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"MegaMan" Fan Film

by Blue Core Studios • 1,122,698 views

Released May 7th, 2010, this feature length fan film is now on this channel in it's entirety, in the highest quality currently available online! Synopsis: In the year 20XX, Dr. Thomas Light, an...

Well, this is more respectful to the blue bomber than anything Capcoms done recently.
+DeadlyKlown megaman can do a charge shot. Hav u never played megaman 4+
Why is Dr. Light American while Roll and Mega Man are Asian?
+Lucky Egg my thoughts exactly. A nice subtle touch in my opinion
Blue is Protoman am i correct?
+gamernation108 no i wasnt saying that i actually sonic characters too. I'm actually working on a sonic 1 rom hack
Jesus Christ I realize this movie is low-budget but did they spend all the money on the props and forget they had to do the fight scenes? The animation is, to put it bluntly, suck ass. The fight scenes and animations are holding back an otherwise somewhat decent movie.
Google Robert Molt, dumbass.
This is just flat out bad. There's WAY too much exposition (Acton doesn't stay until about 45 minutes in), all the actors with the exception of Light and Wily sucked (ESPECIALLY ELECMAN), Light programs Rock and Roll to feel hunger but not need food to eat so if they get trapped somewhere they will forever starve but never die (what was the point of putting that in the movie? It contributes NOTHING), the random close ups at certain points are hilarious, the Awesome Series reference was a sad attempt to seem hip, half of the robot masters being cgi and the other half in suits is distracting as hell, Woly just walking into a building and reprogramming the robot masters with NO security on sight was dumb, the mega buster not being very effective against the robot masters and then completely decimating towers in Wily's fortress in single shots was a complete oversight, Wily building an entire flying castle equipped with an army of robots in four days shatters my suspension of disbelief, and the overall script was just a bore from start to finish.
+BlackAceZeroExeV2 I thought the CGI was quite alright for a budget movie.
I really like it. The casting was pretty great, though the acting felt a bit forced at times. But on average, Dr.Light was a great actor, Wiley was hilariously perfect, Roll's voice bugged me slightly, but that might just be a personal thing. In my opinion it sounded like she was trying to sound like a little kid, and maybe she was, but still. The robot masters looked amazing. It was very well written, and the characters' personalities were handled perfectly. Going back to the costuming, I loved it. Speaking of which, have you seen the designs for the US military future soliders? It reminds me of Mega Man and/or a Sniper Joe. But yeah. Great film! You know, it'd be cool to have a Mega Man live action TV series. "Superhero" TV shows are becoming popular lately, and with the rate technology and robotics are evolving, a Mega Man TV show seems like ti would do really well.
+Jayden Crowe But no, seriously, where is Blues' scarf? That's still bugging me.
+Jayden Crowe Oh, there it is. He should have had his scarf the whole time. It's got value to him.
There are so many things I could say about this film; some good and some bad. However all I will say is that I hope that this fan film inspires what we all really want to see a full budget live action / cgi / whatever movie about our favorite reploid. these folks obviously had the heart and soul to make this movie and for that I commend them. One thing I want to ask though.. Why is Doctor Willey's skin constantly going through various changes? In some shots he is covered in acne, in others it seems like portions or his face are covered in dead skin? 
Meagan is not a reploid, X and Zero are reploids. Megaman is a humaniod. Whats the difference, Meagan and roll a humanoid are very human like, but they do not have free will, they have base commands (unless there all broken and crazy and shit). Reploids are kind of like Protoman in this movie (never got that, he is a humanoid isn't he whatever, I could I think of reasons why it would make sense). Reploids have free will and can make there own decisions (Which is why I never got mavericks, because why would a virus instantly make them evil, a better writer would make the maverick virus give them free will but it is seen as a bad thing but hints at the fact that maybe humans are just power hungry pigs and such). So ya thats my thesis paper on the matter. meep.
This is cool. But... Ok I haven't played Megaman since I was like 4 or 5 years old in the NES days. But what is with this emo megaman dude and how the heck is he able to fight like 6 different bosses at the same time. In the NES days dude that would be so impossible except for 'that one Japanese gamer' (its always the japanese dude that can conquer any game haha). And it would be cool to learn more about that sniper bot and maybe some action scenes too.
O dang I didnt know about the protoman or blues. I only remember watching Nickelodeon and teenage mutant ninja turtles in my days.
Is it wil-ly or will-y
...And Dr. Light, played by Tim Allen. haha Just kidding. Its an all right fan film .BTW, a little cheesy, but pretty accurate to the video game plot and storyline. Overall, It coulda been waaaaay worse. :) I'll give it a like
Who is that as your profile picture?
