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DON'T GET SICK (Zombies vs. Ninjas #9)

by Shut Up! Cartoons • 680,055 views

Subscribe to Shut Up! Cartoons: Shut Up! Cartoons SHIRTS! When the Ninjas get sick, they discover the intricacies of modern health care. Catch new...

Really puking ninja shut up cartoons or smosh or wathever
At the end some dirty thinks we're going to happend
This is a hilarious series
Gee, they looks lie they're shitting out of their mouthes
Everyone realises that ian and antony don't make any of these cartoons right?
its like poop coming out their mouth. hahaha.
U do realize this shut up cartoon was about every bodys favorite so if u want Moore subscribers..well I think its prity avious bring ninjas vs zombies back!!!
0:00 My reaction to the pubertina tampon song
Actually their making the new season of zombies vs ninjas
They gonna anal bleach Tanzi or Tanzee or whatever the hell the pink ninja is called
Smells a Taylor Swift concert :( Yuck
"Who wants a Jack in the box named Charlieee?"- said the doctor.
am I the only one that finds the doctor's voice amusing and keep imitating his accent
because all the series stop at episode 10!!!! why does no one remember this??
bring this and dos and donts back the other series (except krog) suck massive dick
Because they stop after ten episodes? Then they move on to oishi high school battle.
why they stops making zombies vs ninjas
Tanzy should eat some ducktape to feel better. Trust me i eat 2 rolls of duck tape everyday
At first I thought they were infected, thank god.
No literally WTF are we looking at?
i lmfao at 2:22 to 2:26 thumbs up if you agree!
i love the political message here XD
....Poor tanzy. She needs to find some better roommates. XD
nice insuranece plan tanze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shut up and enjoy the ninjas!!
I hate dos and donts but that's my opinion
The doctor sounds exactly like the Charlie-in-the-Box from Rudolph.
Oh it's not the bite that does it.
omg i was in the holidays and came back and sudenly NO ZOMBIE VS NINJA live is over :´(
The doctor DEFINATELY played Jangle in the year without santa clause...well it sounds exactly like him.
I haven't puked this much scince that last Taylor Swift concert! Gross it smells like a Taylor Swift concert in here! XD
But really those regards on Taylor were stupid. She has reached the same award winning point as The Beatles, and Rolling Stone yet shes only 22.
Mehh see one later,now i have to eat some more duck tape
"don't get sick" (everybody is sick)
I am still subbed even though this ended because all the cartoons are awesome
Don't ever watch this while you eat.
i just like nijas vs zombies not big fan od dos and donts
If anyone seen project x is hilarious black kid "ninjas r f***ing p*ssy
zombies vs ninja.. two words... the best
It's the small things like the puppet puking instead of the user that makes this series good.
Don't Get Sick (1 day Later) Tanzy Gets sick xD
Am iam the only new comment ? that dosent say 1 month 2 months
thumbs if you want alot of seasons....
this should be on robot chicken
Tate he does now that I think of it
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