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7 K-Pop Songs You Should Know Right Now - ISHlist 15

by myISH • 703,552 views

K-Pop blends dance, rock, electronica, and pop. And it's all made in -- where else? -- South Korea. If you're not listening to K-Pop, Michael Buckley gives you 7 good reasons you should be -- from...

umm. Am I the only one who noticed that he played the Japanese version  of Fantastic baby?
+TaGz42 well, its still a kpop group in the industry often times groups/artists learn another language and have alternate versions of their songs also, the ultimate fail of this video, besides him saying ailee's name like alley and at one point saying girls generations
I knew it didn't sound the same!
Am I really the only one here that thought of Suho dancing to Alone by Sistar when I saw the clip? 
I love that Big Bang song, but why use the Japanese version of it here and not the original? I love Japanese music, but that song just doesn't sound right after having heard the Korean version multiple times... Has more feeling to it. The Japanese version sounds a bit too soft to me.
That one was ment to be a joke, referencing the mistake in this one xD
Yes SHINee!!! {Haha my icon is Onew from SHINee too xD}
Lee Taemin is my ultimate bias in not only SHINee or K-Pop, but in ALL of music! 
Haha Jinki is my Just life bias. My bias in life xD
Ailee was born in Colorado and Twinkle was performed by Girls' Generation's 3 member sub-unit TaeTiSeo (TTS). I like your program though. ^^ 
Where's Super Junior? -.-
Yeah!, were are Super Junior!!!
The "girl" from SHINee is Lee taemin. To be honest he made good songs. Without k-pop music where would the world be without SHINee. Reply down below.
You know that Twinkle is only by TTS, part Girl's Generation. Get your facts straight dude! And 'Fantastic Baby' has been out for a long time, I believe. And, your Korean sucks. I know because I am Korean myself, and that's like me trying to speak Italian. And I have no idea how to. 당신의 사실을 바로 가져옵니다. You can try to translate that's if you want.
It's pronounced "Ey-lee" not "Ally".
king of kpop BIGBANG <3
Last song that big bang's fantastic baby....they spoke bring the wrong vidio...and I don't understand...even I'm korean.....why you guys love K-pop??????!?!?!???
All the boys in twinkle ( that had close-ups ) are members of Exo!
I can't believe it took me until now to see that baekhyun was in that shot with tiffany xD
First of all, twinkle wasn't by girls generation, it was by girls generation tts, and second, you turned on the Japanese version of big bang. To all racist ppl, JAPAN CHINA AND KOREA ARE ALL DIFFERENT THINGS! AND NORTH KOREA ISNT THE SAME AS SOUTH!
i may be sad that Super Junior isn't here, but at least SHINee and Big Bang are here XDD
so original, he called Taemin a girl lol this guy is a total dick, we understand your sarcastic words, like he's gonna even care, he is 21 rich, beautiful and famous :v
this guy is soooo annoying
7:36 - Is that Byun Baekhyun from Exo?
Yup he together with members Chanyeol,Kai and Sehun appeared in this MV
what the..? And the kings of k-pop Super Junior? this video sucks :p
oh really XD? still popular, hm? what a funny joke :3
+Lavisparks It's not a joke? They're still popular, especially here in Europe!
Fantastic Baby was the japanese version...
+violinfire24 I was going to sing it too when i noticed xDD
+Vera Mesa no its not. jpop is a total different genre. its still kpop just in japanese. dont mix up genere's
In "Twinkle" by Girls Generation I think my eyes see EXO's Baekhyun...
Where is suju ? The y are the kings
are u freaking serious? THERE ISNT ANY EXO SONGS? I mean, they're the most popular boy band right now :) :) :) biggest fandom and won lots of awards in 2 years .... They won mnet song of the year with Growl .....
please see the date it was uploaded, inorder you to know.
Biggest fandom? lol, you should do some research to see who has the biggest fandom among KPOP cuz it's definitely not EXO lol 
Theres no EXO because they had actually just debuted. They weren't very big. You gotta remember EXO is still a pretty new Kpop group
+Khyla C. I hadn't checked when this was made before commenting (lol probably should have ^_^')
Twinkle is by the sub-group of Girls Generation, TaeTiSeo(TTS), not GG itself.
Ailee was born in Denver not New Jersey and he said Ally but it's pronounced Alee :)
Why is the demo for Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby" the Japaneses version and not the Korean one? You can't trick my ears!
lol I was thinkin the same thing :D u can't trick VIPs....
Yup lol. Korean version is so much better ♥
SHINeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! I like better the KOREAN version of Fantastic Baby... Michael, you need to work on your Korean jajajaja That was Japanese! 
the fantastic baby you played was the japanese version lol
When you're listening to the kpop songs then Big Bang comes and you start singing the Korean version but it's totally different. That's the Japanese version of Fantastic Baby, just saying
Where is 2NE1 and EXO?!?! It's not kpop without them!
2NE1 hadn't made a MV in that year yet, the MV came one month after this video. And EXO had just debuted, so they weren't so popular.
