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Korn - Narcissistic Cannibal (Ft. Skrillex & Kill The Noise) (J. Rabbit Remix)

by UKF Dubstep • 1,092,420 views

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This is sick I don't know what the Fuck you guys are talking about. If anything, the original sucks because it has skrillex in it.
Murdered the original (in a bad way).....
This isnt bad. Why the hate?
How did this even got on UKF? This is absolute dogshit?
I'm sure 8,500 people would beg to differ
I liked the build but... That drop was just... fucking terrible.
Made my head fucking hurt.
I can't believe the amount of dislikes. J. Rabbit is a legend and the remix is sick!
I don't hear you doing better:)
i love this remix, dunno whats up with the hate. You know, people prefer different things..I find this song way more aggressive over the original one.  idgaf
Hey you guys, this really works! 1. Don't like it? 2. Leave! It's that easy! :D
How would they know if they like it when they haven't even heard .
I love this remix, why does everyone hate it?
Ikr this remix is sick!
XxIrelandAssassinxX Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
HOLY CRAP THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!      [iminent=oXDRSkE8ngOB]
Not bad..but in my opinion, original is much better
I love it just not more than the original. X3
congrats! your product is shit.
So is your Minecraft channel.
Fighting life til the end of my day's!
Razihels remix is so much better
Actually, Kill the noise did alot of the bass synths you hear, as his signature bass. Skrilly did alot of the higher end synths. korn you. know....did korn...guitar vox and drums and bass guitar
If it didnt say Korn in the title none of you faggots would give a shit. You wouldnt know the difference.. youd just think it was some awesome shit. Now stop being a bunch of gays and listen or skip to the next track. /more swear words
No problem. Also, I'm pretty sure in the history of... Well.. MUSIC, there has never, ever been a remix OF a remix. As far to my knowledge at least
@shaneperkinsrocks thats really not something to be proud of
Yo dawg... i heard you like listening to remixed remixes of a remix !
Am I the only one who just can't get enough of this? Geez. I just keep playing it every time it ends D:
Lol well the reason you say fuck logic is because you fail at it -.-
Actually I am a male - so I have plenty of logic thinking. And no - I don't fail at logic - just said that because I can. Take a chill pill ;)
Actually, It was a collaboration between Korn, Skrillex, and Kill The Noise, then J. Rabbit remixed the original song.
The transformers have spoken to me through this song.
Mother fucking Johnathan Davis and Skrillex OMFG
Tell me why do people click on videos to dislike them , people have no fucking brains :D
Good to listen during a zombie apocalypse.
Tu Polska nawet fajne =Here Poland even fun
almost just a remix of a remix. skrillex and kill the noise is one remix and it got remixed by j rabbit.
wrong. Superman HAS a Dick, you ARE a Dick, therefore donkeys.
J Rabbit > all u stupid fags. youre all used to shitty mainstream dubstep and not to epic stuff like this. u can find proof in the comments. only a few are actually about the track. the others ones are talking about supermans dick. seriously.
That smile you get when the drop is better than expected
1. stare at the K inside the circle 2. Wait 30 seconds. 3. Start blinking at wall! 4. Like so everyone can see <3
you think skrillex stood next to korn and just pressed buttons? he remixed the song, and that's the released one you've heard. 1. korn performs 2. skrillex remixes 3. kill the noise jumps in i guess (he isnt on the original, so he remixed also) 4. J rabbit remixes. she's right
I was high,okay. Calm yo tits and smoke some Mary Jane. Why's everyone so serious?
It's one remix. Korn ft. Skrillex AND Kill The Noise. You fucking retards.
a lot of people think their really mainstream dubstep
Got to bring myself back from the Dead! xD
Check out my channel if you like dubstep:] I just put out a new song it's called "My Own Enemy" Thanks!
la cagaron un poco pero esta chila :D (y)
actually a collaboration is two or more artists working together at the same time in the same room trying to make one single song. yes, they made one single song together, but not at the exact same time, first korn comes up with a "rough" outline of lyrics and beats/rythms then he gives it to skrillex and kill the noise, who would be in the same room they mix it how they please then they give it back to korn and see what they think what needs to be fixed ect.
What sick bastard bastardly bastardized this once awesome song?
dude. skrillex and kill the noise is 1 jrabbit is 2. therfore; a remix of a remix. a remix of a remix of a remix would involve another artist remixing this version.
Anyone else think a deep voice saying "Narcissistic Cannibal" right before each drop would sound dirty?
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I don't mean to be an ass but... "he doesnt stand there pushing buttons. it takes time and effort to make a song." With today's technology and low musical standards, not as much as you think :(
It sounds quite funny, still korn is WAY better without the bwup bwup.
fuck def cant find this sick ass remix no where!!!!!!!!!
1. kill the noise and skrillex both contributed to the same song therefore its one remix because its ONE VERSION. 2. jrabbit proceeded to take that song and remixed again one remix ONE VERSION.3. SKRILLEX AND KILL THE NOISE IS ONE REMIX AND THE ORIGINAL THERE IS NO VERSION BEFORE THAT BY SAYING (Ft Skrillex & Kill the Noise) instead of (Skrillex &kill the noise remix. get it? oh and p.s i know he doesnt stand there pushing buttons. it takes time and effort to make a song.
sometimes i hate the tunes ive made, everything's wrong every time. pushing on i cannot wait for the dislikes im gonna take- they hunting me takin its sweet time. xD
hahahaha OMG, I tottaly LOL'd! Many thanks!! x'D
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