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Portal: Terminal Velocity

by Jason Craft • 1,683,342 views


What did you use to throw him
Autodesk Maya.  3D modeled stunt double I animated.
How did you make it look so real
игорь моя Shared on Google+ · 5 days ago
Замечательное видео выходного дня. Пушка из Portal в реальной жизни. Конечно, мы понимаем, что это просто видеомонтаж. Но какой!
They could've shown us the part where they used it to suck their own dick......just sayin
peopel woudl so die if this was real
I like how when you were shoting and you shot the portal you can actually see the camera guy through the portal and how he kept going through and through the portals
I can't tell if its real or not
How did you track the portal to the wall?
I used a program called PFTrack, but also tracked some parts with Adobe After Effects as well
I think it was real mike
So, his whole house is made of moon rocks? Okay!
Now that's what I call special fx!
I want a portal gun so bad
Is that one real cause I want one were do I get it
Yup, 100% real CG.  Sorry you can't buy it.
i want one of these things
It's not real if you know....! If you know it isn't real then i know What you mean :D
I have one more like three there cool but worth it
Прикольна Мнеб такую Пушку
Pretty cool, but why is the guy with the glasses such a whiny little shit?
Nicely Done.! LOL @ last portal.  :)
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 퀼보소
Companion Cube Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
if you had a portal gun plz carry me i love you
Could you make a Green Screen footage for the portal effects??
No, it isn't (because of visual effects and quantum physics).
I still dont get it. This video is fake (duh) but can someone tell me why all videos with these portal guns have the same portals? Don't think that I actually believe that you can just buy a portal gun and teleport around just like that. Im just confused
Bueno, ya estamos preparados ante este tipo de situaciones cuando tengamos la portal gun xD
Simon PERA Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
Cuantas putadas se pueden hacer xD 
You have to buy it from the internet dumbass.
Wow, that's pretty amazing!
ШЕДЕВР!!!!!!!!!!!! =))))
Jan Husak Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
stare ale neznal jsem. dobra prace v postprodukci, trochu se mi z toho zamotala hlava
dík za připomenutí .. musím si dát znova Portala =)
Best portal fx video on youtube. Great work
I like it xD If it was real, i'll like to buy one :-) But now i only want a copy (FAKE)
Perhaps, I'm from B R A Z I L I'm not proud of my country specially this year of the cup, my country is even worst the chaos every daym I'm just specifying it for you to know how far this great game embraces fans.and this was probably the most beautiful thing i've ever wrote and through away because that's internet, no gives a shit!!!!!!!
For all you dumb-ass's this isn't a camera trick because if it was, 1. How the hell would they get that guy to fly to the other side of the yard? 2. They would have to be the best camera editors in the universe!!!!!
noooosa portal gun in real onde vende
Please make a New video like this :)
Looks freakin' real!!
Love how you guys made it look as realistic as possible! :)
awesomest portal live action i ever seen
I like it xD If it was real, i'll like to buy one :-) But now i only want a copy (FAKE)
Can you guys see? They don't have the problem I am having with pink chessboards and huge red error messages all around!!!! I had to say that just for fun, only the ones who actually play Portal will get it! VERY FUNNY VIDEO, VERY PROFESSIONAL! Makes people think it is real, even if it was, don't y'all think they'll be using the portal gun to do much more IMPORTANT things? Well, I wouldn't... Sorry I had to do it again.
To all the dumb idiots who think this is just a camera effect you need help seriously
Выйди в портал...)
If you look closely,you can see that the video is fake.and that is not a real portal gun.
Fuck the guy with the hat the one that said sucks to be you
Your an idiot, you know that?
that was awesome. i want a turn haha
fucking best fx i have ever seen
I bought one on Ebay from China but it isn't work : (
Are you kidding me?! THEYRE FAKE RETARD
Dumb looking portal's
I never said a portal gun like the one in the game like one where a machine creates two different holes and when you step into one of them the machine breaks down your atoms and re creates you at the other hole
@Kenny Fisher He just looked at the OPERATIONAL END OF THE DEVICE because he doesn't seem to like GLaDoS since we all knows she was a liar and a manipulator
Woooooooow I didn't think stuff like this would already be available to buy. I guess it will be quite expensive yet I think I will wait until prices go down on these things
Alexandru Grigoras Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
mi viene voglia di rigiocare a Portal 2 :Q_
Petr Blaha Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
Scientists should already have made this portal gun with the technology we have today. Science is falling behind
Now you're thinking with Portals!
K L.T. Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Ох уж эти американишки...
Fuck the guy with the hat!!!!
you are aaaawwwweeeessssoooommmeeee :)
Everyone know that is fake This video is just for fun,not for pranking people making they think that does exists a real life portal gun
i think this is edited not real. for making portal gun you have to compare something with another thing to teleport you.
Well of course its not real!!!!!!!!!!!! They have a behind the scenes video and it would be impossible to land like that at 1:51 without the camera breaking or the man dying
max that's what he did
Best VFX I've ever seen... amazing
Milton pulley of course I know it's fake I'm just saying that scientists should be able to make a real portal gun using the technology we have today
And which technology is that? Can you link us to a peer-reviewed scientific paper whereby it is demonstrated how artificial links can easily be created between arbitrary points in space-time?
Nah not capable.  unless you mean a sub particle portal  maybe.  Like  moving an atom.  The energy required to create such a portal   is way more that most people image.
Nigel Guy Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Clever! Makes you want to go load it up on your pc .....
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