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Minecraft - Gloria Part 2 - Give me a Cookie!

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 1,298,999 views

We've crashed on the S.S. Gloria and travel around the Island to help out the poor villagers! Apologies on the quality of Simon's Microphone! We're still testing things in the office! ♪ Outro music...

I love how Lewis looks out a window he shoves his face onto the window
i miss the good old days :D
all the songs are from runescape :)
u should go on omegle
wow, minecraft freak....
Honeydew says the f word and Xephos makes a racial remark.
thumbs up if youre not going to thumb this up. guess who just made a mother fuckin paradox?
"stop yanking everything we are done" 9:10
3:31 honeydew was stuck on bird poop :0 hhahahahahahhahaha
U were supposed to get in the minecart
I just watched your Jungle Temple video and it made me subscribe! They are good videos keep it up!
Lewis: Caution: Do not Touch. Simon: La la laaa! La la la la la la laaaaa! La la laa!
Lewis: I'm coming slowly... uhh, uhh, aaaah... Me: OH GOD! D:
"you hope for cake, and zero lies" portal reference?
Lewis forgot how to read at the end
It was age restricted for me (cuz im only 14) but i watched the video on the yogscast wiki or something like that and nothing happened to have it age restricted xD
Let's go piss around with some nuclear stuff.
lewis u forgot to take a sword in the meeting hall
Oh simon, simon simon simon! Lol
i dont know why pople like gloria it sucks
Thanks guys for all the laughs!!!!!
ur able to steal the blanket lol
I looked back and it says "you see the ship crashed at the island."
There's a chest right above him in the top of the ship
minecraftforum. net/topic/916179-minecraft-13-gloria-an-adventure-map-by-coldfusiongaming-given-a-2020-by-rsmalec-as-played-by-the-yogscast-and-captainsparklez/ (Remove the spaces, also includes sequel.)
3:40 yea clime the bird poop lol
Because minecraft contains hardcore violence not suitable for younger audiances... or so im told
Apologise... immediately :@ LOL
Why couldn't I watch the first one?!
The first video is age restricted because Simon says "Americans are dunce." Its to prevent world war 3 I assume.
those brown leather shoes are called mokisens
lol jk but seriously, why would someone ask that?
It is the stupid new youtube layout. You have to click the picture of the video and not the text.
There should be a map link in the description because i was wanting to check it out :/
why was your first video of gloria flaged
simon in the loo or the other world playing mincraft by the sounds of it lol
hahahaha, my phone smells like chocolate :P
Lewis: Caution do not touch Simon: *Run overs* Lalalalalalalala
Part 1 wasn't rated that means in Youtube it's an unrated title therefore you need an account to view it. I just watched it.
I cant watch the first part because Im "To young" Stupid Youtube i know more than a 13 year old should Know
why is part one age resricted ?
Do not touch caution *simon walks on that thing * then he shouts lalalalalalalalalaaaaaaaaa
I seen part 1 just before it got removed trololololol
You can now.. I watched it.. why* watch* You have brought out my inner grammar nazi.
Why can't I watch the first one ??
I love how as soon as lewis reads the sign that says warning. do not touch. he goes ahead and starts jumping on the redstone and starts going lalalalalalalalala
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