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Def Leppard Animal Lyrics

by andrew918273 • 632,915 views

Def leppard animal lyrics.

Who knows all the words??
Easily my favorite Def Leppard song ever. Just awesome!
i love this song FOREVER!!
Animal Cry wolf. :)
Who's the    "ANIMAL "   in this 80's community ?
why wud someone watch a video of a song they don't like and give it the thumbs down don't mek sense
wow did i ever go the  lyrics wrong to this....thought it was: " and i want and i need and i love  anymore"
its funny how pop music gets old fast. but rock music its just timeless. if you get me? And i love this song, thanks dad :) 
rockin to Def thanks for lyrics
Seein in Friday night up in Indy....Klipsch Music Center!!!!! AND I WANT AND I NEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can literally imagine this being someone's love song. Two people just hugging eachother and swaying back and forth while it's playing.
I gotta feel it in my blood, whoa-oh!
def leppards sound is so particular, specially the drums and guitars....great sound for sure
+jarrett davis becuz he lost hes hes one hand in an accident !!!! yet it still sounds amazing nd perfect  right:????
+jarrett davis He uses a foot  pedal in place of the other hand. 
David Ness Jr Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Def Leppard Animal Lyrics: girl hang on!
Damn I love this song and especially the intro. It pushes the bad feelings away instantly!
I was the Animal !!!  And that's a FACT ! 
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LIBACE9999 Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
@4wheelerDJ No, its "like the restless rust". I believe it's a tribute to a Neil Young lyric.
listen hear! this is real music they didnt use auto-tune they didnt get dresses up they played music with out all the tune-ups and all that they played real music this aint bull shit this is real music! and rap is for gangsters and people with no future and these people played music because they liked to not to get paid or for money! and they didnt dance up there to get attention they went up on stage and just had fun. I feel sorry youll never love true music...
Oh? you don't need to state your age to show us that you listen to rock. I'm 15 and I like it. Why not say "I like it". It's really hard NOT to like it.
Man I've been listening to this since I was five. It never gets old and I love to hear it everyday I can find a computer or radio.
i grew up listening to this music
Sucessful,famous Rock Producer Mutt Lange told Def Leppard back in the fall of 1982 after Pet Willis was thrown out for his tardiness and alcholism problems that if they wanted to just play and be a good rockband and play decent gigs .....then okay,its your business. But he told them privately all of them, you guys have it, I mean really have it, if you re all serious and want this and work hard and listen to me...I will give you all sucessful professional careers doing this for years to come
I wish I was born in the early 70's and grow up as a teenager in the 80's. All the wonderful music, video games, weird and cheesy music videos, cheaper prices, and I was born in 1999 and im only 13 and saying this, It goes to show how much shit our society is right now especially our music, I only like certain bands like bullet for my valentine and a few other sbuti think you get my point.
wow...I was so off on these lyrics LOL...thanks!!!
I had sex in a Denny's dumpster to this song
I saw them perform this live only last night. Joe Elliott's voice is this flawless live......By far the best gig I've been too and I've seen Ozzy and AC/DC
oh def lepperd the good old days where i would listen to this song and wake up the morning with a hangover
im lying on my bed with my eyes closed mouthing the words and rocking out XD ... i wish i wasn't born in the 90's
you can still listen to the 80s...however, theres nothing wrong with AIC, PJ, SG, Nirvana, or any of that, or even the Korn/ Orange Nemesis/groove stuff that came it all!!
If u dont like Def Leppard then screw yourself.
hey i'm lucky he's the coolest dude i know. I mean he got me hooked on this music and i got my brother hooked on this music
No no. He wants to be born in 70's so he could be a teen in the 80's.
It happened to you too? I'm so glad it wasn't just me!
A restless rust? bullshit, it's a restless lust...sheesh.....
@insaneistheway funny thing is only 8 people like this
you guys r not the only one i fuckin love def leppard there my number one group there my idol i see def leppard live OMFG was it amazing best damn time of my life rite there got all there autographs it was just amazing
hey every body ready to receive my message ?
@orangecrazy900 Zomfg no way wow you must be so cool, im younger than you O.O
So that you could listen to this music endlessly for free on Youtube rather than have to deal with shitty ass radios that can't stay on the right frequency for more than 10 seconds
...back in the day when strippers used to dance to these songs...
This song is a masterpiece! You insult good music as we know it you uncivilized hethan!
I was like 13 when this came out....I'm 31 now. Everytime I hear this on the radio.....big old grin on my face. <3
"I cry mouth to a moving the witching hour...."
Till this day one of the best bands ever !!! Def was my youth, Man i miss it...
It's "like a restless rattlesnake I never sleep".
it still is not as much but look at bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, some newer disturbed is still good, P.O.D had some good music they recently released. It just dosn't compare to def leppard, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, etc tho.
my mum raised me the same way, and if i ever have children (i'm 19 and i think that's too young to have a child e n e) i'd do the same as you!
Couldn't agree more and i'm not even part of the generation.
My favorite song right now. Zen-like. Favorite line is "like a moving heartbeat in the witching hour." And I prefer to modify the line "like a restless rust" to "like a restless rut." Which creates a deepe, morer visceral "animal" feeling within the body. Because "i need to feel it n my blood."
back when music was made...not sold out,good stuff
and i want and i need and i lust her
i saw them last night with poison
@Spankmeinheaven Im 13 and i listen to this so that makes me cool -troll face-
It doesn't matter when you were born, if music it great it lives on. I was also a 90's child, I've been listening to Def Leppard for as long as I can remember and just saw them last year.
Wow, i've been singing the complete wrong words to this song over all these years!
They don't write 'em like this any more!
That's it...I'm gonna go see them in Vegas next March.
7 people got raped by animals once in their life.
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