FUCK THIS!! Why are ALL the cast is asian and caucasians.. I want them INDIAN!! FUCK THIS!! Why do they make the characters humanoid!! I want them animated and looks like midgets!! FUCK THIS!! Why are they still punching, kicking, and wrestling when they have unlimited ammo.. FUCK THIS!! Why is this film doesnt even have sex scene!! Not even a kiss!! FUCK THIS!! Why is the movie even made? FUCK CAPCOM!! Why are they not Russian based company? FUCK YOU!! Why do you even bother to read my comment? FUCK ME!! Why cant i shed a single tear!!
+TheBri-ex Wow u actually commented on this video? Wow.. (P.S i agree)
I think it's kind of fitting that the actress who played Dr.Wily's computer looks a bit like anita sarkeesian.
The acting is pretty stiff at times but over all, not bad. Especially for a fan film
42:14 The choice, the point of no return. When he goes from being a highly advanced thinking robot, to the hero we know and love. "sheds a single tear"
can you make megaman x
+Dakebs Catalig well it's not like this made the box office for films. this was strictly fan made and honestly it was pretty good especially if it's a first time project. this was back in 2010 it's 2014-2015 now im sure if they went about it they could made a decent megaman X (as far as a fan made film)
yeah i just really like x
This made my day. It's good to see that someone took the time to create this amazing film in the name of the Blue Bomber. Great film man! I know the effects and stuff probably could've been better but hey work with what you got right? Great job I love seeing Mega Man fans keep the blue guy's legacy shining bright for future generations to see even if his creators refuse to do so. 
I hope Hollywood makes an cgi-animated Megaman movie talking about his backstory, fighting the robot masters and bosses, and then Dr. Wily.
I remember seeing this fan film when it first came out, loved it back then and I still do. It has flaws obviously but with what Blue core must have had to work with they did a great job with it. Really loved Wily in this~
The half of the movie was correct but wasn't protoman suppose to be in willy's side like in the show mega man also the movie sucks it wasn't anything like the mega man series... Talk about fans i bet they just did this video for views and likes.
I'm pretty sure this was aiming more for the video game story than the cartoon and in the video game, Protoman was on no one's side but his own.
I'm surprised by how many people don't like this. 
This is not real though the real one is coming from @MegamanSource on Twitter in 2021 and will have a better megaman actor
at least better than TMNT
srsly in the year 20xx more like in the year that dosend exist
They should do one on X.
whats the point of making them feel hunger if they don't need it. Then if they were locked up they fell the pain of it and it would never end. 
Roll could have punched the shit out of Dr. Wily when she was captured instead of taking his shit. Am I right?
I will say, the best thing about this film is Dr Wily himself. I mean, it just works. He's got the maniac thing down without making him too cartoony.
I have this in 3D! If anyone else wants to watch it this way, comment and I will put it on the Pirate Bay!
It's a place where you can download content via torrents
Great! Could you guys do movies of the other Mega Man games? Like the X series , Zero, ZX ect?
this movie is Corny and the actors give a melancholy performance at their best, Wily looks somewhat like the character except they put this version of him on a diet, and rolls voice, I am sorry to say its annoying they should have gone with another actress, I know this is supposed to be more of a kids movie than a adults, but why are they implementing fowl language in a kids movie,I think that is inappropriate. As for amour they are using spray painted bicycle helmets and protective sports gear O well at least they tried but thumbs down for me
Guts man looks like Samus Aran from the new death battle Samus Aran vs Boba Fett you should check it out  and i'm not doing this for money or anything.
Roll is just so adorable!
+HARRY BURGOS No it's fine thanks for the information!
It's a female playing Roll .....that's what credits are for genius
"You're gonna like the way you look. I guarantee it." - Dr. Light, 2010
I feel sad when fireman? So i forgot his name i was sad when he died
Astro Boy film vs. Mega Man fan film. Which is a better film?
23:15 "This thing is frustrating" says Mega Man lol sorry couldn't resist
The ending was bada.... Nice work!!!!....
Honestly, I'm just so happy to see that there is so much love for the franchise here. Making a movie isn't easy. You can tell that blood, sweat, and tears went into making this. It's awesome. Taking some liberties while trying to keep it true to the original. I love it. It's awesome to get to see this. It wasn't too long or too short. I don't care what anyone says about this. I had so much fun watching it! They should make a MegaMan 2! Also, I fanboyed to the heavens when I heard The Megas! They are freaking awesome!
Rock was built at the same time Roll was.
Is Megaman's sister a guy or a girl???
Very noble, good attempt at a fan movie. It's hard to watch it while keeping a straight face, I'll admit, but there's a lot of quality in this that, with a bit more of a push, could become something really, really, even more remarkable.
The music sucks. Was expecting remixed or newer versions of each robot master not this dramatic crap :/ 
I speak for all of us when I say that this was really good
if only if this was an actual movie with better effects...
