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How you Americans can be so much uneducated? And that's not rhetorical question
It is true that some of my fellow Americans are ignorant of geography, and lack an interest in the world at large, and I think this is a problem. I think part of it is that America is surrounded by 2 huge oceans, and only connected to south America by the narrow a narrow isthmus of panama, central america. That simple geographal reality has lent my countrymen the insularity for which we are notorious. But there, are some like me who love the world, and study it maniacally. Lol. All generalities, even when for the most part true, and don't think there isn't truth to stereotypes, there is, lol, but all generalities of course have the exceptions. Eva langoria is a dumb bitch for not knowing where Croatia is. DO NOT LIKE HER.
Never ruled by ITALIANS! NEVER! MORONS. Sexy moron but okay. Guess that's the point of the show.
Zašto ovaj razgovor još uvijek traje?
Nezz meni dolaze obavijesti...
Croatia was ruled by italians?! LOL! Yeah, bitch, if you count romans 2000 years ago, haha!
fucking retarded piece of shit
Croatia has lots of cute little places in the interior of the Country. Eva is absolutely right, its worth a visit and perhaps getting around from the east of the country down to the West. I've truly enjoyed my Stay in Croatia, value for money
Wow, you americans really are stupid..
Hello Eva nice of you for vising my country but(on Croatian - ali) I can not agree with some of your statement like and I quot "ruled by Italians for so long) first of all that was not Italians but Venetians, second of all they didn't rule they conquer and a pressed to keep themselves on power, third of all they conquer narrow part of coast, that was around 20% of Croatia north,east and west(without Istra) were Italians free not even all south of country was under Venetians (Dubrovnik,today Lika county coast and some other area),fourth of all they were here for about 300 years but 500 hundreds year ago. America was ruled by Brits should we treat America as O they were ruled by Brits and because of that they have good food or culture or what ever and this was 150 year ago I guess my question is for how long should our food,cities or whatever compared with Italy because they were here in some point in history? It's like Croat were sitting on there asses, like Italians give as everything from goodness of there hearts. It was our hands that create Croatia,our sweet,our blood,our money or you think they give as money, even if some thing were made when they were on power it was money or taxes given by Croats so we don't ow them nothing.There is some monuments from before Croats arrived in today Croatia from north built by Romans and that is it. Last but not least I don't say every should know were is Croatia but Americans act like why should they know were is Croatia when " I live in America the greatest country in the world dooooooo" it is little arrogant. I don't say America isn't great country but greatest come on, it like other country are not important according this kind of thinking there attitude is toward world. P.S  I was joking with(of all) earlier in text and Croatia is my love were all people with good attentions are welcome that means don't sleep with another men wife meaning Croatia is already married for Croats and that is for ever and ever and ever.     
dont come next time EVA..
I agree. Shes a dumb bitch.
Proud to be Croatian <3
I can see alot ppl here dont know what they talk about so to mak it short for u cuz im to lazy to write. Croatia is most unique country on earth and now il explain why. Shape of country is great u have tons of coasts. When u look on our capital city please look up on north the whole damn town is under the mountain. food idk where u can eat this stuff. Duborvnik pff fking city in castle. and so on and so on Maksimir Velebit cathedrals. the history, we had more history when England wasnt even in her baby steps. Dubrovnik the city on his own at start. Istra under influence of italia Rijeka was also under its influence for short time. to Varaždin where Turks draw back to the Big nice Gates in pure center of Zagreb where ppl come to pray and light candles.Grički Cannon u can hear it in Zagreb each day 12 o clock BOOM ! Krk plenty of nature waterfalls. And on the end sadest thing this country is going in her own doom. the point is for 3-5 years there will be no life for us Croatians, our political standing is horrible. they have taken all we had now we have more and more ppl on streets who beg for half of bread, burglers, ppl on edge of insanity cuz they know we are doomed and there is no comeing back :(
first we need to get rid of yugo-communist government ... they completely ruined our economy, and they have do it on purpose,  ... they want us to go to yugoslavia again ,  crazy bastards
is america country,did civil war ended,where is that country,is that at middle east,at africa i really dont know??someone help me
Interesting woman. Never realised our coastline makes the whole country. And the coastline was not ruled by the Italians, it was ruled by the Republic of Venice. There is a difference. The food is not weird, it's not Italian, it's mediterranean, but what would a below average IQ wife of a basketball player feeding on Mcdonalds 24/7 know..Also, Dubrovnik wasn't made by the Venetians..That's not even debatable..What's funny, she was sold some Turbo Folk CD's by the local rednecks and serbs..Assuming how intelligent she is, I wouldn't be surprised if she thought that's our music, and something everyone listens to..
tipicno amaricka pip
Americas public education system.what do you expect in a fascist-socialist state. Its why they only can speak one language, have no marketable skills out of high school and have a slaves mindset thinking that government is the answer to all their problems. The next president will solve our
Croatia<3 I live in Croatia and really,it's a beautiful country:)
this video actually makes me proud to be croatian, but when i read the comments and see how illiterate and kind of stupid some of my fellow croats are, it makes me sad. yes, croatia was ruled by italy for a very long time. and yes, our culture is very much influenced by not only the italians, but also many other cultures. i hate how just because of some stupid people like these, who are actually offensive and don't know what they're talking about, we come off as stupid and savage.  it really makes me sad when people say the best things about croatia on national tv and then we, stupid croatians, say rude and stupid stuff about them in the comments.
