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Black Ops Emblem The Impossible Triangle (Tutorial)

by ry • 190,115 views

An unreal Triangle

Why can't you just let the kid be a kid? So what if he likes to be the top comment for once? Let him live his life the way he wants to.
Nope, Air. And thats a really good recording system :)
Holy fuck this song is gay.but nice tutorial
he made an impossible triangle and rec. with a toaster
Lol TheSteveJeff1 you are still grammatically incorrect even with you'r last comment. •Faggot•
U got the best Potato u could get to record
Brad Sucks - Fixing my Brain (into the sun again mix)
1 top comment heres my chance ummm uhhh hi!
I own a wii and play black ops and cannot make emblems so i find every video ever published about black ops emblems and dislike it! p.s. ive already made 5 separate accounts to dislike this video. Obvious troll is obvious like this :)
i would, but my toaster broke shortly after filming this video,
sick emblem !!! thanks mate !! keep me updated on subscriptions !
i dont comment on videos to be a grammar wizard so stfu
That was a Great Observation!You're learning.Even though I wasn't going to put a period there you did good.You deserve a Thumbs Up!
this song is gay lol but nice tut
(Just informing you that I didn't say Chuck Norris)
Go listen to Black hole sun by soundgarden then youll kill ur self
No, actually it doesn't bother me at all. If you don't like seeing them, don't read the comments.
Can you do this using 50 shades of grey?
start watching video pause start making the emblem realize i don't have all of the layers FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
@jmdin83 True that and even if you would wanna find out everyone just look at the dates they were made o be honest who cares as long as you geto make a epic playercard !
I am soooo stealing this idea... O_O
i don't like the song but the movie was very good ! :)
at least he recorded it with a toaster most people record videos with potatoes
Ehh nvm found the song but not this version
it's weird how many people never learn the diffrence between "Your" and "You're"
Please anyone tell me what this songs name is plz pm me
Do you need the black background to make this emblem? cause I only have 11 layers
EVIL COUNCIL Most of you faggots won't get this
@cochranbrothers I made this emblem in March or April
okay... i cant even barely look, at this... now im watching a vid on how to make it!! wtf man=P
maybe you should try "a fluffy toster" =gamer tag!!!
The Adventure of proving little kids are FUCKING STUPID!Ahem...Enjoy!
nope wii doesn't have it,i have black ops on wii and there is no emblem. Only Ps3,Xbox 360,and Pc have it
I can't beleive I thought this was fake! I guess I ought to watch it first! XD
(Well Bruce Lee is awesome, thus the recording would be 8 times as good as 720p, and coz this is dodgy, you kinda just said that Bruce Lee is not awesome! D:)
i love this song... i just wont get in the sun again sun again xD xD xD... problem?
i started making emblems before they went main stream
This is soo cool it's my current emblem
I think he recorded with a tomato or a potato or a banana Idk
Why are little girls on this video.You want to get involved?
Any gender can be on here, and any other video they want. It seems like I'm already involved, but sure.
I dont get it why it is called the impossilbe triangle
Can you record a video on who out of the millions of faggots you copied that comment from? I'd love to knoe
I have a microwave and a rice cooker. Wich do you prefer?
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