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The Most Difficult Game Ever Created Gameplay and Commentary

by penguinz0 • 7,655,242 views

This is the greatest attempt at completing QWOP of All Time

That burp. I was using earphone and I gotta say that burp is the most fucking beautiful sound that ever graced my ears.
honestly rewatching this video I find it quite boring compared to most of cr1t1kals videos. he really has improved over the years A LOT
+PinkieTheJew You forgot |Two Best Friends fanbase.
+JukaDominator Can't say I've ever been on their page, I should check them out.
one of the first mainstream commentators, not like todays shit pewdie that exaggerates and screams 90% of the time
When Mark does it, it's hilarious. When Felix does it, it's just annoying.
You have got to be licking my nipples with the tongue of an elephant right now.
Finally, a hilarious commentator who doesn't scream profanities in my ear for 10 minutes straight.
Yeah he delivers profanities straight deadpan
Yeah, just belch into the mic. Classy
+Jovi Salyers You're the one who doesn't know what sarcasm is if you thought that was sarcastic.
Problem with tha*urrrp*t, Sir?
You never fail to satisfy, SATISFYYYYYYYY!!!!
Love this guy! especially because he donates all of his YouTube money to charity :)
What are you taking about? I didn't say not donating all of your income to charity is a bad thing to do did I?
its funny to think that when rwj used this clip, the video had only 250k views and now its up to 7m damn
wow I remember seeing this 4 years ago... shit
I laughed so hard xD This guy's voice is so attractive too.. like damn.
This makes me crack up all the time haha this dude is awesome
YES! after about 8 minutes of trying, I got 100.2 Metres (you have to jump at then end, which is impossible because you have to waddle on your knees the whole way there)
He definitely does not play these games while commentating. It's post gameplay commentary, just like videogamedunkey
Bedjam Rivera Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This is still one of the funniest videos I've ever seen.
+Enleuk oh. ok its just different from normal links cause i have to copy and paste it
+IXPsychoXI First time on the internet? Don't worry, everybody's really friendly and helpful online. There are no trolls, no haters and not a trace of sarcasm near it.
Wow, seriously.  Such a pig.  Grow up.
+Damon Day you caused some titty deflation today. You're awesome for that explanation.
Saw this video and I can't stop laughing. This made my day.
damn son. this was 4 something years ago. that's crazy. 
I was the tits at this game
that choke sounded like octodad trying to speak while dying XD
I laughed so hard when he started his crazy coughing.
I about peed my self
RayWilliamJohnso+   sent me here  xD
Here's the bullshit part of this game. I played it before I watched the video and discovered the "Q" and "W" techinque where you only use those buttons.  I got 48.2 meters, not to shabby right?  Well....there are fucking hurdles. Hurdles. God dammit.  I'd like to see Cr1tikal try and get over those hurdles 
Do Tony hawk pro skater 2
really, i mean, really people i don't want to watch someone flipping lose a game countless times i mean really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thefinebros must react to Cr1tikal!!!
You would think that he would be more QWOP-erative.
wow that made my day :D awesome 
the greatest channel of all time. 
As evident in his more reflective videos, Cr1tikal seems rather humble and decent. It'd probably be a pleasure to know him in real life.
+kingvirgiltheawesome no its true lol i go to the same school
it is possible to win the game
This guy sounds like Jason Steele from FilmCow.
Almost 4 years and I still find this hilarious
shit it was you i just remembered about this vid but forgot it was yours. raywj sent me here back in 2010 or something lol
I cant belive he is using windows xp  in 2010 no less
"I'm going for the big leap! WHAT THE FUCK?! No, he just hit his knee there." Subbed.
4:46 nice voice crack, Cr1tikal. Really sexy. My undergarments are damper than Oprah's teats. 
This was very funny. I loved it. I just heard name of this game today, and searched youtube to see what it was, and yours was the first video i looked at. It looks hard, and i probably won't get it, but you still seemed to have fun with it. it gave me a nice smile after a day at work. Thanks.
I'm on a mission to watch every single video that Cr1tikal has made.
I  never knew Cr1TiKal has 1 million subscribers hell yeah man hell yeah
Damn it's already been 4 years..
"Just a small concussion, followed by another concussion."
Any see that "meters" is spelled wrong?..
qwop is a viral game that loves to make you mad at least he isn't as mad as some people (man some people smash their monitors) lol
I think we should try this and discuss personal bests. I got 16.1
WO first then QP and on on and on
You just have to knee hop like he had goin on his longest run
This very much makes me wish Cr1tikal would play the sequel of sorts, CLOP.
Robert Nagle Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
There's profanity galore in this 6 minute video game review video, but I couldn't help laughing the whole time. Enjoy! The Most Difficult Game Ever Created Gameplay and Commentary
i won qwop once. the greates achievment in my life i will ever achieve.
4:30 that throat clearly though....
my high score is 55.9 metres
how has it been 4 years since this?
Hard to believe this video is nearly 4 years old. Gotta thank Ray for helping me find this video back then. Back then it barely had 300,000 views & now it's at 7.5 million.
54.1 is how far i got but then theres a hurtal 
Hint: Press Q and O together until the foot touches the ground, then press W and P together. Repeat this until you get the hang of it and win!
i'm sure that this game was inspired from running in dreams
"Set a personal best in the wrong direction" Sounds about right.
The key, if I remember correctly, is to hit q and I at roughly the same time, and then hit w and p at the same time, and then repeat.
QUICK AND RIGHT TO THE POINT!! I have funny commentaries over my own original gameplays and it'd be really cool if YOU would go check'm out 👍 you don't have to sub or anything but just give my channel a chance, I promise I'm funny 😅
+WiseEndro333 That scout's not one of ours.
It's depend on how you control this dude runner.
On your marks, get set, -->0:46 !!!
I gotta say this - Personally, I DO think his earlier videos were funnier than his new ones. Granted, I do still really like his new videos.
best line: as a wise man once said, the journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step. well I've yet to take the 1st step but I sure a fu*k.. this is crazy.. :D
I can't believe I watched 6 mins and 10 secs of this shit... Oh... LOL BTW
0:47 de geğirdi orospu çocuğu !boğazına sik kaçsın !
It has been 4 years??
Dat 0:46 burp on 0.5 speed though.
press wo at the same time then switch to qp when your feet touch the ground  then repeat
everyone is a winner
The commentary was glorious. Thank you.
Dat 0:46 burp on 0.5 speed though.
Nobody should ruin their videos with that awful fad.
Fucking 4:47 gets me every time "and the calf, ooo amnsmaslfkaslkfnals"
i seen u put Ray Williom Johnson =3 put QWOP and it shows ur video!!!
How many times has he shit himself editing videos from laughter.
Omg this video is fuckin great hahahaha never gets old
I'm i the only one who noticed that he was choking on a dick? At 4:46? Ahh I love him
I think I found the right approach to this game. But still couldn't make more than 20 meters)
This game is the best!
The play on the field has been upheld 2nd and 100 The Hand had touched down Before the knee.
got to 15 meters on my first try
wow such champion very qwop
how you mostly get started is by pressing O then OW then QP over and over again
Oh God, that voice crack was priceless.
The falsely of this statement can not be comprehended. Anybody who postulates such a ridiculous notion must not have all of their cognitive faculties functioning properly. I highly suggest that you seek a psychologist to help you with these issues and to get those faculties back to a state of full functionality so that it may help you to realize the absurdity of such an utterance.
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