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Archery - Fast Shooting (Murmansk)

by SeregedelReal • 7,308,258 views

a dagger technique Seregedel's school Initially I named this technique "kinzhalnaya" (Adjective from a word "kinzhal"(dagger)) because a dagger it is possible to beat faster than a sword, but,...

Just in case you buy into the Lars Anderson archery thing as anything more than a trick shooter making ridiculous claims, here is an actual speed shooter, and you'll note that nocking the arrow on the left is no slower than on the right. Plus, she does it whilst moving around too. This video is something like three years old, she is the student*, and is being trained in a known methodology/philosophy. *I believe; looking at the other videos on the channel
1. Depends on the knight, but they were the professional elite (training and fighting was their full time occupation), and their armour didn't encumber as much as you would think. They valued speed and mobility too, and their equipment reflected that. 2. It's not going to penetrate their armour. During the crusades, very few knights were killed by arrows, but there were plenty of them shot with scores of arrows, making them look like pincushions, and yet remaining unscathed. In fact, even the famed English Longbow wasn't expected to kill armoured knights with a massed flight of arrows, but would force them to walk rather than ride across the battlefield, because their expensive armour defended against arrows pretty effectively. 3. Oh yes. He has a horse. 4. Since the archer isn't a threat, he's not going to prioritise chasing the archer. 5. He probably has his own archers. They had their own entourages of fighting men.
In your first comment you said he's only a trick shooter, and implied he wasn't a real speed shooter, even though he shoots at roughly three times the speed of this very talented girl.   If you can hit small fast moving game, you can hit a vital organ.  A good suit of armor would cost as much as, or more than some houses.  Not everyone on the battlefield would be wearing them, very few had the money to be knights. Saying it's completely ineffective against humans is a ridiculous claim.  It might not be the end all be all like he claims, but your over zealous bashing makes you look pompous to the point of foolishness.
"Why use bows when we have guns." - Some just prefer to use bows (some just get more of a kick out of bows than guns). - Many countries (example i live in Australia) you need licences for guns and not for bows.  - In many cases it is cheaper to buy a bow - Easier to manage - Quiet for hunting - Reusable ammo
Another attribute of arrows, that is sometimes considered a military advantage, is that the arrow does not deform when it hits a person, so it remains sharp, and can (if the bow is powerful enough) continue to pierce through several people behind the first person. Bullets deform and fragment when they hit (to cause more damage and injury), but this makes it very difficult for the same bullet to continue piercing after hitting the first target.
Someone should tell her that Americans now have gunpowder.
+Legion Long Yeap, I tend to agree. It has been an interesting exchange. All the best. 
Sorry. I'm not going to tell her anything that might potentially piss her off.
To all the people bashing archery with gun comments, you sound ignorant. Guns are obviously more lethal and hands down better for defense. Archery is a hobby just like shooting a gun and the gun range. It takes more practice to perfect and some people enjoy it. Like bow fishing or bow hunting, the added challenge can make it more interesting and offer a better feeling of a reward. Another big difference for archery is that arrows are reusable making them much cheaper than ammo which gives you more time to practice for less cash.
Archery requires skill but many traditions of archery have been lost. Speed shooting is largely forgotten, however an archer called Lars Andersen has discovered a technique that is far faster, so much so that he can shoot three arrows accurately in under 1.5 seconds by using a single motion to load draw and shoot. The arrow therefore rests on the outer part of the hand rather than the inner.
nice work but slow…. she is an Amateur compared to real fast shooters,check out Lars Andersen what he does with a bow and arrow is Astounding….
+Corey G your childish insult is a great reflection of your own intelligence….
slow as balls. nothing special here. now lars anderson can shoot
Oh look another person who thinks they're an expert on archery having seen one viral video... Andersen is something of a rarity, by far THE most skilled archer I have seen, but to dismiss this woman on the basis that she isn't as fast as Andersen by saying that she's "nothing special" is just plain idiocy.