+misly1000 no, Ellen show has a honour to mention Croatia. What idiot you're.
neven dugave- don't only think you can do some harm with such comment. You only embarase yourself. Govno srpsko iskompleksirano
Tamo im se valjda i poceo raspadat brak zbog nasih sponzorusa...
@ElDuorPaso dubrovnik ruled by italians?i'm from croatia and I think I know...
yes it's all true . Every civilization get something from other culture: roman->greek, and etruscan, venice->byzantine world and much more, dubrovnik -> greek, venetian , ungarian, turk, (croatian?),etc
You know that Dubrovnik was built by the Venetians when they ruled Dalmatia. Don't play dumb.
Dubrovnik was never part of Venice, most of croatian seacoast was but Dubrovnik has its own republic and they were allies with Spain but was never ruled by Venice. Dubrovnik Republic was ended by Napoleon when he entered the city with a cunning trick, he told to the ruling class that he has no interest in Dubrovnik and that he only wants to pass through a Dubrovnik but when he entered he just raised his flag on the walls of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik was conquered.
Yeah, only a part of Croatia was ruled by Italians....
Dubrovnik was its own republic. It had nothing to do with Venetians and they didn't built it. In fact, they were rivals. Dubrovnik was conquered by Venetians in a war, but that was it, they didn't built it, or anything, they just robbed and used resources to build Venecia. Thats why today in Venecia a lot of the old buildings are built from stone taken from croatian coast.
Dubrovnik was founded during the 8th century by Ethnic Croats who settled the area and fully assimilated the allready native but Romanizated Illyrian-Hellenic populations. During the 9th century Dubrovnik was part of the Croatian kingdom and Croatian empire. In 1218 when Croatian Kingdom was under full occupation
@Vanessich1 uuuuum hello the Croatian coast was ruled by Venetians for a huge part of history, minus Dubrovnik contrary to what u said. When it comes down to it Venetians are still Italian... kmt
During the 13th - 15th centurys Dubrovnik ( Ragusa ) was one of the centers of the development of the Croatian language and literature, home to many notable Croatian poets, playwrights, painters, mathematicians, physicists and other scholars.
no, she is right, costal Croatia was ruled by Venice for many centuries
She says Croatia is "beautiful, gorgeous" "I didn't know where it was" and "it has the best Italian food" seriously don't waste 3 minutes of your life bothering to watch because that's all she says about it
Oh so the food was weird it's because you actually ate something healthy in your life for the first time, if you were in Dubrovnik on a dinner in a castle they probably served you some fish which was fresh and olive oil and some olives and cheese and prosciutto and it's not italian food -.-
Because of its very unique geographical position, Dubrovnik became an independent city-state . Dubrovnik became known as "Dubrovnik Republic" or "Ragusa Republic 'purpose was Dubrovnik would compete with the Italian Venice was the largest city in the state at both sides of the Adriatic Sea. and in fact, Dubrovnik managed to rival with Venice for several hundred years of independence and freedom as a small city-state.
još jedan video koji dokazuje da su amerikanci največi kreteni na svijetu./ ja još nisam na odmoru na moru dručije nego u hr, pozzz iz slo
And Zagreb is not capital city of Croatia!! hahah
you idiot it was joke on her behalf for not knowing where the croatia is, because of idiots like you croatians come of as not having sense of humor, which we apparently don't
Dalmatia and Istra were ruled by Italia. You're welcome.
wat the hell?! hrvatska is nothing like Italy! We've got a culture all our own :)
Ofc she is reading this, i bet she read every single comment here because youtube posters are sooooooooooooooooooooooo educational. and i bet Toni said HI back to you even tho they are divorced. numnuts
venice conqured dubrovnik,, thts y the city is modeled aftr it..
HAHAHAHAHAHA she really knows how to make me laugh.. ruled by italians, italian food, NOT everything was ruled by italians just cuz italy is big and u can actually find her on map.
what a shame, eva dont where is croatia, wtf russia?
ignorant americans with no knowledge
You were shocked that Eva said that Italy ruled Croatia at one time, and you started insulting Eva. In fact, Italy ruled Dalmatia (where she vacationed) and that is why its coastline is filled with areas built by the Venetians including Dubrovnik. Your stupid comment makes me think you never opened a Western history book. Only apes attack someone based on origin.
it's strange that lot of people don't know where croatia is becuase it was part of ex yugoslavia which is pretty well-known
Strong blow to Dubrovnik, its economy and development, was occupation by Venice from 1205 which lasted for 150 years as Venice named the members of the Great council (one of the executive political bodies) and was trying to take over the complete reign in Dubrovnik. Thus Dubrovnik survived the rule and developed slowly into an aristocratic republic becoming free in the 14th century only nominaly accepting Austro-Hungarian rule and paying annual tribute. well, :D
Even an idiot like you knows about your theory fails. And what makes you think we want to be known? Those who know about us, and who have been here, respect us. Others, they dont matter, fuck them. And being big doesnt mean respect. USA is big, I respect it less than the shit I took this morning after waking up.
