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WWE 12 : Road To Wrestlemania - Villain Story Sheamus Ep.1

by NovaPipebomb • 163,459 views

Leave a like for MORE RTWM!! Welcome BACK to the ROOOAADD TO WRESTLEMANIA. This year for WWE 12 it seems things have been changed up...

Top 10 hit list Jay Jimmy Damine sandow Layla Cody rhodse Rusev Seamus And Finley sting
You can't touch this
Sheamus is like real life Kratos
Daniel Brian 2012=Nothing like 2014's Daniel Brian
EEEeeeew Daniel Brian looks weird without his beard
I remember when uberhaxornova was an idiot. This was one of those times.
Regular Show Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
WWE 12 : Road To Wrestlemania - Villain Story She…:
I wonder if James will play wwe 2k 15
Regular Show Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
WWE 12 : Road To Wrestlemania - Villain Story She…:
Sheamus has got a point right there.
dude show this to sheamus
Shamus looks like a raw chicken with ketchup
'Fella, you and I are gonna dance.' Please don't, Sheamus. You can't dance for shit.
lol I just discovered this second channel
Oh this is novas second channel! With all WWE? (Correct me if Im wrong)
Because a lot of people didn't like www games on his main channel so he made this channel for the ones who did
Oh that is kind of weird. 
I probably would've bought all the DLC's if I knew that I didn't have to play as triple h to get to Jacob Cass.
lol this was made b4 he was a face, and he does bad stuff in the story
He started as a heel in the WWE now shut the fuck up with your immature swearing don't believe me Google.They turned him into a face retard in real life even though he was a better heel.
Who knew SSoH could fight like that?
because at first u have to go through them all then you get a choice
Btw, read the rest of the comments. i had posted the rest as a reply to my own comment. check out all comments
how does it look like it's made for the gamecube? the graphics are so realistic and this wasn't made in 2012 it was made in 2011.
0_0 I just noticed 4 more people hold up that sign well disregard my other commentt
Wait John Cena is the World Heavy weight chapion, i thought he was WWE champion.
That's Rey Misterio not Cena he has the world WWE.
so thats the stage but cena is there a lets destroy anyone who have hearted jhon cena story?please is there i have the game i hate my self
did nova play this game in a plastic bubbel or somethin?
Isn't he suppose to go after the wwe championship
realy that is a title if it is i will get it no matter what
this was back in 2011 when Sheamus was not world champ and was heel at that time.
ohhh my gggodddd awesome impression :)
i've never thought as barret as a bitch since he was the leader of the nexus
@cleggy19991 he was heel when this game was made and so the reason he was heel in the game is because he wassnt face when they made the game
Is this channel made for just wrestling games?
The intro in the rtwm is way better than svr 11 lol
you know what haters like you should go to the dark side of the internet
I agree but in this day and age for a big name developer with a large team to only put out this low quality shows that they really don't care about the quality of the game. They just want people to pay for the WWE name same as any sports game, but at least other sports games actually try to upgrade their stuff.
You count "ass" as a swear word you must be such a big boy
:D Sheamus attack Cena from behind, throw him thou the table, the title says "Villain story"....and then in the half of the video Lawer makes one joke at Sheamuse´s look and Nove is like "Wait a minute Sheamus is heel in this game?" :DDD you gotta love Nova
-_- You have to buy all the unlockables on PSN
Where was his Jacob Cass playthrough? :'(
as if the apron wouldnt move LOL TROLL
@SSoHPKC I didn't know you were in this game Seamus
u r not on top of the ramp to lets u know
when they put the game out ''every one'' hate hem, but now they love hem, get it??
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