What about the sniper joes
When does the Yellow Devil show up?
@MegamanSource on YouTube and Twitter is making a game called Mega Man The Mega Collection and it has every megaman game that ever exist and fan games all over its channel
Mega mans name was rock not blue
Pryda! Love that on the dancing scene
Fuck off!!! This no way not even near to MegaMan, this Power Rangers.
Anyone notice rockman and roll? Rock and Rolla. Hahahah
this is a good fan made film
Hopefully America can gets some Japanese advise to make a better version then this fan made version.
That film was awsome !
I feel that the swearing made the movie unprofessional.
I mean the power suit looks like Guts man not zero suit.
BTW, to all the trolls...where is your mega man movie? Oh yeah, that's right, you don't have one. Seriously, stfu. You are as lame as nads.
Even if it's a low budget film, this film is way better than Dragonball Evolution...which have a big budget...
Not bad. Not bad at all.
Where's Timeman and Oilman? D:
+Michael [1 of those who are many] I have a feeling you're talking about the Sonic comic as the Mega Man comic is literally nothing but fan service, with a few new characters added in to help flesh the world out, as Mega Man's cast is pretty limited. In terms of the Sonic comic, you obviously haven't read it since Ken Penders (former writer) was fired, and later sued Archie so they couldn't use his characters again, resulting in a reboot plotline where Eggman fucks with time and space, changing the world, and also kicking off the events of Unleashed with the planet splitting apart (which is a much nicer change of pace from the "Eggman uses monster of the week to fuck over the planet"). Yeah there's some new characters, but none of them are as intrusive as the Knuckles fan fiction Ken Penders was writing which THANK GOD IS FUCKING GONE! And finally in regards to the "shabby" comment (not sure if you meant the art or the writing), I think we can agree that this is much better than this
Me quede sin palabras. Esta de lujo. Megaman
the guy that kinda looks like a insect is vannosgaming
To be honest in this fan movie, Roll kind of sounds like Mari from Smosh games.
its ea right now but im not fully done jsut got to rock being woken up but light dosn't caall him son first that part you failed on 
ok the rock and roll fighting is a plus in this 
+X Dastro an im done the plasma buster is on the right hand not left was ok up to that point but that end's it for me plz for true megaman fan's get info right before you do fan made movie's
"They're spread out all over the city." "That's gonna make things difficult." WHAT? YOU JUST WRECKED ALL SIX OF THEM, BUT 1V1 IS TOO MUCH FOR YOU?
Wiley didnt steal anything, Light stole Wileys research and fired him.
you forgot the underwater machine
mega man was created before roll so the beginning doesn't make sense
The DRN and DWN numbers are when the concept was made, not the Robot Master.
Beat homemade movie ever you should make another one
I made it to 29 mins.
What the... Is Roll a boy? It looks like a boy here.
Still a better love story then Twilight 
+Kevin Guan but still is better then twilight
Now that Elec Man was really pissed. And I see how the fights against Elec Man and the Yellow Devil were meant to be seen as the more difficult battles. Fighting Elec Man without the right weapon was a pain in the ass. Also the Yellow Devil put up a challange.
The animashin for the robots is grayt did capcom hire you
This the worse fan make of mega man movie i ever see this fan made has bad effects worse fight scene worse acting worse actors and worse sad scene there i said if you dont like my comment deal with it
Verdaderamente tu pelicula da asco !!! :D
Even after years, this fan movie is still enjoyable. They also tried to keep it in line with the video game and backed it up with some background story elements we never got from the games.
This movie was cool. It did have its flaws, but it's still not bad.
+Mirc Cat This is a little nit-pick, but charging M. Buster was introduced in MM4, not 3. I was playing 3 a little while ago and I thought there was something wrong with the game when his shots wouldn't charge. Then I remembered that 3 introduced the slide, not the charge XP
+McShmoodle (Knuxfan10) Sorry mah apologies im trying to speed run all the games... on megaman legends now.
One Thing. Where are legendary Dr. Wily eye lines (like Dorothy in Gundam Wing)? ;)
Is the one that ran away prodoman?
Yes, Blues is Proto Man's name, Like Mega Man's is Rock.
I would like to see an official movie with a similar storyline, just with better special effects.
I change my mind this is worse than the sonic fan film... -.-
+Corryn Harrison i would say the sonic fan film is worse, but this is a full hour and a half!
Oh my god what a fucking joke
You try making an hour and a half long Megaman movie and see how yours turns out
...Really glad they didn't put oil man in this... :-P
Why? And what about Time Man?
Roll looks like a man. I swear it has to be a man.
His/her face. Looks like a man's facial structure.
i felt bad for wily at the end
no rush? :( otherwise i enjoyed it!
This is based on Megaman 1, Rush wasn't invented yet.
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