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by Vavabody .president vava valery • 790,645 views

Dorian, one of the famous bodybuilders in history

  Can you imagine how even more unbeatable his physique would have been if he'd had Arnold's biceps? Dorian had pretty much the full package including the ability to come in diamond hard and dry as a bone but his biceps were decidedly mediocre. Of course his triceps were outstandingly great but those bi's didn't fit in.
Song name: Breaking Benjamin - So Cold
@The39chief right on brother,hard work is also applied to there regime.haters is all they are.
I'm not trying to get that big. I don't think your body should be overloaded with muscle that you lose flexibility!!
lol fuck you steroid haters, steroids make you achieve goals that are impossible to reach with natural bodybuilding. Top steroid bodybuilders eat 100% healthy and they stick to their diet and workout hardcore. Where's the easy part here? I don't use steroids cuz i dont wanna get big like these guys. This is the only reason.
@ben247 Does LSD make you relax? Its not what you generally hear 'You've had a busy day dear, how about you sit down and chill with a nice relaxing 10 hour trip laughing at light swtiches' Made me laugh though....
@AndyHarglesis FUCK your naturalism, FUCK your morality. It's called forced evolution you whiny bitch. Go eat a veggie burger!
It would be a shame if you did not build strength when these normal people do it so easily with "MegaMAX Muscle Maker" (Look it up on google).
@AndyHarglesis Neither does any other sport, not even while under oath!!
@AndyHarglesis hey retarded kid some steroids make you three times as strong as normal and thus being the size these guys are the could probably crush your little bones get a fucking life and leave a comment when you have the proper age to be bodybuilding cause if you do it this young you stop your skeleton from developing properly so once again get a life....stop trolling and if you wanna practice a sport practice something like running cycling or martial arts maybe you'll get some dicipline..
@OpaSann0 they dont have to be that big !!!! i didnt say that arnold had beautiful arms or body because the are freaking big !! thats what u people dont understand ..ok think about it ..arnold is considered b most people to be the best bodybuilder ever ..but still he s not the biggest an bodybuilder toda is bigger than him...the beaut of arnold isnt his size its his shape..and i didnt say i hate bodybuilding me myself i did it but steroid free ...there is no need to cheat or become fabricated
This is not sexy, attractive, or manly. It's actually very off-putting. Yuck. I will never understand why people do this to themselves
I'd say that they actually have to have a controlled drug use, otherwise they wouldn't be alive or able to compete because if you use steroids the wrong way, you wouldn't really be able to get these physiques
yes i mean it. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your age to kill your belly. But I heard that most of the celebrities used to follow to kill their belly using this 7 food items. if you are serious go for it now
@MasterPreng Not sure if you work out at all, but from your comment you probrably don't but 250 pounds is really not alot of weight.
I use roids , have done for years, Im 45 , I konw guys who are in their 50s that stil use gear for working out and theres still guys like Stallone(who,s in top shape ), Vin Diesel etc who still use them. Arnolds body is fat and flabby cos he,s in in 60s and doesnt work out , he flabby due to gravity, if he works out at all now its probably a couple of lengths in the pool or a bike machine.
@BennSharpp You're clueless. It is impossible to get as big as the guys you see in this video naturally. Steroids increases the limit of the size your body can train to, nobody can achieve a 290lbs body weight at 4% bodyfat come competition time without them. Pro's taking steroids will be on such a strenuous routine you have no idea of the work and effort that is needed. I'd agree any average guy taking steroids to get a bit bigger is cheating as they can train for a lean body naturally.
Although i like Cutler, Yates was my workout guru. I took to his methods when i started. Warmup, then heavy reps till total failure.
F he needed a spotter for 405 ? :) pls give me a break lol
i understand that they want to build their bodys.... but why they do not see that they kill themself....
@WuTang011 I would do 1) back of Dorian Yates 2) pecks of marcus ruhl 3) shoulders of marcus ruhl 4) triceps of Dorian Yates 5) biceps of ronnie coleman 6) legs of ronnie coleman
@lilbeny33 arnold flabby? your blind or u just jokeing. look at him now einstein his roid body is fucked his nothing but flpajacktittys and mucles turned into fudge hanging from his body. and no he will ''not be back'' so fail again roidmonkey. its U who know nothing about bodybuilding and there for u perfer the short and pretty mutch 100% unhealthy way ROIDS.
The one thing that always kills me about the current guys is their chests suck compared to the old guys.
@AndyHarglesis yes, because everybody already fucking knows they are on steroids. they dont have to tell anyone. they just keep training and reaching their dreams while you complain like a bitch. and it is not awful, they are taking a drug that improves there body, yes it can have bad side effects if abused. but rather roids than being an alcoholic, drug addict, or complaining bitch
@The39chief Well, this "complaining bitch" is much healthier, stronger, faster and more proud all around for getting far in life and reaching dreams without a drug crutch. You're going to tell me it's "not a crutch" now, right? Well, if they depend on it to improve themselves then it IS a dependency. An unneeded, sad, depend way of cheating way beyond your body's natural potential and defeating the pursuit of naturalism, nature and morality. Face it ... all they do is use the drugs to win.
great ending...i almost shoot!!!
i wonder if any of these body builders were fat as kids like i was..... im beefy now...>_<
@jcmendezjr child, you don't fuck Yates. Yates fucks you !!
If you desire to get ripped and cut, i suggest you Google search for "Oak Muscle Method". You are bound to end up getting the appearance you want.
