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My 200th Video! Meet Ashlynn

by Michelle Phan • 1,239,704 views Ashlynn's story Going through the whole cycle of having cancer was both positive and negative for me. The negative effects were that I was sick and felt awful for a long time...

You were beautiful in all ways Ashlynn R.I.P Ashlynn 😭😭😭😭 You are now safer. Better. Peaceful in all ways.... You had the best chance to meet Michelle and you struggled through a lot you made people inspired you will always be loved.
Wait she died?!? 😭 wait how
1:45 If you want to smile, then smile. Nothing can stop you 💕
Michelle says this is her 200th video. There are only 152 videos before this one, meaning she deleted 48 videos from her channel. Why on earth did she do this????
She was a lovely girl. I'm glad she got to spend a day with Michelle Phan, and glad she looked up to someone worthwhile.
"Live life because there is people who are in a worse situation (like her with cancer). So do not waste your life." But friend has cancer so i do not care if there is happiness
She is so beautiful! She looks just like a doll. XD
Ashlynn, you are beautiful with makeup on, but even more beautiful without ^^
I dont understand whose ashlyn and why is she dead can someone explain?
She have cancer, you can read "ashlyn's story" what a young beautiful girl? But its life, something not fair & hard but everything move on, thats why we need cherish every minute every moment in our life. Sorry, i dont meant to be drama. I guess she wish be Alice in wonderland at least once times in her life & she have it so beautiful & bright. Peace<3
We went to school together. She passed away a year and 5 months ago
I'm sure many hearts were broken and sad when she lost her battle - love sent to her family
How did she die? RIP Ashlynn. I hope the angels and u are having fun in heaven.
P.s you were and always will be beatifull inside and out.
What a beautiful lady. I'm glad she got to spend the day with Michelle, and she's in heaven now, still thinking about Michelle and how nice she was probably. And Kanon Wakeshima's music made this video awesomer. ^^
Aww she looks beautiful!
dat kanon wakeshima music XD Ashlynn looks so pretty :D
She was so pretty! R.I.P Ashlynn
What is the piano at the end?
That girl is really cute ;3!
she's so naturally gorgeous wow
That's exactly how you spell my name...
She's better in brown but awesome in her natural hair as well
I like her better with black hair
I love make a wish the best foudation
She is incredibly beautiful and a real fighter!
Leah Raji Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
she reminds me of lorde with the wig on
She is very beautiful without makeup and the makeup really transformed her! Awesome <3
Did she beat cancer?
She passed away 😔😔😔
That's very sad… Ashlynn seems like a nice and sweet girl to me and she is very pretty
I sometimes have chest pains cuz i have asthma. Im so scared :( Im just 12, i wanna live long. I wanna be a dreamer like you michelle :')
you made her look like taylor swift how lovely ^_^
Wow she looks so pretty whith and without makeup
Aww her wish was to meet Michelle
Maybe she didn't know that Michelle put it up online
April 2009 she was 11.. So.. She's only 14..!? Wow i thought she was 23+ (no offense)
sorry. It´s just that i´ve been called ugly since the day I started school (10 years ago) and I still do get called ugly. so I take it close to my heart when I see someone being called ugly
Awwww she is so pretty I wish I look like her
Because in one of Michelle's videos she even said so... I can go through and try to find it but when I tried a few weeks ago I couldn't. A bunch of other people commenting on here have seen it as well.
Wow u changed the person totally
whats the piano song at the end??? please someone tell me
its so sweet that she got this for hair make wish
She suits that dark hair sooo much and the makeup, she's very pretty :-)
I'm pretty sure she has an overbite, and is wearing Invisalign for it.
I really hope you have a good time! They're really nice guys. (: Have fun!!
That's so sweet and shes so Beatiful
Ashlynn your really pretty and your story is inspiring !!
How can you say Cyberbullying , when you're Cyberbullying right back ? God Bless You -__-
Not everybody dies from cancer
She looks very natural and pretty in that wig!
Awww. Michelle's 200th video is about Ashlynn. That's very nice!!
Ashlynn, your story is truly inspiring. To go through what you went through.....I give you credit!
That was amazing! For all the right reasons.
sweetheart, don't worry, nikki said she was pretty! he/she just didn't liked her mouth, I think Ashlynn is super pretty, but, she was contracting her chin to look up, which mad her mouth look weird, no need to get on a fight :)
the miusic look like kanon wakeshima !
1:44 If you want to smile, smile. Don't hide your teeth! Smiling spreads happiness
ashlynn looks good with dark hair :)
what stunning makeup!! ashlyn is so beautiful :')
She is beautiful and pretty. She looks alot like my friend mae. I;m glad that her cancer is gone. Cancer can be such a horrible thing. 2 family members from my family both died from cancer years ago.
why would you even want to be negative like that, wow... :/
@HonkyTonksCentral how do you know?
I am part of the Make a Wish program. I get to meet Fall Out Boy on the 21 May. I am soooooooo excited ^_^.
did anyone else catch the repeat? or is it just me?
Ashlynn Looks amazing even after all she went through. But I was stunned at the end. Dark hair and eye makeup on her took my breath away
dont drag god into youre problems god has nothing to do with this!!!
Lol I knew this song and artist at the beginning as soon as it started playing.
This video is amazing. My husband went through a similar thing but he had leukaemia, not lymphoblastic lymphoma. I hope young are coming along well Ashlyn, my prayers are with you!
ashlynn would look so good with dark hair!
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