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Defence of the Ancients v6.71b - Clinkz the Bone Fletcher

by kaizersabre • 83,847 views

This is my nineteenth DOTA video, featuring myself using Clinkz in a clean and successful game. Enjoy! The Sentinel: JoelVerrill (Troll) .iann (Pudge) yulsicxd (Crixalis) .N1ck (Necrolyte) dylanlzh...

Kids will never get to witness this.
Warcraft 3 Dota 1 sucks atm.. and this clinkz last hits are OMG...
Рак полнейший! Ни хуля толку
зайдите на мой канал и оцените 2 видоса с турнира:)
зайдите на мой канал) и оцените видео
Russians!!! Russians everywhere!!! :O
Valera asd Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Currently doing a dota 2 beta gift draw in my channel. Just watch the video to check details. also have similar faster paced dota games in my channel with first person commentary. :)
hey guys I play dota and is a master write to me so I help you
Wow, haven't played this game since a really long time! But I heard Dota 2 is now out and it's much better... i dunno :/
ты рачина NOOB 20 мин не одного кила ......
15:48 WTF la venge las cago xd
Das typische Geheule eine LoL Noobs der eifach so erbärmlich schlecht is das er gebannt wurde ..... traurige Geschichte Rage Bro
первая дота была модом для вов
This looks like Warcraft 3 and my friend says it is but there are some weird heroes not feature in wc3 please someone explain
un triste item y solo para usarlo una vez al final del game, victoria solo por tu team monse
@DhoLLish Чем аргументируйте своё мнение, товарищ?
Item Build 1. Heart of Tarasque 2. Butterfly 3. Monkey King Bar 4. Buriza de Cyanon 5. Assault Cuirrass 6. Orchid of Malevolance
lol is ne billige kopie von dota du idiot, informier dich bevor du scheisse schreibst
да ты реальный нуб нубак
кто меня понимает Подпишись на меня =D
this version of dota hack still works great freefilesdownloader (DOT) com/download/14/724000/updated-Dota
Please, count, e.g. killed creeps from 08:00 to 08:20 and look how the cs changes (you can see still 7 creeps killed). It's just one of the many known issues with watching replays...
фиговая графика fuck grapfhik
вообще не впечатлило!обычная игра за боню...
All was great, but man, U need to deny U'r creeps too..
20 cs in 20 minutes... honestly? its like killing one creep per minute pathetic!
haha, nvm is more pro than bone XD, bone plays like a noob...
meist gespielteste online spiel ? jo aber dafür auch mit der behindertsten community auf der ganzen welt, kleine kinder die wegen allem schreien op op op und wenn mal jemand schlecht spielt direkt reporten damit er gebannt wird, richtig geiles game NICHT
*facepalm* Даже я не являюсь фанатом доты или вова, но я точно могу отличить интерфейс вовы от интерфейса Warcraft III! Блин, ну и народ-то...
jop mein nichtmal vorhandener account wurde gebannt, richtig erkannt bravo hier haste nen keks flachpfeife
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