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ILLEGAL..12 Gauge (flame-throwers) Dragons Breath Rounds

by BALLISTICS UK LTD • 746,878 views

Dragon's Breath usually refers to a zirconium-based pyrotechnic shotgun round. When the round is fired, sparks shoot out to about 5 m (20 feet).While it has few tactical uses, the visual effect it...

Next time put (Illegal where I live)
Worst music I ever heard
@007CTHULHU007 Now now sir, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. No matter how disgustingly wrong they may be. ;) It's okay though. People like Superlagg will refuse to protect themselves from crime, leaving it up to lawful citizens like you and I to do it. Someday he'll understand that a gun is nothing more than a tool that requires knowledge and responsibility to keep, maintain and use. Until, he can stew in his own ignorance.
Not illegal at all bought some today at a gun show didn't even have to sign papers
I'd rather use that Lightsaber -- shit! It's just the dislike bar!!
Legality varies based on where you live. We have a thing called freedom, here, so these are legal in my locality.
Dragon's breath... For when you want your duck cooked by the time it hits the ground.
In the first 2 seconds of this video... WTF is a sotgun? LOL Learn to spell idiot. BTW...They're not illegal.
A non video with non music. Perfect.
Oh, and just a quick exercise in definition? Gun ownership =/= freedom. You'd be amazed how many people get them confused.
@007CTHULHU007 Oh? I hear in TN you can get silencers as well. I find it funny that in Germany for example, you're encouraged to buy silencers for your firearms to keep down noise pollution near gun ranges, yet all American law makers think of is how criminals can make use of them.
@Superlagg By the way if you're getting mugged you will probably be killed anyway around here in the city. You're cattle-mind mentality is disgusting and the epitome of ignorant liberal/socialist anti-gun rights advocates. You are also a stereotyping sack of dogshit. "Retarded hick"? Just because someone wishes to be CAPABLE of defending their self from violent crime? Your IQ must be double digit, because you just repeat the same BULLSHIT I've heard hundreds of times from ignorant liberals.
It's a damn shame people start pointless arguments over a video of a guy shooting a shotgun. Seriously, winning an argument over the internet won't get you anything.
I can't imagine the crap they leave behind in the gun
...shotguns here as long as they aren't chambered(unless you are in fear for your life) in our cars/trucks and as many pistols as we wish. So, I could concievably carry 20+ pistols loaded on myself if I could find a place to fit them. lol That's ridiculous of course, but just an example of TN Handgun Carry law. They are going to try to get it non-permitted carry as long as your record is clean, so people don't have to pay for their right to bare arms, as well here.
its only illegal in certain states but the places it is legal you have to pay a hazmat charge a long with the product price
Thats because we live in the land of the free and he lives in the land of kings and queens
dude, that ammo is one word: BEAST! how is it illegal if its a weapon ammo of choice, i hope i get some soon
This is possibly the gayest song ever recorded in the universe!! How did this song match up in your brain when you decided to make a video about 12 gauge ammunition?
WTF they package those shells as if they were harmless things
Congratulations! As of watching this video, you've all been entered into the FBI Sweepstakes, free of charge! If you see a van parked on your lawn, that means you've won our GRAND PRIZE, an all expenses paid trip to sunny Cuba!
@aha00002 and you are still not in the kitchen
@420x24x7 He's a liberal anti-gun Asshat what do you expect? They only know what they are indoctrinated to know and to them "Guns are bad mmmkay because because guns are mmbad.". They have no concrete evidence to base their stupidity and ignorance on other than their own asinine propaganda they pick up from people that wish to be defenseless sheep.
glad I live in Ky all that stuff is legal
@steve001968 Really? How's that economy working out for ya? And that gun crime? How's that militia (which is supposed to be the only reason gun ownership exists) coming along? Yeah, I'd say it's pretty flawed.
Judging by his username, he's from the UK. Everything firearm and pointy related is illegal there. Thats why they have the [sarcasm] LOWEST [/sarcasm] crime rate of any modern country. Let me restate, these are LEGAL in the US but ILLEGAL in the UK.
@superlagg wow your ignorance is amazing
@steve001968 It helps if you read all my comments instead of just focusing on the shortest one. I appreciate you might have problems with long sentences, but bear with me here.
Not illegal in SC i have 40 shells of it
...Or I could just put the guy in a choke hold.
i know a place that sells these kind of things
@smartstuff2buy Florida,California, and possibly AL/HI
For when a flamethrower wont cut it, and a shotgun isnt enough, We proudly present to you. The dragon's breath. Now in new firey volcanic sulfer death scent!
@steve001968 "I'm still waiting for you to point out an instance of criminal misuse in support of your assertion that they need to be banned and you're still failing miserably." Are you even capable of reading? I've stated my main point several times, I won't do it again.
England and Wales has one of the worst crime rates among developed nations for rapes, burglaries and robberies, a major report has found. / news/uknews/law-and-order/7922755/England-has-worse-crime-rate-than-the-US-says-Civitas-study.html Whut.
@steve001968 Ah, I see you chose to go the "choose to believe this means I've won" route. Have fun continuing to fail at reading, hugs and kisses.
damn england cant have shit and if they do they got a camera stuck up their ass watching every movement
Soooooo... I'd say this is gay, but that would be derogatory toward gays. Who have anal sex. Which is still more illegal than these rounds according to statutes. Which is gay.
@NubsWithGuns the residue left behind is actually no worse than any normal bird or buck shot or slugs I fired about 20 through my 870, plus a dozen or so dragon slugs,and took it out down, as I felt the same way, but it looked the same as it does after a day dove hunting or shooting clays
