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Paint the Forest with me

by bubzbeauty • 1,154,976 views

Hey guys, Thank you so much for the positive feedback from my last painting video. Some of you were asking for more painting videos to come so I vlogged my most recent painting lesson from Tim...

No matter who you are or what you do, there's always an Asian who can do it better than you.
You've changed my life. I always used to feel fat, worthless, unwanted. I tried to be friends with the wrong people, the mean people. But I found your videos and every single one shows how happy and positive you are. I tried to be like that and I started to be alot happier and found the right friends. You are an inspirational person and I am always trying to spread the word about your channel. Thank you bubz
I didn't know what to paint today, so I came on youtube and just typed "how to paint a " and after a couple of clicks found myself here.  Great job with this forest, can't wait to try it myself.  Thanks for posting these, can't wait to watch some of your other vids.
Today I found you because I looked up how to paint. Your words are powerful and sweet. I want to more about your journey. I only watched two painting videos and already am inspired. I couldn't stop drawing and painting in highschool, and some college. My father was underwhelmed and it did what I thought it couldn't , I stopped. Here and there I made a gift or two with everyone amazed. It's been almost 30 years since highschool! My 3 kids are all teens or young adults. For a year I have bought many supplies but can't seem to start. My son asked for only a painting for Christmas. I had to go take care of my step dad with cancer. I am home and dreaming of painting each day. I put it off! My kids birthdays are coming and I plan to finally get a brush wet! Watching your painting with you're thoughts really touched my heart. I think the old programs of wanting to be employable or be a starving artist scared me when I was young. I am 47 now and feel insane not to start just for fun. You are a sweet inspiring angel. I too dream of painting for charity and helping with art. I will check out your refferal too! Thank you! I hope you never stop!
Nothing like shoving messages in people's faces. No thank you. After the first line I ended the video.
Gagnonstudio did not copy bubz. You should check out the dates first ^^ his is posted in 2010 while hers is posted in 2012. Can you people get your facts right first before bashing Gagnonstudio?
Plus she thanks Gagnon at the end for his lesson!
i always cry when i watch your painting videos
You're such an artist O_o It's really beautiful and the forest brings such peace. Wow
Pretty I want to learn that too!!
what kind of paint did you use
hey..!! really loved your work.......may i know the types of brushes & paints u have used..?? need a little help....
Dear bubz, your advice videos and your painting videos have taught me so much. I just want to say a HUGE thank you. you inspire me everyday to make the most of the good things that happen and not dwell on the bad. I cant wait for more of your videos. One day i hope to meet you and give you a huge hug and tell you in person how much your videos have helped me threw the past 3 months. I am sending love from scotland to Hong Kong. Xxx
What brush are you using for the grass! I bought a fan brush today but it doesn't have the same affect as this one? Is yours thin and soft?
Awesome job~ Would love to see more paintings!
I cried the 1st time watching this. I was bullied and wanted to die. This hit me to the heart. I should have watched this video. I'm still bullied but this have me hope. Thx Bubz!!! <3
That's a beautiful composition . I did this one myself. Not up to your standard but I will definatly do this one again (perhaps in different colors)
what type of paint and what type of brush????
can you believe that she's pregnant now?
This is a great video!  (I know, I said it before) :D  But if you could be a dear and check on this video to tell the people who are interested which medium you used to paint that'd be awesome! :D  I tried to do this painting idea with acrylic and the paint just didn't behave like yours does. I put in my search for watercolor speed paintings and you came up but watercolor does not stay on the canvas like that, it runs.  Please tell us what you used! Tx!
I heard from my friend Gouache is a little bit of a cross between acrylic and watercolor, so maybe try that? ^-^ I haven't had personal experience with it though so, do your research first! LOL
Thankyou bubz, for making me feel better, today my parents didn't talk to eachother and my mum stormed out of the house and hasn't come back, thanks for showing me that happenies is more important than being rich :)
I'm so sorry to hear that, is she back home yet?
Thank you for sharing meaningful wisdom internet from the heart the world needs more of it
wow, this is truly amazing!
is that oil painting, right? 
Bubz, you do really well with transition :)
great job! i really like it, but it would look more realistic if the background trees had branches a lot lower down than the ones in the foreground! cheers!
yes bubz..all that you just mentioned happens to me 😢😞
I LOVE your paintings. May I buy it?o.o
 before I watched this video the painting to be seems very difficult but after watching your video  I had amazed with your painting. its really a very good job.
this is actually so amazing omg
I had to watch this video again, It really helped me. I've been struggling in college because I was going to major in something I didn't really care for, but I knew it would make me money. But I finally decided to tell my parents today that I really want to major in Art because its been a passion of mine since I was in sixth grade. I know I have a lot of work and struggle ahead of me but I'm going to do my best because its something I really love to do.
I spent my life pursuing several college degrees.  Got 'em.  Went to Chiropractic College - hated it.  Now I own of all things......a commercial cleaning company.  I'm happy.  I'm essentially a janitor. ;)  I listen to music, talk radio, set my own schedule, get to be kind and helpful to my employees, no time card, no lateness to a job, no occurrences and I make more money now than most of my graduating chiro class - and I only work about 25 hours per week.  I'm happy because I set my schedule, set my pay, and I am able to spend time with my wife and bunny, and get enough sleep EVERY night.  I hope you seriously pursue what you want in life.  I'm STILL paying off student loans for stuff that others told me "i should do".  Your pursuit of art will be more rewarding than learning to be a white collar clock puncher in a cubicle - trust me - I know!
