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Abs workout how to have six pack - Level 2

by Passion4Profession • 16,611,960 views

Abs workout how to have six pack: 8 min abs workout level 2. Finally ready the best workout to get perfect abs and flat stomach. The application is finally available on iTunes Market! Download it...

Can anyone of you suggest me good weight loss program for my wife? She has big problem with obesity. She tried a lot of different methods and trainings but no one really worked in her case (last time she lost about 18 pounds in 3 weeks and now she is gaining pounds again). If anyone knows any good, proven weight loss program for women, please reply! Thanks in advance                                                             
+Douglas Reed Cut down carbs, sugers,protein. possible atkins diet. exercise regular. Just a sugestion.
+mikeymayhen NEVER protein brah! NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
If you experience neck pain you aren't doing the exercise right. May skip every second action to make it slower and to put more stress on the AB muscles to build up more strength. If you experiences extrem neck pain you should go back to the level 1 workout just to build up some more strength. (That will more then likely not build up more muscle size but it will give your ABS more strength for the level 2 exercises and will therefore protect you from damaging your body and a more efficient muscle size build up later on) "First the strength, then the muscle"
Or you should just put your hands behind the neck right ?
+X Burner No that has nothing to do with supporting your neck even when it looks like that. It is meant to be extra weight on the ABS. If you have neck pain do as I described to protect your neck don't increase the weight to minimize the pain as it will further hurt the neck.
+Sean Neal You really are ugly kidding
Use your back  to go up , stop using the NEEEECK   :D
+Simo Han I can not catch my legs and chest to get up at the same time ... it's really hard
+Dumitru Andrei  To catch your legs  you will need time and practice , after 2 or 3 months you will catch them , now you can do the half mouvement , for exemple:  first month :  50% of the movement second month : 70 %..... third month :  100 % ... so after 3 months i think you will be able catch your legs ( a good exercise form )     , ((  and if you have a big belly that does not allow you to do abs exercises , than you should do cardio and eat less ))
This is a great ab workout, before I started about a month ago you could barley see my abs and now I have a ripped 6-pack. I approve
Yeah how long did you do??
This used to be a great routine, but today is the first time I've had commercials breakup the middle of the workout. It takes way longer than the 10 second break, and is quite frustrating especially if I want to skip them and have to get up to come click. Do double commercials at the beginning or add one at the end, but not in the middle, please!
Hi guys, I am 15yo boy, my weight is 48 kg and I measure 166 cm. Probably I am a bit underweighted but I still have a fat on my belly, because of my look I decided to start with workout and eating much more proteins but only the ones those are in normal food. (e.g. cottage, meat). Will I lost that fat on my belly? I am already doing level two every other day and I have floorball training 3-4 times a week. :)
How many times do i do this a day? Or week and how long will it take to get my abs
I bet my own record, i made it 7 times in one day. really happy.
Gonna try how many i can do in one day someday !
This has been my go to workout after a nice run for a few years now. Couple this with hanging knee raises and leg raises during the week, and you will have an amazing core. It's important to have a solid diet and cardio regiment if you really want your abs to show. No amount of situps or crunches will give you visible abs if you got a bit of flab on top.
love this so much
Great work out. Do it 3 times a week + cardio + eating lean. In 1 month you will see big difference.
U have  to remove  ur fat  To get   Visible  abs :) First of all   I prefer to do these workouts  2x/day and 3day/week just if u are skinny and got no fat on ur stomach, and   do this  3x times/week With Kardio trening remember u wont get  visible abs just doing these workouts if u  have fat on ur stomach so  3x times 20min jogging/week :))
Am i the only one that thinks hes or she id going to fast?
I've been doing the 1rst step for a week. I've recently started the 2nd step a few days ago. After the workout I suggest doing more sit ups or crunches. I weigh 135 and have a 4 pack since I've started this workout! Do it everyday for about 4 weeks and it will show !!!
They make look so easy. Damn i dead.
YES! FINALLY. After a month or so doing other random ab workout routines I finally conquered this level #_# (so amateur but yeah)
I make this exercices and i can t see so got the Abs growing
Remember good eating habits is a must.  You can't get abs just by doing this exercise
My shoulders feel sore during the workout is that normal or I am doing something wrong?
Hey guys  Is this workout better or is level 1 better please tell me thanks.
+RIPxBlackHawk wait so as soon as finish level 1 i should go straight to level 2 etc.?
+Kaashif Farooq No, you do level 1 for 2 weeks every second day then move on to level 2 .
Oh god , i use this workout every day and road to perfect abs , and right when i do this my neck is down .. Good Luck ;) 
is this how much does exercise last (10 minutes) or we need to repeat this few times?  and i know that after traning I had to eat something (chicken, egs), but should I eat after this?
this is really working tnx!
I am 14 I weigh 9 stone, how much should I work out? a week
well that is a bulge... :/
is girl also can do this pls i want to know thanx
Its my first week and already see results, my abs are stronger and can do this workout without any pain, also i was a bit fat on the sides and stomach but now i can clearly see a bit of my abs, i really recommend this exercise and do it everyday one time is enough, i did this only 2 days twice morning/night but i think one is ok