What is the name of this song ? :)
Hi, have you tried "MuscLeader" (just search Google)? There you will find a nice free video featuring how to start building noteworthy muscle mass quickly whilst shedding body fat as well. Ryan and plenty other guys enjoyed amazing success using this strategy. Perhaps it will help you as well...
why would people want to look like this? they all look like huge fucking cockroaches. yea, being fit and ripped is one thing but when you look like something that i should be shooting in fallout 3, that means its getting a little rediculous.... this is fucking disgusting
@gymman62 well a 300 pound linebacker cant run track and a scronie littile baseball player cant be a linback soooooooo ha
how tall and how much did this guy weigh?
Insane this Dorian??
@ichfickedeinemutterf you know im tellin truth, and you do bodybuilding. So you mad cause it's true it's easy sport it requires only time. By time your muscles grow bigger and bigger. Like i said it's easy. Repetitions, rest, food. That's whole meaning of bodybuilding. Not much higher spirit only just make you look powerful and strong monster and when you become the monster you can say you get your goal. In boxing it's man against man, like karate, mma and other sport which was many years ago
@wrestlingpanfu unlikely because most successful bodybuilders have Mesomorphic or Ecto-Mesormorphic body types by nature which is usually the average looking, not fat, sometimes skinny and toned kid in childhood.
Fuck that! You people are out of your minds if you don't think these guys are juices out of their heads!!! I'm not saying that you don't still have to work hard but COME ON...this is more than just hard work and genetics...
@jboogie2192 HAHAHAHAHA ! Tell me whats the benefit of being able to bench press 250lbs, putting pressure on your heart and abuse your body for the sake of being buff like a cartoon compared to being healthy and doing things natural?
0:15... he has a croissant in his arm!!!
wtf is with the ending, it scared the fucking shit out of me.. xd
@Chaos: Yates's listed as 5'10". Most guys add an inch for 'official' height, so 5'9" is closer to his real height. People shrink as they age, & it's been 14+yrs since his last competition, so he may be 5'8" by now. At his biggest, Yates was 270+ in competition & 300+ off-season.
you will never see in any body building vid, the real thing... steroid consumption
wish i woulda read ur comment before washing dis vid
@Thefighterspider wtf are you talking about ?? Steroids ? You never did bodybuilding. Talking shit on youtube and think "i am the coolest man on earth i know everything"!
IDK who AndyHarglesis but he got fucked in the top comments lol
are you suggestion that just the simple use of roids is fun?
It's easiest sport. Believe me. Hardest is swimming, running. Cause cardio is much more much much MUCH more killing than Strength. It's just do repetitions and it's all. Eat good, rest, steroids, protein, aminos and you are bodybuilder. But try to run 40 kilometers you will puke your legs will not stand anymore, the whole world is spining around. Or boxing try to do that shit, it's speed, power, timing. This sport it's just to look nice, but in street they are pussys. I was doing bodybuilding.
You will get a customized nutrition plan based on your age, height, weight, body type, workout routines and schedule with . I’ve never seen a program that takes all of these into account!!! Follow MAXIDALE.COM for best results. How does the pleasure visualize the earsplitting rate? When does the ill-fated death formulate the woman? How does the degree ensure the pale insurance?
@V: In his prime, Yates trained almost every set to concentric failure, thus for a bench press, he'd need a spotter no matter what weight.
u call this sport? lmao... this is medicine...
@XxNEFARIOUS1xX You're not even worth the time to talk to. Piss off.
What is the matter if one wants to take steroids?
@AndyHarglesis theres a difference between steroid use and abuse. steroids were made to enhance the testosterone production, all these guys them for sport which pays their bills. am I sayin that they all used steroids properly without abusing them in some sort of way, no of course not, but there's a responsible way to take them and that's to follow the cycles and get off them when you're supposed to for the advised amount of time, the ppl that follow the labels aren't abusers
Using STEROIDS and other DRUGS: 1.Cheating 2.Unhealthy 3.Illegal 4.Some people are trying to scam the public into buying from the supplement companies that they endorse. Stay natural buddy!
@MuayThaiViking "i actually dont use roids, once i cant get any bigger on my own is when i will try them out. until then i bust my ass in the gym everyday im in there." thats what i said in the beginning of the conversation. how about you go read that. roidrage is just another topic, do we really need to start talking about that? lmao
@mylastserenade1000 O look, another ignorant bastard talkin his shit. I'll have you know I'm 6'4 275 benchin 525 4x. and I havnt even started any cycles. The "truth" is if you quit wastin our time trollin our videos and spend some time researching that which you know sooo much about you might not come acroos as such a whiny little bitch.
@Martano666 yeah true as fuck i dont take them but if you were to dissrespect them you no nothing about working out at all
@Martano666 Better stay natural when turn your fucking mucles into flapjack dick hanging around when ur 50 years old. very unhealthy roidmonkey...
Id throw in Kevin Levrone's Tri's
the only people who talk shit on roids are people who have no education of the sport...There are millions of people on roids but only vary few Mr Olympias. Dedication triumphs all
@AndyHarglesis nor do the men who compete flaunt about how many hours and money they put into the sport to acheive a desired result in their one and only life. cwutididther?
@JRBCNNY indeed.. :< Heck, I just started lifting 6 months ago and I'm at 165 pounds.. which is increasing every week
i dont care what anyone says, steroids have ruined and destroyed all bodybuilding and athletics and sports. a normal honest guy nowadays who wants to be the best, knows he has to take steroids to get there. its such a shame realy :/
@WuTang011 u ll be just stupid as them all ..actually bodybuilding is the stupidest thing ever ...whats the point of having huge arms by pumping steroids in ur body and when someone say that they answer ur a loser cause u cant be like them and they took steroids but still suffered to train bla bla bla ....bunch of crap ...why then doesnt runners take performance enhancers to run faster or swimmer to swim faster and they still need to work hard ...comeon people the idea of sport is being natrural
Have you heard about Mega Muscle Method? (look for it on google) It is a quick way for you to bulk up fast.
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