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Surfer Rides 100 ft Wave

by CJGxProductions • 1,099,777 views

Huge wave

Wow amazing.the power of nature is God's power. Scary and beautiful.
I don't think that was a hundred foot wave no doubt it was huge
Nah I don't need a tow, I'll paddle in. xP
And die, You can't out paddle that shit!
I thought it was in portugal
I would be dead😶
Patrick Blake Renda Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Embrace the NSC Lifestyle...Live in the moment, Live Naturally.
Maria Costa Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
SNIPS 2 cortes bank ....towed into glory by gerlach
He doesn't. He just allowed them to use him as the surf board.
no doubt. garret mcnamera currently hold the record for largest wave ridden @ 77feet. He broke that record on a 100+ plus ft wavee in portugal in january of this year . But, the measurment has not been made official yet.
why do am the only one who have beleived that?? r u sureee????
no ... this wave was 53 ft tall look it up on the internet
That is actually 78ft.there is about 100 videos on youtube that say that but their people that dont know how to surf
A wave 100ft fuckin high would feel like concrete if it crashed hard on u. During storms they get 100ft high rogues in the ocean all the time. Scary shit.
"NoMomNotTheBelt" .. I think she hit you on the head too many times.. we even feel like giving you a belting.. fool!!!
Chuck Norris made that wave when he cannonballed after a HALO jump!
64 ft and it is Mike Parsons Riding
How can he stop to go to the bathroom? He has to just ride though... If he wasn't being photographed maybe just step to the back of the board with a handful of Kelp
bro your beast but my bro could surf better
ummm where did the guy in the jetski go??
Maybe they took that other sound out to add suspense to the video???? Think things through. Anything can be argued.
Definitely not 100ft, dumb ass uploader.
wow cant slip on one of those scary
Very close. It's in Nazare Portugal where these waves roll all the way up to the shore.
I think it is Mike Parsons at the cortes bank
The original video was of Laird Hamilton with Derek Donner and the boys shooting the film, measured from the front face of the wave was close to 90' ... enough to kill you if, you don't know what to do in wipeout .... measured from the back was nearly 45' .. surfers would always dive deep during a wipeout to avoid, the "Washing Machine Effect" which is what kills you ... extreme training is what will save your ass!
It was 64 foot and that is Mike Parsons
It's a big wave but who is it ? Where is it ? Who's the driver ? Why don't they tell us this ? It would make it much more credible. Anyway, it's impossible to judge size from a video or photo. Why bother ?
マウイのジョーズだね。レイアードとデイブはまだ元気に波に乗ってるのかな? 俺もまたマウイに行きたいぜ!!
wavelengthsTV is right, this is laird hamilton surfing at jaws, its a 55ft wave and was previously the largest wave surfed but it then became a 67ft wave at cortes bank and is now a 75ft wave at nazarre by that guy garret mcnamarra
These guys have more balls than Chuck Norris... I don't get the whole Chuck Norris thing anymore??
It's pretty damn high. If not 100, what is your estimate?
No such thing as a 100 ft. wave lady. Hawaiian measurement puts it at about 40 max. Waves are measured by the back of the wave. The front trough drops. A 3 ft. wave has a 6 ft. face. Got it?
Terrifying! The way it goes silent and you hear the wind like hes on top of a big mountain! Thats an awful lot of watter to have chasing you down hill !
If only There was Shark Chasing u on the BIggest wave
Only white people would do shit like that.
what happenedc to tyhe guy after wards
OK what did I tell you about exaggerating! Stop it! 100 feet? Come on... only Rogue waves get that big and the chances of someone actually finding one to surf at the exact moment it occurs is, well, just about impossible... Also he'd be dead... That said... I LOVE this video so thx! :)
not even close to 100 feet, its aprox 40-45ft at tops. garett mcnamara is the new boss
All u guys it is not fake its outside of Hawaii and its not 100ft its 80 ft
When it started to close, I was like HOLY CRAP!
This is Mike Parsons. It was at Cortes Bank 100 miles off San Diego. and it was not 100 ft. it's 66ft.
y do we as ppl have cut everone down for everything. The wave was huge..cmon ppl lets lighten up on one another. We might need each other someday.
excuse me but this one was 60+ feet. they way it's fiilmed make it seem higher.
just had to reply every biggest wave from nazare portugal ive ever seen have been so mellow, this actually urled he got barraled also, so many haters on here dude killed it on this wave now go practice groms
they could but they must have recking balls as their testicles and coming from a bodyboarder/surfer he would die.
THAT WASN'T 100ft, nem fudendo
you're wrong. If you surfed; you could size it up.
I bet his eardrums busted from the sound of the wave breaking.
What's with the dramatic music at the end? It's like, "And then after hours of searching, his body was found on the beach, lifeless."
Thanks for uploading poor quality video of your TV playing the Billabong Odyssey footage of Mike Parsons ride in the very opening wave of the video....TROLL
lol that's like my gf guessing me at 10 inches when I'm only 6 inches lol.. don't know what rulers she's been using but I gotta get me me one
This is from a movie called riding Giants. This isn't fake people.
I have surfed waves almost twice as high as the ones in this video.
It is like a fucking huge load of crap
Talk about back out of that one and it is done sir done.
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