+Quakekill Your right!  I think I could have worded myself better, but to clarify my criticism.  The lady is very skilled, but I think because she is a "she" people wont critique her skills like the lot regarding Lars.  Yes, I think Lars is overall better.  Sorry, but that is my opinion and it is hard to object after comparing all his videos to others.
Ezio Melega Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Oh, just for you to know, this still is my favourite "fast archery" video. Her form, grace and rythmic consistency never stop to fascinate me.
Well, if there's ever a Zombie Apocalypse, I know who I'm looking up first for my survival team. XD
+Kami Nana awww shucks i had second thoughts & figured you had been trying to warn us in your own round about way that it might actually be happening.... <(>_>)> like really.... <(<_<)>  (encase anyone missed the sarcasm it was sarcasm :P LOL in a well natured sort of way :P
+Kami Nana It may happen tho. Maybe it won't be exactly like in most zombie movies, but it is indeed possible that humans get infected by something that forces us to behave in a very aggressive and violent way. There is a parasite that can only reproduce in felines, so it can target rats and make them attracted to cat pee. Literary forcing them to death. Humans can also get infected by this and it doesn't do much to us, but a study showed that those infected actually enjoyed the smell of cat pee. If a parasite can alter our brain to that extent, it can alter it to make us behave like zombies as well. So never rule out the possibility of a "zombie apocalypse". If it ever do happen tho and we meet, we can migrate teams if your team is resourceful. That is my minimum criteria otherwise I just end up weakening my own team. To get rid of weak links is always up for discussion tho.
Yu Knu Nuthing Jon Snu! Try shooting like this with a 70 pound draw weight.
+Cryogenius333 Simple, because to kill anything you have to hit a spot smaller than an 8x8 rug. Semper Fi
Sorry, not as fast as Lars, and she does not hold arrows in her draw hand and has to reach in a quiver. Why the snotty comments about Lars? I see that holding the arrows in your draw hand and firing on the right make sense and are demonstrated in historical illustrations.
I don't have an issue with Andersen, I honestly believe he is one of the most skilled individuals I have ever seen, I just have a problem with people who have come to this video (and others) after watching Lars' short video believing themselves to be some kind of expert when their knowledge of archery is based on that video and that video alone.
+quakekill Yes! So many Arrow and Hunger Games fans all of the sudden think they know everything because they've seen his video. If they see anything that Lars didn't do, that person is all of the sudden a terrible archer. They don't understand he only works with one type of archery when there are so many more.
Anyone know where I can get a bow like that? Specifically hers. 
That is a Mongolian style re curve bow.  Go to (I am unaffiliated with them) and search for their "Mongolian Bow."   This style of bow was made to shoot from horseback.  She's using a horse style bow, but not a horseback style draw.
in the toy section.
Good to see the arrows actually getting pulled back far enough, a lot of speed shooting they barely draw the bow at all.
people pull back half way for practical purposes.
Archery is an art, it is not replaceable by guns. Why don't we just replace talking with texting? Just because people have newer things does not mean they are replacements. Guns are louder, more hazardous, less personal and less beautiful. I am not saying that bows are better than guns, although to me, they are preferable in terms of what should be used, unless you are excited about just killing things. If you are concerned with the efficiency of just killing things, then guns have many advantages. But if you are actually interested in weapon use as an art and hobby, guns have basically no advantage. Expensive expendable ammunition, very high chance of underestimating penetration power, resulting in increased hazards. Common ricocheting, loud banging noise and large recoil, very high mass production and therefore, more uniform and less unique designs. Bows have none of these properties. I am an archer, My birth name is Robin Hood, and I respect archery for the skill it requires. If weapons are to be used as an art and hobby, I think increased skill requirement should be a welcome quality.
Actually silencers aren't made to silence the shot but is used to make the shot sound like something that is not a gunshot
Silencers are made to prevent people from being alarmed by the gun shot.
Romano Woodfolk Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Warrior Elf doing her thing
how does she notch them so fast?
+Jake J. Rogers I hope English is your second language and everything you tried to say was completely lost in translation.
+ConfrontationalRealist I hope you're just somebody who stumbled across Lars' video, and doesn't assume anything he says is realistic. 