Dragon's Breath Rounds are only illegal in 4-6 states and NOT illegal in mine. So why title this as "ILLEGAL..12 Gauge (flame-throwers) Dragons Breath Rounds"? They aren't illegal.
Teach that og to shit on my lawn. ill tear his ass up with some of those rounds. put some targets on his ass and aim
@tyeo098 unless you are in illinois or a few other places
@watertower7 Oh yeah, because giving people easy access to a shotgun that shoots fire is the single best idea ever.
ya man good guns need to beat the shit out of some
mine are on the way lol sucks that they are illegal where ur from. they are not too good for your gun tho if u fire too many.
And I ain't trying to sound all trigger happy like omega either that's the 1 percent of gun owners but gun rights are here to stay get over it maybe you should try picking a gun up and shooting it you don't have to kill anything you can shoot cans and such
Is it legal in Alabama to have dragon's breath 12 gauge ammo?
or is just too passionate for this stuff
@fulldharoks uhh MW3 just came out so no one really gives a shit about black ops anymore it sucks
And they are all for hunting of course :)
@aha00002 11 and a half bitch. now make my ass a sandwich whore
so weird i never knew you could get ammunition in a plastic case
@richardcblaine72 what the fuck are you bitching about, that things are dangerous and that bullets are cool? Cus, we already know that.
probably the worst gun related video on youtube. you've got shitty hippie music, a slide show, and disinformation saying that dragons breath is illegal when its legal to anyone over 18 in certain states. remove it and save yourself the embarrassment.
@nazer9 ... I say bro alot. doesent mean you are. also. Your a real dick, ya know that?
"No I never compared Obama to Hitler." Lessee, shall we? "Yeah, I somehow doubt your government is in much need of overthrowing." "European Jews didn't think Hitler was a problem either until, of course after they were disarmed and on their way to the gas chambers and it was too late." Seeing as your current government is the Obama administration, and you brought up Hitler in direct response to your current government being mentioned... One of these things is not like the other.
@steve001968 As such, I'm going to stop now because it's abundantly clear neither one of us is ever going to back down or stop trying to pick retarded holes in the other's arguments and this is more or less like trying to talk to a brick fucking wall. A brick wall with a boner for firearms. I'm going now. You can choose to believe this means you've won, if you'd like. Have fun with your delusions and apparent illiteracy, Steve.
Not illegal in some states of the good US-of A. Now the ol' U-to-the-K, thats a whole nother story.
@Superlagg Christ you're stupid. Pulling a gun on a mugger will only get the mugger killed at worst if you're not a complete idiot. I've stopped a home invasion before with deadly force, but neither myself, my girlfriend, nor either of the two home invaders were killed. Both intruders were wounded in the midsection after failing to surrender however and survived. A responsible gun owner should call for surrender first, then fire only when absolutely necessary.
these are illegal in canada :( to bad they look like fun
These are not illegal, at least in the US!
1.Open crimp at front of shell. 2.Remove all shot and wadding leaving just propellant in shell. 3. Fill shell with black powder or pyrodex. 4. Pack powder down and recrimp shell.5. Load into old single shot gun and pull trigger.6. enjoy the blast.
@steve001968 the only examples of people dying from any 1 of these rounds is from war zones :P
@richardcblaine72 One: .223 =/= .5.57 in anything except basic size. You have a shitty little civilian variant. If it's regulated to something other than semi-auto, it is illegal. Therefore, against the shit that the US army could roll out (and that's what he was actually arguing here, Ghaddafi was taken down with military ware purchased from the black market and is a completely different proposition) it'd be fucking useless. Again, might wanna check what was actually being argued.
@MrRNDubleBarrel I bet all the Wild Fires were caused by a Dragons breath shot gun shell.. haha
@watertower7 That's because the US constitution is hilariously flawed.
the shots that were fired look like fireworks.
Not illegal in MOST states dimwit!
@WolfFawkes Yes, but unfortunately for him there's no guarantee he'll live through his next criminal attack/event. It's a shame some do die ignorant. There are a very few(I would assume) that just never change their mind and make excuses for the criminal, society, or blame the gun STILL, but hopefully they are still a low minority. It's Open Carry OR Conceal Carry here, so just having a gun visible on your side can sometimes prevent crime. Hell we can even carry loaded rifles or...
Sound suppressing mechanisms for your firearms: no with none of the evidence produced by waking your neighbors.
You are an incredibly idiot to believe what you believe. I have a Handgun Carry Permit and I find it offensive to see people as ignorant as you...fucking GD liberal gun control advocates WHINING about the our RIGHT TO BARE ARMS. THe FACTS are that people carrying their own firearms REDUCES crime especially when they carry openly and when you ban them you ban them for LEGAL carriers. You get back to me now when you're beaten and raped in your arse by a group of thugs because you weren't armed.
ahahaha my coworker showed me this round the other day.
now illegal..fpsrussia shot these..
Yeah - I would choose 00 buck - this would only result in a pissed off BBQed burglar.
@HypaSonicDeathMonkey You can't go on mass killings with this sort of thing, so why not?
glad i live in tennessee, LEGAL!!
@Superlagg Last time I checked, you can't change anything on the Bill of Rights. Guns are the main reason why the United States of America is a country. If you're about to be mugged by some low life welfare recipient or you're protecting your family from being raped and then killed, which is faster? Pulling a gun and killing that sorry bastard, or calling the police, the criminal seeing this happen, kills you with whatever weapon he chooses. I think you may want to rethink your argument.
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