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Korean fried chicken recipe

by Maangchi • 2,646,847 views Music: "Jindo Arirang" played by Chae Okseon (gayageum musical instrument) Ingredients (for 3-4 servings): 3 pounds (about 1.5 kg) of chicken...

I'm 144 pounds.  I believe if I were left alone with all that chicken, I'd devour it in minutes.  Looks so good!
I would gain 12 pounds just from 1 piece grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
You make the best dishes, but some ingredients are so hard to find where I'm from. Would it work to first fry the chicken with just corn starch and then to marinate with egg and baking soda, to get a thicker crust? I want it kind of soft and crispy at the same time.
Hey, I'm not that lady from the video, but yes I think it would work :)
Can I skip the rice syrup? Thank you
+Maangchi Hi maangchi!I'm planning to make your fried chicken recipe soon and i'm wondering if rice or corn syrup would be a better choice.they are both the same price at my local korean market but I'm not sure which would be better since I haven't used either before,thank you!
+Miss Alwaily I would choose rice syrup. 
this taste like heaven 
I could smell the taste right from my computer. Oh.. no it lunch time. I don't know the hell I am smelling.
You should stop using canola oil because it's kinda bad
What is sweet rice flour? Someone tell me please thank you :)
Nadia there are several types of rice flours used in Asian style cooking. Typically they are binders to hold ingredients together. The sweet rice flour that I use for this recipe and to make porridge for kimchi is the Mochiko brand shown at the following website:
I've made this for my nieces KPOP party with all Korean dishes and I got most of the dishes from you! All The food was a big hit especially this particular dish!!!! Everyone was asking where I got the recipe. So directed them to you!!!! Love your recipes.
I don't have sweet rice flour at my hometown what can i substitute it w ?
+Ngọc Tú skip sweet rice flour and use potato starch. 
I like make food I like look Vedic
would you like fried chickens it have a lot of stay and delicious
I actually love this channel
I can't wait to try this omg thank you so much !!! :D
I made this last night and it was soooo delicious. My husband is a picky eater and he said that he liked the sauce. "It makes you think abt the sauce every bite"
that looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good
Hi Maangchi! instead of potato starch, can i just use corn starch?
+Thidapech Lam yes, corn starch will work well, too.
I have never seen any food that always attracts me more than Korean Dishes  through out the whole world.It always has the best taste and looks. And Maagchi is the best cook i've seeen on youtube too as she usually concentrated on a kitchen type of dishes not like those top end restaurants food. Anyone can simply followe her tips and make the same thing that's why she's way more important to us than those other chef,making tutorial videos.Besides she's always friendly and she has a great sense of humor too that makes the video interesting so we can watch her video without boredom.  And for the last NOTHING can beats home food.It's always the best.
+Mapz Hmar Zate Thank you, my friend! "concentrated on a kitchen type of dishes not like those top end restaurants food." That's very true!
Oh my god Maangchi, you made me so hungry! I better try this whenever I have the time, absolutely need to try!
You are so incredibly cute lol
thats a wonderful recipe there i tried it and it was SUPER ROCK CRUNCHY.. thanks Maangchi we love your cooking and specially at the end of your cooking when u taste
sad face this looks really good I love this sorta stuff
Thks for the chicken recipe...
I really learned something.  I never would have thought to mix the egg and flour dredge in the same bowl at once.  I also learned the double fry method for chicken.  Great technique.
What can I replace the hot pepper paste for?
Add some red pepper flakes
I have made this dish several times, I don't use the hot pepper paste because of stomach issues. If you don't want to use it, don't; it will still taste good! I also did not use rice syrup because I could not find any, instead Maangchi told me to use corn syrup, which worked out fine. I'm sure some purist will agree it may not be 100% authentic in their eyes but still it is a great dish and tastes delicious with those substitutions. **Also, add extra ketchup because without the pepper paste, it will not be enough sauce.
Hi madam, I am saying thank you so much for sharing. I used chicken breast cut into chunks with other variations. It came out great! Thank you.
Delicious. I`m hungry now. hahaha.. LOOKS YUMMMY. 
If I make this recipe exactly as it's written about how spicy would you say it is?
thank you for the recipe! i found an online shop that sells gochujang (really hard to find it here even in big supermarket in my country) and i just bought one. i can't wait to try this out! not gonna waste moooore money in korean resto just to eat this fried chicken, ever again! hehe thank you!!
+Akimoto Suzuhara Good luck with making delicious chicken!
Thank you for this recipe Maangchi!!  Ever since leaving home I've missed my moms Korean cooking so much, but my wife found your recipes/videos and I've been able to eat so many comfort foods.   I had never had Korean fried chicken before making this recipe but everything about this screams Korea!!  The mixture of starches makes such an incredible crunch, and the sauce is everything I love about Korean cooking.  Sweet, spicy, and it looks so nice on the chicken!! Anyways, thank you again for helping me not miss out on the food I love!
Can u mail me some of that? I'll send u my address.
Hi, Maangchi! quick question, for people who hate ketchup, does it taste ketchup-y or is it just an easy way to do tomato sauce+ vinegar?
Maangchi, you're so though but also very cute. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video.  