This always amazes me. This would be impossible with a compound bow. That's why in the Zombie Apocalypse you use a recurve, long bow, or short bow. For range a long bow, recurve, for speed, short bow, recurve. Every bow has a use. It's like taking a hand gun to an assault rifle fight! Note: Compound are for hunting and target shooting, not fast shooting. If someone could use a compound that way, i'd love to see
Your right.Wont work with a compound. Maby if you instant shoot when you pulled up but it would take more time even with this. But i would take a compound in zombir apocalypse. Hiding in my house and sniping zombies without danger.... sounds nice
Loved to have had her as a snowball partner as a kid.
Some say Windrunner is merely a hero from DotA 2 and doesn't exist......this video proves it wrong. ......come on, she's even Russian!
How do you nock the arrows instantly like that? 
Daisuke W Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Still one name stands among the rest. LARS ANDERSEN .. search his videos and ready to be amazed. :)
circus want to see some real archery watch an old Howard Hill movie short.
Who's gorgeous AND deadly? Maybe a great great great grand daughter of old Ghengis himself.
I just watch how her boobs juggle when she shoots. Mmmm...
That's not how you fast shoot. She is any even aiming
ok, post your video of you doing it better
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Lars Anderson beat you by far. you just stand there shooting at a little bullseye while he shoots incoming arrows in two. And on top of that, he shoots way faster. Oh my god, this is so outdated.
How many pounds was that recurve?
I used to be an archer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.
she's using Pinch draw right?
what the hell, the video didnt even show whether the archer hit the mark or not
She's quick, but what draw weight does that bow have? 5 lbs?
.. Damn, cupid just shot me with one of her arrows.
What type of bow does she use?
If only guns were that easy to reload...stick a bullet and press the trigger .
Also look at 0:20. (Gets arrow from quiver drops it back gets it again.)
Shes very good and looks a lot like Rupert Grints sister.
Shit. Wind Runner - Aleria is real!
lol, she is using a quiver wtf. faster keeping arrows in your draw hand.
Excellent observation there Legolas, you're now a qualified expert on archery because of a single video on youtube.
her accuracy is shitty! she is hitting all over the place.
What's the pull weight of the bow? curious
I bet its no more than 20lbs
With the speed she pulls it, I would think something like that, indeed.
mis mis mis mis mis mis mis mis ....... mis mis mis ....... ...... mis mis mis
this isn't even remotely fast.
Now do this with real war bow :P
I'd like to know whats the draw weight is.
*using back quiver. Your argument is invalid
so hawt its nice to see a recurve aswell, gets a bit silly with the compounds with a full optimus prime gettup of sights and clasps and grasps and shit
Is there a name for what kind of bow she is using?
i like lars and i think anyone saying hes fake is full of shit. but people commenting on here saying shes doing it wrong or that this isn't how you speed shoot cause of the quiver and left side shooting all i have to say is look at the results .fuck your snobbery about methods the results are here . and plus her method works for her cant argue with it
Cute Russian woman that can make shooting a bow sexy... "I'd buy that for a dollar!" (Anyone who gets that movie reference gets +10 points.)
+Kain Highwind  Yea, i was pissed when I heard that in the movie. +10 points to you.
Well, there you go boys! She's definitely marriage material! lol
+Christian Prepper Oh my gosh I was about to tell you how she was missing. Just checked her Facebook page. She changed her FB pic last month.. Sorry.. :P
I give this a 0/LarsAndersen.
Is anyone able to tell me what bow she's using please?
+1 red head +1 nice tits -1 butherface = +1
Glad to see people here not buying into the Lars Anderson fad. He's good, but he's not the best, or legendary as some "archers" (Hunger Games readers and Arrow watchers) think.
arr... i like how you keep it simple and fast
faster reloading than any other game :D
Why would she have her quiver on her back? Why would she draw 1 arrow at a time just hold a bunch in your hand and you shoot double that speed.
Oh wow, you saw the Lars Anderson video too.
