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COD Black Ops - Where Have You Been Luk?

by Chris Smoove • 357,860 views Luk aka Mr. Nuke is back! Hope you enjoy this dual commentary. I put subtitles again for those that requested. Does anyone know why singers don't have their accents...

All this time I thought Luke was Asian XD
What ever happened to the mythical Luk
College. Smoove is still friends with Luk but Luk isn't on often to maintain a gaming channel anymore.
+Josh Estipona I'm glad they are still cool, even with Smoove's  "popularity" these past 2 years. Glad 2 see him stay grounded and keep who was there from the bottom.
I thought luk was white at first but not anymore
Luks accent is so cool
Smoove and Luk should do another one of these
i guess the random music is taking over the laugh..... that would not be a smoove move !
thumbs up if you thought 0:55 was HILARIOUS
whats up smoove dude u are the shit at black ops i play on the ps3 and was wondering if i could play with u on there
in the game somebody noob tubed in the a flag
what is lukes channel on youtube
Im british i have a british cousin called luke and he sounds excactly like luk.
me too. they take speaking sessions or something like that. i asked that very same question
Thumbs up if you have never seen any commentary from Luk before you clicked the link.
0:14 luke said cusing abd chris smoove put cursing
I always thought luk was Mexican
hey everybody i just wanted to say i just posted my first vid on here and im tryin 2 get my name out there and get some views. i posted my 1v6 clutch on blackops and will post more vids as soon as possible. please check out my channel and subscribe and comment for new ideas for future vids.! thanks!!!
If Luke is a whity, I'll use my sitser's toys for controlling my PS from now on
Its a smoove maneuver to add me on ps3 im AM7E33
chris and luk are the shaq and kobe of black ops HaHaaaa
Is Luk like.. Jewish or israeli? XD?
Luks new channel is called lukasthecavalier or sum like that
Hit me up Chris or Luke I'ma huge fan my xbox live gt is T4R Possessed so I would love to get a chance to talk with you
does luk make game videos on youtube
Luke closed his accouunt?! Thats bs
@samson498 i think hes like 20 or 21.i dont think he would be offended by that.
@Sirdu1zz blem as irgi per MW2 pamaciau LukasLTU ir buvau toks WTF? :D
HaHAahhh, when Smoove said he was English, i suddenly heard it
i think ppl dont like ghost cuz when they have their spyplane up they run around carelessly going for the kills staring at their map
0:55 he got smacked by a bitch
Carmelo Anthony is the one who was clutch against the bulls Luk
go smoove you need to get a NUKE and go luk
Chris smoove u go to school how old r u plz respond 2 my comment plz
Its a smoove maneuver to add me on ps3 im AM7E33
hey chris how old are u? no offence intended.
Is that a serial code? A CD key? 00:02
chris has lik all tha same classes as i do hahahaha......
Thumbs up if you think Luk has the best accent ever
I thought Luk was spanish I guess we're both shocked!
Wow Luk comes from the same place i do!
Wait idk which button to press . I mean this is 1982 we Just got our computers l;
I'm pretty sure that Smoove said that Luk trashed his copy of MW3. xD
Luk's new move was like the Cavs drafting LeBron James
LOL the guy break dancing was hilarious
i had got 3 or 4 blackbirds in one game its called mp5k rampage look at my channel to see
thumbs up if you want to see Luk play with Chris Smoove again
How times change....look at MELO NOW...Splaaaaaash!
blackbird isn't cheese, its a killstreak
wat happened to luk? its been 4 months man
does luk have call of duty black opes 2
@dabigwaffle123 zomg im british and i hav a british cousin who is called luke O.o maybe ur me from the past WAIT NO DONT READ THIS IT WILL CAUSE A OBSTRUCTIVE SINGULARITY!!!!
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