OMG..this is the cutest cook on youtube
omgggg watching your videos make me so hungry! I wish I had a Korean store in my country to buy the supplies so I can cook what you do in your videos, but in Puerto Rico there are not any Korean stores. I will be moving to the US soon cant wait to used your recipes !!
I happened to have some frozen breaded chicken tenders in my freezers and when you fry them up they get nice and crunchy, but they needed something extra so I made your sauce and they came out so good I love the sauce so good tasty and zingy , and I sprinkled them with some sesame seeds and had them with a spinach salad with a ginger dressing, it was perfect quick meal, next time I am going to make your chicken recipe that goes with this sauce...thanks!!!
I want to try this recipe... looks yummy
I love this recipe and make it today thanks
is it necessary to use potato starch? or can I use corn starch as well? also, is the potato flour necessary? and can I substitute the hot pepper paste for sriracha? (I know, a lot of substitutions, but I really wanna make this tonight, lol)
potato starch has a different crispier texture after being fried. corn starch will work though.   Hot pepper paste and sriracha are extremely different.
Yeah, hot pepper paste will not and cannot be replaced by sriracha in this recipe LOL or you'll just ruin the whole thing.
I love this recipe, will make it this week, thanks Maangchi
i live in an area where cant buy any of this except the chicken lol
Try her crunchy korean fried chicken recipe instead
wow it look soo good by just looking at it
I really enjoy watching your cooking videos :) every time makes me want to eat it
Can you please make a pickled sweet radish recipe!? I always get it when I eat kimchi fried rice or fried rice and it's so good!
Is gochujang the same as hot pepper paste?
Food videos should be banned at night . Im so freaking hungry now omg .
Will this work with pear cider vinegar?
omg it makes me so hungry.  I usually eat garlic korean fried chicken for lunch after school. but now I'm moving to a place with less asian restaurants. I will try to make it ! :D Thank you
If I dont want it spicy cause my family dont eat spicy.... Is it really spicy or can I lessen the spicyness instead? Thank you ^^ Loved you videos
holy shit 2 millon views 
This looks delicious. How did you learn to cook so many amazing things?
I can honestly say, Maangchi taught me how to dice garlic.
Zulkhairi Ibrahim Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
This looked AWESOME...will definitely try it out....thanks you!
I love your Korean Chicken wings recipe because that will help me understand what chicken does to your body please make me happy and pretty good like you everyday and every Fridays!
hi. thank you for all recipes. I wanna ask you someting. I went a chinese restaurant. I ate really delicious dipping sauce. I dont know what it calls. It was red and sweet. I did some research and I think its called 'sweet and sour sauce'. looked for recipe everyone did differently and big problem is I cant find some of Ingredients over here (Türkiye) like rice vinegar, rice syrup, sesame oil... can you make one and w/ ingredients that I can find easily?. Thanks again.
i can't find the sweet rice flour , can i use rice flour ?
Do i smell chiickken
I have to stop watching food vids! I took everything in my snack place and ate it all
So... Can I Use Corn Starch ...??
i jus like d way she ate the chicken in d end.. so i liked the vdo... u eat awesommmm :)
감사합니다. 이제 캐나다에서도 이걸 만들어 먹을 수 있겠네요
I would love to make Korean food but I'm still too young😞
Will the ketchup smell be very strong? Because strong ketchup smells makes me cringe, but I'm fine with tomato. 
Hi Maangchi... please tell me what can I use as replacement for vinegar? thank you very much..
I need your advise Why does the flour combination stick to my fingers not chicken itself TT_____TT
where do u get the pepper paste?
you can get paper paste (gochujang) from any korean supermarket
+rea i live in Australia..idk where :(
hi.. can i skip hot pepper paste or any substitute for that? Thank you
You are so cruel.  :-(
Good Job looks very appetizing..
I was drooling xD soooooo yummy!
hi maangchi...can i use honey instead of rice/corn syrup?
Thank you for this recipe Maangchi! I made this for my family and they loved it! They even asked me to make it again! Thank you again :D
+Jastine Sanchez yay! I'm so happy to hear that! 
Sweet and crunchy yes. But is it hot? Or spicy hot?
can I use honey instead of the rice syrup?
Hahaha. Laughed my ass off while learning some pretty useful stuff. 
I kept laughing because she moves so fast LOL...
I want some jjampong... Along with this!
Dang…. I'm craving for some Korean fried chicken right now.
+Maangchi Thank you for teaching me how to make this chicken.
That looks amazing love it! 
if its ok to replace cornstarch instead of potato starch?
You can but it won't be the same though .
+jan8919 she said it will work actually well so its ok to put cornstarch instead of potato starch
that is some nice chickens rite there,lady.
u r so cute and food looke good 
이래서 치킨이 비싸구나... 치킨 먹고싶다..
Maangchi, i don't have a rice syrup, with what can i replace it?
Honey or molasses or maple syrup.
I don't have ketchup what can I substitur?
Hi ! I'm from Singapore.Cn u teach us how to make Korean Pepper Paste.Thanks... :-)
I just made this. It's soooo good. Thank you so much.
you remind me of my mom :D
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