Serbia was completly overtaken by ottomans, and they ruled there for hundreds of years. Also Ottomans have taken over a large portion of Croatian teritory probably around 80-90% of it, but their rulership didn't lasted as long. check out how croatia looked like during the year 1606 Before Ottoman invasion Croatia was bigger than it is today.
@GStyleRi you are $tupid $he dont tell that $he tell everything avve$ome about Croatia ju$t one $tupid vvanker from U$a $aid that Croatia i$ ruled by italian$!li$ten better $econd time thi$ video!
true: In 1399, the Dubrovnik Republic (Ragusa) acquired Neum from Zahumlje region of the Bosnian kingdom, and was added to the territories in the possession of the city. In 1699, Dubrovnik relinquished control of the region of Klek–Neum to the Ottoman Empire at the Treaty of Karlowitz following the Great Turkish War. It gave the Turkish army access to the sea, but just as important to Dubrovnik, it gave them a protection from the Republic of Venice.
Italians conquered Croatia?! HAHAHAHA they could barely conqure Etiopia... :))
Dubrovnik vva$ never been ubder italian control only $ome i$land$ and very very $hort time!
are you so stupid? how you don't know that USA is part of Canada?!!? ignorant bastard!
@croguy I know what is italian food. My food is not like that. There might be some similarities because we are both on Med. sea. Most restaurant owners are idiots anyway so it is no use to mention them.
The city od Dubrovnik dates to 7 th century.It is NOT bulit by venetia.get your least you can google,before you write something......
Start with these wiki articles: Battle of Mohács, Siege of Szigetvár, Battle of Krbava Field, Siege of Klis, Battle of Sisak. They're pretty accurate although not too in-depth. It will give you a fair overview of the many battles fought against the fucking Turks who tried to conquer all of Christian Europe....
LOL another proof of american stupidity. She actually was there, and she's still so stupid to not know where she was. Thats why americans are not welcome in Croatia (or anywhere in the world for that matter lol).
odkaraj u skokovima , izkompleksirani šljame...
italians ruled it for a long
A bila je Istra i Dalmacija dugo godina pod Mlecima a to su zapravo talijani , jbg prika istina je :(
Croatia is great, i have been there, lots of beautiful girls :). Eva and that nigger are ugly haha:)
I go there every year most amazing place and people in the world :)
HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Dubrovnik was never part of Venice. Do you now why was Ivan Gundulic wrote "Oda slobodi"? - shure not bcs he was part of Venice.. omg
You and Eva have something in common, low IQ! Who's talking about Dubrovnik? Who said that Dubrovnik is built by the Venetians? Why do I play dumb? Your stupid comment makes me think you are from serbian/turkish origin...
Dalmatia and Istra were under Italia, Zadar was sold to Italia... Want more facts? Google it, and educate yourself...
@ElDuorPaso Dubrovnik part of Venice? HAhaahah Italians were raped by Croatian Uskocks and by Neretvani pirate, and Dubrovnik was in Americas, India, while Venetians only knew how to destroy, shoot, loop.
1week later they split up😊😏😳😃👍
The great cartographer, Muhammad al-Idrisi (in year 1154), considered Dubrovnik as a part of the Croatian kingdom, it as "the last Croatian coastal city" ) in his book Nuzhat al-Mushataq fi ikhtiraq al-afaq (English: Joy for those who wish to sail over the world)
@system0system0 Jesi nepismen/a, daj molim te obriši ovo. Engleski ti ide ko amerima hrvatski :P
Really? Cause in my school, we learnt that Dalmatia and Istra were ruled by Italia. Please educate yourself, cause like this, you are similar to 'Mericans. -.-
Croatia was never a part of Italy, only one part was but for a short period, you have no idea how insulting that is..
Dubrovnik was only about 100 years under Venice,they couldn't keep it under their control,same as rest of croatian coast,italians are pussies,history prove that many times,and stuipd eva its not italian food its at least croatian dalmatian or mediterranian..italian food is pasta and pizza nothing else lol :)
uf što volim viditi nekog iskompleksiranog velikosrbina, čovjek se nasmije do suza uvijek :DDDD ali mislim da si tu u pravu, ja sam dapače došao do informacije da u vedskim zapisima našli dokument NA ĆIRILICI (da da) u kojem se nalaze podaci o tome da su indijci i kinezi nastali od srba... :O kažu da datira tako oko 3000 g. pr. n .e....cijelo vrijeme ste bili u pravu....srbi su praočevi naše ljudske rase ;)
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