Please, stay away from those drugs..
..taetiseo... YAAAASSSS
okay not being rude or anything but YOUR PRUNUNCIATION!!!!!! also twinkle is tts not snsd ps the clip of fantastic baby was the Japanese version.
EEEEEXXXXXOOOOOO how could you forget!?!?!?!?!
They had just debuted, so they weren't so popular.
ailee is prenounced aylee
you realize that big bang's fantastic baby is the Japanese version ,right?
twinkle is taetiseo... a subgroup of girls generation.... mmmm japanese version of fantastic baby doesn't help either
Totally pronounced ailee's name wrong.
Well I guessed the homo was just around the corner, just skip ahead, oops there it is.
where is EXO like even if they didind debut yep still THEY ARE THE BEST K-POP GROUP
No 2NE1? they are popular all through America. There video "I AM THE BEST" reached 100 million views.
I really have no idea why fantastic baby is so popular just look at the mv dammit it's hilarious man ! #1 song should be GEE by SNSD right? Although I like I got a boy more ... But still ... Gee is more popular
Everybody loves that song because it deserves it. You can't compare Fantastic baby's mv with Gee! It's just girls dancing because they're in love, it's so usual!(i really love gee but it's just too simple)
Nope. You don't just compare GEE with Fantastic Baby. you just dont.. they're on completely different levels.. 
Nice music selection but I was looking for 2ne1 also. I love BIGBANG!!! No doubt for placing them as your no. 1 in your list.
Ok, this was perfect, I love you. Subscribed ♥ PS: Oh I'm curious yeah ♪
Hahahah I just LOVE this video I laughed soooo muchhhh hehehe^^ xD the way you make videos are amazingg and ohh BB no1 <3
can i just say that whoever made this video obviously knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about kpop? ok first of all that "girl's generation" song ins't even a girl's generation song, it's a song by a girl's generation sub-untit called TTS which is made up of only three out of nine members of girl's generation. second of all, that is the JAPANESE version of big bang's fantastic baby. WHY are they using the most recent songs out of these groups when they obviously could of used other songs that were practically legend?! TVXQ's mirotic, super junior's sorry sorry, girl's generation gee...hell TVXQ (THIS IS TVXQ WE ARE TALKING ABOUT) and super junior aren't even in this video. this is ridiculous. i am so frustrated right now. 
I feel like he is a grown up tyler Oakley 😄
Twinkle? By SNSD? LOLOL by TTS yes.
Doesn't that song by Wonder Girls sound familiar to anyone?
Oh yea, about the Big Bang song. Your listening to the Japanese version. Not the Korean version.
Just wondering if there was a reason to use the Japanese version of fantastic baby. Just because this was KOREAN pop?
You mean TTS, not girls generation
The fantastic baby is Japan ver
This guy needs more homework....
After watching few of your videos I can say that you are biased towyrds YG artists.....
+Jessica Desirae YG is company... they have artists like Big Bang, 2NE1, Psy, Winner.....
+AKB48 Ota Ohh okay. Sorry I'm kinda new to kpop. c:
Fantastic Baby version Japanese ._.  And you say K-POP._. lol  ustedes no saben de K-pop, They doesn´t know. 
The only two boy groups you had I listen to and love those songs.
Eeerrmmm so the Japanese version of Fantastic Baby?
Actually Twinkle is by "TaeTiSeo" ... 
I died when he mentioned HEART2HEART.. That song is so embarrassing and the thought that Chad Future was part of it.. goes into another laughing fit
why just girls except SHINee and BIGBANG? what happened to Boyfriend, EXO, Teen Top?
Omg yes!! He's so biased I think to girls...angels fighting!
Aaawww bigbang my fav Seurgri 😍
Big Bang was Japanese version and Twinkle is singing only 3 members from Girls Generation because is by TTS band.
Korean version of fantastic baby is better and i knew it! ;D
For the big bang part... umm u played the JAPENEESE VERSION!!!!! IT IS NOT THE KOREAN VERSION!!
So It's the Japanese version of Fantastic Baby that we just saw...not Korean... but still Love it. :D
the big bang song was the japanese version and not the korean though :/ well, still love it!!!
gooosh he's not funny  at allll and WTF fantastic baby in a japan. version !! a think we are talking abou k-pop !!! O_o
my fav song is Fantastic baby and i was waiting for you to say it as 1 and you did! great choice!
Exo Should be in number 1 ........ I mean where is exo , super junior 2ne1
When he said loneliness for #5 I was just like "CNBLUE!"  but I was wrong I love sistar's song Alone though...
what language is aloha?
oh yeah!! BIGBANG!! 4EVER VIP <3
This was posted June 2012. EXO debuted just two months before that, clearly wouldn't make the cut for their first single. Maybe Growl on an updated list. But not their first single.
o lol, i didn't saw the upload date thing if you know what i mean
2NE1, super junior, TVXQ, Hyuna with the 4MInutes, Boa... i think they all great specially TVXQ they're name is kings of Kpop so i don't agree with your choice
That wasn't Japanese..
Actually the only part that was Japanese was BIGBANG's fantastic baby which was the Japanese version.
It's funny how he can't pronounce some of the stuff right. xD
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