What type of paint do u use ?
I'm sorry to disappoint all of you, but she copied gagnonstudio. His video was posted in 2010 and it looks just like this painting...
And if you watch at the end credits, she states this.
This is awesome. You are fabulous. and sweet. THANKYOU
What type of color you use are they water colors ease answer back? In love with all our paintings
very inspiring. gave me the idea to draw the forest as my favorite place in the world
Please make more of these videos :(
truely a great gift...god bless
Dayum you gots the talent
Wow! Lindy I never knew you could paint! This is amazing! o I've just been feeling so unmotivated and discouraged to draw.. But discovering this video today has really inspired me! You've made my day ^_^ I am a hardcore fan of yours (even though I totally missed out on seeing your painting videos O_O) and I am up to date with your vlogs and I'm just so inspired by your wise words and your positive outlook on life! Even though you're so far away, I feel like you really connect with your viewers and I feel really close to you; you're like the big sister that I never had! I wish you all the best with Isaac's delivery! You're going to be an amazing mum! ^.^ Stay in good health! Love you Bubz! ~ Kristina
I love your painting videos! :)
It dose not matter that she copied it she still did a great job and showed she has skill and talent and the ability to learn, pretty certain 99 percent of the peoploe slagging her off for copying could not even get it half as good as her effort, we all learn through copying in one for or another.
Bubz, could you please do a painting tutorial? It would mean a lot to me if you did. Thanks (^___^) 
Even though it's been two years since you posted this, I like to go back when I'm sad and just listen to the music, watch you paint, and just read the messages. You have made a really big impact on me, and I thank you for it. Congratulations on the baby by the way! You really are just amazing.
Awe she has a baby, that mean she must have baby daddy.  :(
Are u putting the poster colour in the water
so calminggggggg :D so wiseee so relatablee so awesome so EPIC :) thx for sharing this with us :) ur amazing :D
What kind of paint is she using? Is it acrylic? ^_^
Ugh i wish i was this good
This really made my day !!
what type of brush you use to paint grass?
i like you :-* ưm.`````````mozzzzzz !
Bubz, I never knew you loved art! Its my interest in art and you are inspiring me with these videos. Im going to practice what I love. Painting and drawing. In my family only my uncle Oscar loved art as much as I do and he told me to win the race you have to practice, because practice makes perfect. Now that I am inspired, even though I am only 10 years old, i will practice to reach my goal, graduating university doing art, my passion. <3
Bubz I really love your painting videos. They inspire and clear my inner thoughts. I hope you keep making more <3 <3 <3
I was pretty sure you were going to paint a big, fat panda sitting teddy-bear style under one of the trees munching on a long stalk of bamboo but.... you surprised me by not.
You are pretty funny.  :)
Money bought my dogs and they're my family,friend and companions. Money can buy you love and happiness. It bought my dogs.
the inspiration in your words, and the inspiration in your paintings just hit me in the feels everytime ah.
This was an amazing painting from watching gagnon's lesson, which I saw his video too!:p
You are great at this and everything u do
When u do the trees in the background do u use water to make a misty look? And a more damp light?
What kind of brush do you use for the grass? I love ur painting it is so inspiring!!
Nice trees, lighting and colours, you have painted this well.
This video came so well. I was just thinking about that everyone are ten times richer than me but I also realized that happiness is thousand times richer than money ^^ And I'm happy and that's enough♡
красота, просто красота!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))))))))))))))))))))))))
your art is fabulous and words are very very ispiring keep going..
I like to paint but very rarely.  I'd love to start again.  Just so you know you're very far.  There's always more to learn, but I think you're great and have really improved since the last painting vlog.  Keep up with it, I'd love to see how you progress and your artwork is amazing. :)
WOW Bubz can you Paint your Baby?
Can I like copy your painting to do it on my own? I like your painting!!
Bubzbeauty + GagnonStudios copied you
+Saylor Hibbs Why do you insulted him, dude? You don't need to be gross. :\
+sómaisumvlog learn English, then come back to me
did she use watercolor or acrylic? :)
i think they were acrylic
where do u get a fan brush or how can i make one ?
This video came so well. I was just thinking about that everyone are ten times richer than me but I also realized that happiness is thousand times richer than money ^^ And I'm happy and that's enough♡
so beautiful ;-; love the text + music + painting such a great combo and great video!
Loved watching this whole process. I'm just starting to paint again after 10 years and seeing this definitely inspires me.  Thanks for sharing.
OMGGG U'RE SO INSPIRATIONAL!! i can't i just can't!!  By watching this video, I realized that I was greedy for things that I didn't need I should be happy for what I have. Money isn't everything!! Thank you bubz I love youuu  keep making these amazing videos!! <3 <3
im a beginner and I'm soooo inspired you are amazing
Your amazing!! U should do more of these paintings!! Pls? ^_~
Nice interpretation of Tim Gagnon's painting of the same scene. I was rather drawn to the same painting, he is an awesome artist. You learned well from his tutorial, this is very nice.
This really hit home so thank you so much ❤️ you bubz
very easy very much dreamy beautiful
You're so talented! So good at painting, putting on make up, making people happy and cheerful .... :D God bless you. 
this video was how i found you haha :)
lol. i ended up reading all those nice words instead of getting the idea on how to paint a forest :) gotta watch the video again. hehe. nice painting and inspirational words by the way :)
you are creative!! I love you <3 bubz 
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U better watch this!!!
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relaxing to watch
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