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The Elder Scrolls - Skyrim - 47 Into Blackreach (HD)

by ChimneySwift11 • 32,264 views

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I used to not take ebony arrows like you then i took one to the knee
if i was in the house / laboratory i would ninja loot the whole place :)
Chimney, what laptop do you have? Like make? Because I really need something that can run a fair few things and yours is AWESOME
can u do this videos more often plz
nothing cool in there besides the side quest? bull crap the daedra heart is pretty rare....
the blackreach is a dwemer city
3:28 That cavern reminds me of jerny to the center of the earth
I started skyrim LOOONG after level 34 and am about to go to sovngarde....Weird much?
i remember when i was there i ate the crimson nirnroot :P
I would like a marathon, even though you already had one:)) Keep going, you're doin great!
@playstationrulz9 the dwarves (or dwemer) were actually deep elves
Quick! someone tell chimney to Fus-Ro-Dah the big orange ball thingie
4:50 Fire exploding on water. FUCK LOGIC!
Hey chim what fire spell are u using?
Chimney fuf do rah on the glass thing on the blackreach ceiling
shout (Fus Ro Dah) on the huge orb that shine and a dragon spawns and fights you !~!!!! :D
have fun getting butt fukked
I got through blackreach by shouting become ethreal and running for my life.. So good luck chimney
Chim is ur dawnbreaker at legendary status if yes how did you get it to legendary
@playstationrulz9 My annoying side is coming out... The Dwemer actually let the Snow Elves into their cities, but betrayed them and force fed them toxic fungi that blinded them and warped them into the horrible creatures we meet today. Also Blackreach is the crown jewel in Skyrim. So awesome.
Listen, Your talking to us??? But... How????! All I can see is Words and letters.... Hmmmm. I will be listening out for you for a long time now.... (Put's ear to Computer)! Lol
@playstationrulz9 close but your wrong the falmer were snow elves that lost a great war and decided to move in witht he dwemer problem is they got into a war of years of infighting and they killed of the dwemer lost most of there numbers and years underground made them evolve into that
chim get ur sneek up and if u get it high enough u can kill a centuron in 1 hit!
Why aren't you using any of your shouts????
*Takes Free Daedra Heart* Well, nothing cool in there but a quest.
hello viewer 306 we've been expecting you
you can attack with shouts remember
Chimney Ur so slow all u have to do is run up the middle of blackreach and boom u'll get to the scroll puzzle
Chimney FUS RO DAH the light in black reach
how is your fareball doing so big explosion?
Chimney, be careful about those arrows, you know what happened to the other adventurers...
I love this playthrough, As well as your channel and content Chimney, :D.
chim with the deadra hearts u can make daedric armor with lots of them but you need a level 100 smithing
I love this series, cant get enough =D
Why the hell do no one take the arrows!!!???!!! Thay don't weigh nothing and can be wort alot!
Chim how is your firebolt so strong and how does it have a bigger explosion
@MineCrafterfield it is you have to go to the statue of mira and do some crack enhanced quests to get it.
I was yelling you missed the daedra heart
@chewbacca447 OMG I was reading that comment just before your one popped up lol
@freerealmsism He spends more time looking for things... Not many people do that.
Most. Confusing. Fucking place. EVER
when u r done with the main story do some side quest lines like the companions or do all of them.
why are u playing on the low setting
wat was the perk that made firebolt explode on impact????
In Blackreach, if you shoot the big ball thing hanging from the ceiling, a named dragon comes out.
@landon9560 Wrong, at any level if you go into the College of Winterhold, as long as you are not the Arch-Mage, Enthir will sell you Daedra hearts. He stocks 2 at a time, after around level 25 all Alchemy shops stock them.
Hey chim, whered you get that sword? Its so cool looking.
I had a full set of daedric armor and weapons before I went into blackreach
U should join the rebellion in windhelm soon chim. Awesome stuff. Lol
I prefer skyrim on consoles; no cheating XD
He uses hotkeys - on a PC you can assign things you have favourited from the numer keys 1-8 - and on Xbox/PS3 you hold the left or right D-Pad and press Y/Triangle while in the fav menu
Love your videos Chimney. Looking forward to more!
Has any one else been to the gates to morrowind, cyrodil and highrock because I have ?
You'll meet the secret dragon Vulthuryol
Chim, when your lost follow the arrow to the next destination, it is on the bar at the top, it should help you to never get lost
@minecraftnerd1234 Well, certain items can't be brought to Legendary by 100 smithing alone. You need alchemy + enchanting to create a loop that slowly increases your stuff to a much higher capability. Then you can make uber weapons that are Legendary.
Chim, I saw when they announced your donation and msg on the Creature Stream LOL
Follow the arrow on the compass for once
Keep the skyrim episodes coming
Oh just wait until you face a dwarven centurian master
never retreat never surrender thats SPARTAN/nord law!! you showed that centurion whos boss and i hate sopa!!!
@TheToastyrock *falmar falmar
@Catcher7Garten you get it after completing the quest given by the Daedric Prince Meridia at his shrine.
im hearing the nirnroots all over IM KILLIN THE FALMER ALL OVER
use the compass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL I JUST finished watching the last episode, and now this comes out! YES!
try to find the ancient dragon in there i heard u have to summon him some how
@johncenafan2348 It's only level 90, then you can make Daedric. Level 100 allows you to make dragon armor. Which is for some reason weaker than Daedric. :(
what sword is that it looks awsome
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