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Church drum and bass rave

by Poseyd0n • 2,829,768 views


Nick Doppelganger Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Black Churches be like
how is their 2 mil views when theirs only 7000 people on the planet ??? 
This is not of God....God is not about confusing, this is totally confusing...
Man I gotta try some of that religious fervour stuff it looks pretty sick
godam this is always great
This is funny no matter how many times I watch.
1:19 this guy looks like he's blowing a cock
Michal Urbánek Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
i want some of THAT holy water
Quality......all original one foot skankas with the base face going
best one yet... so glad I found this in a playlist of many.
Press 3 and watch that footwork tho
This is what happens when you run out of blotter and have to use wafers
i love this hahahh
I like! Check out mine
Dancing is one thing loco is another lol
this is hilarious 
MsConstrued1 Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
We get to take turns bringing music into stuff!
just totally cracked me up again!!!
ooojah Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
James Mcguire Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Как музыка называется ?  =)
They be goin mad for those drum n bass sounds.
looool still awesome but whats the real reason theyre jumping around like that?
+paddotk Seriously, that's exactly what it is. I grew up going to a Pentecostal church. After seeing people getting crazy for so long, you begin to think that's normal. Especially if you're taught this from the time you were old enough to talk. I never, ever felt like I was being touched by something supernatural or godly, but I would do it because everyone else was and you're kind of expected to. 
+Stephen Rodriguez Yeah, scary shit if you ask me. It's two different things being like this or just being religious. I'm glad I grew up in a much more reli-neutral environment. I'm also glad that you at least can be real about this stuff, seems to me many people do think it's some kind of divine energy that makes them dance like that.
they've defo had to much of that special bread they hand round!!!
jajajajjajpero que se han fumado estos?
Judy Houston Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Still a favorite!
Heath Patterson Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This is my kind of church! #DrumandBass #DnB
pure class ireland in tune ooooooooooooooooo yes stomp dat ting                                                                
dinosaurs world was a lot of degrees higher than ours. Carboniferous world had higher O2, etc. The world they knew doesn't exist anymore. Get over it.
Still waiting for any kind of scientifically observable evidence against the events in the bible which you have described. So it is my right to render you as an ignoramus and abomination to human thought.
Who's the one making all the claims? That's right, YOU are, now again, provide datasheets, peer reviewed scientific articles/journals, accurate historical documentations/vids supporting your claims. I grant you permission to try again.
You provided zero evidence for anything. Oh my the hypocrisy? Well it would be hypocrisy if I were committing the same fallacies, but since I'm not, you are instantly rendered the lone idiot that you are. 1. You didn't provide any proof or evidence against any of the 'claims' you stated in the bible, all you did was describe events and used your ignorance to come to your uneducated conclusions, I on the other hand showed you the science of implications through two examples. Try again idiot.
They move like there is no tomorrow! >D
I`d rather see this than the usual hipsters at parties ,with that ironic smirk on their face while they just nod their head and bend their knees with minimal effort.
haha eton, you saw it on your fb page too, this is huge ^^
Whoever made this is going to heaven
if you look closely the pastor isnt actually MCing
If you'd like to assume I'm just leeching off of the government, by all means go ahead. I'm a college kid in the United States, studying engineering. I'm certainly not inbred either, seeing as my mother is from Wales, and my father is from California.
If only church was like this lol ,such a good edit thanks for taking the time
5 years later and im still laughin hard hahahhahahahhahaa
The vicar's gurning like crazy!
DRUM AND BASS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You've said nothing and presented nothing. Try again.
looks like my kinda church smoke some "burnin bush" drink some "holy wine" and eat some "holy biscuits" then GURNNN!
Thank you again for not providing a single scrap of evidence for your claim that dinosaurs could not co exist with man. You may try again retard.
Calling people stupid while using poor grammar is a triple fail. 2. Go back to school and learn what a metaphor is, as the bible is teeming with them. 3. You're back to your ad hominems and confusing your ignorance for fact and evidence. I grant you permission to try again.
if church was like this, God, your soul is mine every sunday!
YOU still don't get it retard, "all eras of animals couldn't coexist" where is your evidence for this? First you laugh at biologists, as if you even have any sort of degree in anything, and now you're trying to say that animals could not coexist due to varying ecosystems with absolutely zero evidence? Where are your historical and biological charts even persuading such a retarded claim? I grant you permission to try again dumb ass.
man most people up in their is trying to dance
zero evidence for any of your claims, yet again. Keep trying.
Drop at 2:00 is the funniest bit by far
Thats not what I asked you, pay attention to the question. You claimed, Christianity wasn't demonstrable, so again, read the question, understand it, and answer it: What does Christianity advocate? 2. You must've been reading a bible written by your mother, because it does not say the world is flat, now you're resorting to lies? Not surprised, brainwashed tards tend to do so after they've been exposed. Answer the questions, (correctly if you can)
Could actually use some of these moves in a rave ;D
I like to let the imbeciles making the claims, back them up scientifically, and since they can not after days of embarrassing themselves, the case speaks for itself. Are you ready to look like a moron? Explain to everyone what Christianity stands upon.
Oh? Look who's talking? "Christians are brainwashed idiots"...Yes please dismiss yourself, you're an embarrassment to human thought and an overall triumphant ignoramus. Bye,
If jungle was a religion, church would be like this
I didn't make any claims retard, I asked you for scientific evidence for your idiocy, try again!
Looks like they spiked the communion wine with Mandy.
This still stands up after how many
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