I did insanity and lost 21 kg.Now i started going to gym and after gym i do this.I was 97 kg and now im 77.i can see my abs for the 1 time.
when i do sit ups, crunches, etc..My leg muscles hurt more than my abs..Why?
hey there ! does this work ? shall i start ? i wanna the sex pack 
I'm about to do far from the comments I presume my neck might hurt..and that it's effing goes
When I used to do level 1 my abs would feel sore after the workout but over here that doesn't happen even though I do it twice a day
Because you are raising your body to high. Most of the stuff is really a raise of only an inch. If you raise lower you will see how fast you will feel sore
look mama you son made it :)
will i get six pack if im 67 kg and 177cm?
questionnnn!!!! Hey guys is ok if its this workout lvl2 is easier than lvl 1. Lvl 1 causes me more pain than lvl2. What should I do. Go back to lvl 1 or lvl 2??????
If you want to build up muscle size go for the more painful one. If you want to build up more muscle strength go for the easier one but do more reps.
can any body tell me when to move on next level ?
How many times a week am I suppose to do this? When will I start to see a real difference?
I wouldn't say that is good to do it every day, when you should do the first level just every other day how it is written in its description why would you do this every day? 
It really works u have to do it everyday.remember if u r like those who eat a lot just eat and then do the exercise but dont eat again Thanks! If u like this follow me on soundcloud "dj petrux" and also on instagram "dj petrux"
How long should I do this so that my 6 pack will appear?
This won't give you a ripped six pack. I think this is deigned to lose fat and to tone.
i've already got a 2pack after 4days
+jake mariano search 5 minute killer lower ab workout
Lol 8 minute abs when really it's 10
I have done this 3 times every 2nd day my neck never did hurt I don't know why and plus I'm thirteen Right now I have a 3 pax after 2 weeks
The second exercice just kill my abs lol after that the rest it's ok, maybe my abs really work hard in the second ? 
Well i got suggestion,I just can follow this Abs With 0,5 video speed ,its more Effective !
My abs felt like they were on fire
Im doing it every day and now I have abs
+Jemar R 2 dayz 1 1 time this exersice and then 1 day rest, then 2 dayz doing execsice then 1 day rest etc etce
+sickbastard151 i do 2 times one day and 1 time the next day and so on
When i was doing the level 1, first exercise was quite easy to do. Now when it's last one in this level i barely can do it.
Omg this is so true I thought I'm imagining
I'm 10 and this hurts my neck
Do this, some concentrated wait trianing, 30 min of hard cardio (like biking) and the Palio diet ever day and boy you'll be ripped in like a month
Meant paleo diet and weight training
Is It okay to do this 8 minute abs workout twice a day
Its more fast workout. But i don't want 6 pack 😀 i do it 5 day in week.
Google the fast diet ," eat, fast and live longer"
For how many week do i have to do lvl 2 , To get to level 3?
What should i do next id this workout is not enouhg?
its not working fr me i dont no why . i am on level 5 and i have trn 1 month
How long shud I do dis for? And I usually do it once a day shud I do it more
encuanto tiempo se marca con esto
so I'm at level 2 right now and I watched level 3. level 3 just looks insane. How long should I do level 2 before i try level 3. No breaks in level 3 I mean WTF.
when you get used to lvl 2 you go to 3
level 1 for 2 weeks  and Level 2 ...???
+Divio18 This workout is designed so that your abs recover in 24 hours, so it is possible to do it every day without any negitive effects.
+Jordan Lucas I doubt you would get better results though, your abs would still be contracted and the workout wouldn't be as efficient as if you do it once every 2 days
thx im a 6 packs nd biceps! thx
Hey there!! How many times per day i must have to do it? This video one time per day or twice a day?
Once a day skipping a day for resting or once every day
so i'm doing Monday 1 time Tuesday 2 times Wednesday 1 time and so on
How often I should traning abs?
The beat at 5:00 demotivates! =)
Emrin Dema Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
My neck hurts so badly :(
Takes me like 25min to complete this level...does anybody actually get it done in 8?
amirul haffizi Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
senaman kita pada hari ini, 
this is too fast lol
omg can anyone do the double crunch? I can barely do it now matter how hard I tried...
I am doing a limited version of it after 6 weeks...keep on trying!
+preposterous3637 After 2 or 3 weeks :D finally at start it was imposible for me
level 1 first week level 2 second week level 3 third week level 4 the last week  is this right or not ?
U should at least of a six pack by doing leval 3
each level I did them for 2 weeks. 
I was looking for neck workout and I found this..
-_- u suck man thats why ur neck hurts ur not doing it right
i do abs and chest workout in the same day  ( 3 days a week) is it good??
Yeah that's good. I do 4 days a week for abs
I am guessing you are very skinny? Because alot of people say that if you don´t remove your body fat on the stomach before doing ab workouts, the stomach will grow but no six pack will appaear... I´m kinda scared to do these workouts myself :/
if i do the workout once a day for 3 days then one day rest, is that enough time for muscles to rest or is that too much
Abdominal and calf muscles can be worked everyday.
+Sean Hamdan Yeah but it´s smarter to let them develop.
for how many days do i have to do that to get six packs?
1-2 months i think, i've done this in 2 weeks and i've got a 4 pack
Abs workout how to have six pack - Level 2 Purpose: To build quick ab muscles within the first couple of months Risk: Neck brace
I'm lost So do i do this 1 time every day?
No problem. Go steady for a few weeks, see what the results are. Might surprise you.
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