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Beat Making - "2012" MonkeyBOI Beatz (Music Production using Korg M3 & Logic Pro House/Dubstep)

by MonkeyBOI Beatz • 3,950 views Hi all.. Happy new year, sorry for the long wait for this video, as some of you might know, I have been busy with the...

what do you need that mixing console for? Just curious..
Thank you... even bigger things to come ... thanks for tuning in
monkeyboi doing your thing, big beat
more stuff coming soon...been an eventfull few months... stay posted
thx bro... my inspiration for this track was actually "miami to ibiza" by Swedish house mafia... thx for tuning in... keep posted for nu stuff soon
nnoooo if you stqand up and go with the beat its sick.
i love the melody! so epic and catchy!
@spartikuzTV thanks...glad u like it... I try to put a bit of comedy in the vids to show that im having fun whilst making beats... which is the most important thing... thanks for tuning in chief
loool you give me joke in your vids g mucky beat tho
hi mate... thanks for the love and support... to answer your question.... yes, i had organ lessons from the age of 6 to 13, then last year i had a couple of piano lessons to help me with scales... im not the best on the keys by any stretch of the imagination... i just records riffs and loops then layer and sequence my sounds... that is the key to beat making ...IMO... Thanks again for tuning in... -1-
it came along nicely man. stay up, will be back to check the next.
cheers bro.... all my beats need ripping up by if u know anyone...pls share this with them... thanx for da support bruv.. -1-
@scottmacsinger cheers mate... If u listen to salford radio u might hear us on there in the near future. keep in touch
Great beats.. But can you not stand still while standing? Lol
@YannikMusic cheers mate... me n da boiz will be in contact in the near future...
phat beat m8,and lol at the cheesy hand clapping....lmfao "bring the beat back"..nice one bruv.
lol..... thx... ill sit down on my nx video thx for tuning in
Hey monkey boi YOur beats are sick man. I have a question did you take any type of piano lesson to be able to play the melodies and chords. If you did what type did you learn music theory . Finally ow long before you could play like this? I am just trying to find out cuase I'm a American producer/ rapper / singer making my own beat so i appreciate it if you could answer my question. Thank and cool video.
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