

I wish I could show Jonny this interview now
Thanks for watching dude. Maybe after VMP get's their shit together they will conduct another interview with J.C. -Video Matt:-P p.s. #StayHighlyPositive
ahahha those dudes are boring as fuck..
Good job with the tough questions. I saw a few other interviews where it got kind of akward, but you did a god job at keeping it cool. Good shit.
Video matt is way better than Bryan Stars....he asks real questions. Big ups to Video Matt
He called the guys of emarosa boring as fuck hahahahaha JoNNyFucKiNgCrAiG
@danceJOELdance111 According to this Facebook post by Secret Band, there will be a new Dance Gavin Dance album in the future. please go to Dance Gavin Dance of FACEBOOK to find out more. Thanks for watching Video Matt :-P
sucks he pretty much lied to you about staying clean cause all these pictures of him shooting up heroin are all leaking out it's sad....
I know I fucked up lol totally not legit Video Matt:-P thanks for watching
heroin kills you.its the chanhe
he looks like a complete addict here
Maybe somebody should forward this to Jonny. He can see that people DO care
heroin kills you,its the worst. people actually telling him to get back on heroin just to hear him sing or whatever,why would you encourage him to die soon, sure he might sound as good as before but itd only last a few years then there would be a report that they found his body.yeah getting off drugs definately is no beauty contest.and idk if its just me but he looks like hes still under a influence
To me, I don't give a single fuck about what he does in his personal life, BUT when it comes to him not being able to attend concerts that people PAY their money for and he suddenly doesn't show up because of his stupidity, that's what pisses me off. It's almost like a guessing game if he'll be there to perform. Again, I do love his music, just not his personality I guess..
Love the dude, but he has the trashiest hair cut i've ever seen. That aside, his voice is incredible. Stay clean Jonny!!!!
man he was totally bluffing you. he wasn't clean at all.
Hope someone else commenting on this noticed they spelled Jonny's name wrong on the video... But oh well.
@linklover145 I Appreciate your kinds words. Video Matt:-P
This interviewer is annoying as fuck.
Thanks guys. Synthesis Magazine is my channel before this check it out. I had to start new again then the one before that is Kreative Films. Keep watching I have a lot to come. People like you inspire and motivate me!!!!!!!! for that I thank you. STAY POSITIVE Video Matt:-P
@MrSAWgameover thanks a million billions:-) Video Matt:-P
thanks dude for watching and making me money lol Video Matt:-P
he was just speaking his mind :-) thanks for watching Video Matt:-P
The irony of this video in relation to now is unbelievable
was there ever a segment two of them being drunk??? I NEED TO KNOW!
you do know bryan stars asks questions from his fans not his
I totally agree! c: The amout of views surprised me.
he speaks his mind.. what else do you want?
No prob man, i made sure to downvote it. Enjoy the 3 cents you made from me, while yer at it here is my cock you can stick in your mouth too<3 love u
@linklover145 WOW! Really? I have seen this guy grow since the beginning that sucks! Well that's why I started doing music cause after interviewing a lot of people I realized half of them were how do you say FAKE! Thanks, for watching:-) Video Matt :-P
Video Matt is a great interviewER. He lets the artist speak. Half the time those dudes just get cut off by the interviewer and it sucks.
Hell yeah, I drink the jameson too
thumbs up if you watching this interview on a mac you bought off johnny himself!
Jonny Craig seem pretty chill. What happened when you 2 were *gulp gulp*.
dude shut the fuck up i love video matt, ya negative fuck
" Those Dudes Are Boring" God i love him :)
Dude, you're a good interviewer. You seem like a cool dude that gets along with people easily.
i bet any money after this interview he bought some heroin and sold a macbook :/
This faggot that interviews sucks
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