She should ditch the quiver, hold the arrows in one hand and nock the arrow on the other side of the bow for supreme speed. I know this because I saw the Lars Andersen video and now I'm an expert. :)
Lars Anderson is laughing.
Iza > Lars, because tits.
+Tumoxa89 Thank you Tumox. Not what I had in mind but sure. Everyone loves bewbs.
Does anyone know if the arrows normal nocks have?
+Randall Jordan Thank you for your helpful answer. I was not quite clear whether this with a "normal" nock works.
Unreal Archery - Fast Shooting 
I'm guessing 45# test... average for archers such as her. Pretty amazing is an understatement.
Wanna go hunting.? i will skin them...!
yes yes that rug is dead now
Name and mark of the bow?
To slow watch anderson
Im learning archery and can someone please explain to me this style? I have been trained to hold my hand out straight for accuracy and consistency, how can you be accurate without an anchor point or locked elbow, is this the gun equivalent of hip firing ?does she stand completely sideways? please respond only if you know what you are talking about.
This style is more of a horse archery, without the horse. Takes lot of practice to load the arrow and do not use more than #35 bow because you will hurt your muscles. Best bows are the Hungarian, Mongolian type reflex bows. I can recommend Kassai or Grozer, but there are other good bow makers. If you like to see some horse archery then search for Kassai...
Sajnos gyenge és erőtlen..játék ok
She's adorable!  Will you marry me?? :)
That's pretty Cool. Now try it with a bow with a decent draw weight.
wow nice! Oo what kind of wooden bow is that? it want one like that! :)
Thats very slow just saying ...
lars andersen the legend
Anyone else think this is a turn on? Wtf, this gets me horny. Weird.
what type of bow is that?
What is the arc model, plz ?
Okay, so this chick rocks
Alex Schump Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Archery - Fast Shooting (Murmansk): Woah! I am highly attracted to this person. 0//_//0
2.50 attack speed Ashe
Can anyone tell me the point of being able to shoot fast with a bow instead of accurately? This video just seems really irrelevant...
she is shooting accurately
She's hitting her mark, while strafing too, that's impressive.
Russian female legolas confirmed ALL PRAISE ARTEMIS!
Does anyone know her name?
Any amateur can pull a bunch of arrows and hit a wall... What would be impressive is if she can pull that many arrows quickly with the same grouping consistently.
by saying "not to sound like a dick" I suppose, lol!  it's whatever, lets move on
Now comparing to Lars Andersen, she look really slow.
Lars might be a faster archer, but she is a lot easier on the eyes lol
Suuure, you're fast.  But did you actually hit anything??
did you watch all the way thru?? she is incredibly consistent in her arrow placement. very tight clustering 
As an archer id say Its a training bow, or Junior bow. At 12-18lbs then yes. But with a bow higher than 24-35lbs would be tiring after a few arrows. Never mind moving about. Think of it like flicking an elasyic band quickly as to pulling it to full stretch first. But good tricks anyway :)
how is she stringing the arrow so quick? is it particular arrows? or just technique?
It would be both technique and particular arrows. She rolls the ends of her arrows to find the nock by feel with her thumb and index finger.  She keeps her hand inverted with her palm facing outward.  This gives her speed keeping thumb and index finger in same position holding the arrow.  The middle and ring fingers help with the draw.  Notice the arrows have a lot of space between the nock and fletching.  Arrows may be handmade to do that technique.
How heavy is the draw weight and how do you nock it that fast?? Maybe I'm just uncoordinated lol
The arrows do not even penetrate that bit of carpet... Is that a 15lbs bow? Try that with a serious weapon, not with a toy ;)
Serious weapon. You mean compound or a over 40 lbs bow?
She's shooting great, and she's beatiful too. Cute voice. :) Warrior princess. :)
what type of bow is it
+blackdeath4eternity  I calls it a keyser bow.  Some folks calls it a sling bow but I calls it a keyser bow.
+kgsolomanfivethousan yeah, not surprised there would be a long list of names that people would call it, thats what i meant.
What kind of bow is she using?
Dastan68Gad Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Nope... you are so wrong its not funny!
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