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COD MW3 - What is a YouTube Game?

by Chris Smoove • 307,653 views

In this commentary I tell you the criteria I've used for 3 years to select my gameplays for YouTube.

Its the smoove brothers chris and jay
I use some of your gameplay to make me better at cod
What cinsol are you playng at?
please stick to topics on cod because i don't know a lot about basketball
Both whiteboy and smoove are good comentators I don't want to hear hate from someone who doesn't play cod. And both of them have the charisma to have this many subscribers unlike a retard like you!
The M16 is just as good as it was in MW2 Smoove, at least since the recent buff. I slap rapid fire on it and it's an absolute shredder
are u gay or something why would anybody want to see another mans face so badly i thought those were only girls that wanted to see his face
81 dislikes? thats a noob move
Don't show your face, what makes your videos what they are is your voice.
Add me on psn smoove:DENVERGURL
Hey black ops players im new to youtube and im trying to get noticed so all im asking is that u plz gimme a chance and watch my vidz and maybe even like or subscribe if u want thanks for the support
Smoove gets OWNED on my page lol. Sike. HA HAAA.
i just can't get enough of splaaaaash
what is the song in the beginning plz help me
If you have an apple or android phone iPod iPad etc then download an app called apptrailers where you can earn free grift cards enter the code (longsclara for free points
He Is Not There Your Just Jealous and talking about yourself cause you want to be these awesome commentators GOAT FOR LIFE! and your wrong and don't deserve to have this top comment
SHOW THE FACE SMOOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
add me blazekid99 mw2 or blackops
chris bro u missed a splash pred at 5:11
He made one during the beta I think, he didn't do well and crashed in a helicopter lol.
Jaysmoove55 is your fan that copied you about jay smoove
Did you change your gamertag? Or am I just oblivious?
@hillbillyninja1000 Well its called staying in a lobby?
@sufficated1beast Whiteboy7thst is not a that stop being rude your just jealous
holy crap i have a bunch of videos on my hard drive just taking up space on my hard drive
@sufficated1beast Hey. Dont hate on whiteboy's videos. Hes more popular than Chris Smoothe. Not trying to start a fight. :)
Yo bruh u just can't be throwin around that word on YouTube that's not cool bruh
That is the most gayest shit I have ever heard in my life. Why da fuck you wanna look at a mans face?
Really bro, really? You r a dick hatin n bein racist to chrismoove. If u dont like him dont comment....
I swear my subwoofer is having a orgasm over your voice xD
nice game chris ay my names chris too
A youtube game is when you have live commentary...
Add me on ps3 my name is noobie19 or brillo23
Chris Smoove makes the most funny videos i think he should post one mw2 game every week or at least every month.
splash splash splash splash splash splash splash splash splash splash splash splash splash splash splash
this is wat u call the new form of spawn trapping. grow some ballz and go to free for all lmao no skill my dude. as u guys probably noticed he is running around but hes got his clan backing him up. ill tell u wat me alone against ur whole clan. ill show u a real boss. hazerage hit me up if u got a sack
josh smith playing mw3 with chris smoove is this a fake video lmao
I remember that vid when the dude jumped ocg
He lied about jaysmoove55 that from level 25 to 35 at the end itbsays jaysmoove55 level 29 ps im not hatin i love chris smooves videos
Is it Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks? Lol
This guy is one of the best commentstors on yoitube thumbs up if u agree
It's a funny thing to hear that from someone like you. No videos, no subs and calling one of the most popular commentators on youtube. It's just funny.
Add me on ps3 if u have one my name is x-L3GACY4- chrismoove
search chris smoove on google images, hes one of the first images that pops up
@NerVeFlexy At the end of the sesh, not match.
Huh? Are you not in agreeance with me on this fact?
I played with jay smoove 55 I'm coolguy909 on ps3
"How did I not get that kill right there?" -words of wisdom by Chris Smoove
on something true every comon show da face people
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