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Minecraft: The Emperor of Minopia w/ Mark and Nick Part 1 - It's Friday

by CaptainSparklez • 1,269,509 views

Mark - Nick - Merch store! ● Minecraft Server: ●...

i want them back, with more minecraft maps
oh the good old days :)
This is the real dream team!
Anyone remember these fun times?
bring back deh crew plez i missed these vids
This Is My Favorite Playlist (besides Maybe Old HG And G Mod Murder) Of CS I Miss This SO MUCH!!!!
I watch this episode almost every friday
The song at ricks house is never gonna give u up
Did anyone realize that the first song was Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley? And the house was owned by Rick. :P
I'm not joking I watched this on a Friday night
I miss when Nick was funny
+3100Phoenix® I miss when they all played together
Was this really over 2 years ago?
I saw it when it came out. It just doesn't feel like it was that long ago.
Lol Rick's house was playing Never Gonna Give You Up a.k.a. RICK ROLL!!!
I miss when you played with these people
i know i laughed so hard when they played skyblock 2.0
Youalwayswin plauee this map
Dat Harry potter reference doe
They really need to play more awesome and fun maps. ALL 3 OF THEM
These were the days man.
How do you super jump while crouching
does any won know if the pre paid cards all ways work like sometimes for some reson it dosent work on minecraft
Happy Sunday. Or as Rebecca Black would say, "it's Sunday, Sunday, watchin CaptainSparklez on SUNDAY!"
Rick as in rick roll
Rick is Rick Ashly and the song is never gonna give u up if you listen
rick roll......genius
Nice reading Mark LOL
It's fucking Friday hahahhahahaha:D
that was never gonna give you up at 8:04 right
Jordan: "Walk over the pressure plate, Nick." Nick: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" xD Hahahaha omg,I died! 9:25
since theres 3 of u and u all are funny u are now the new 3 stooges
Its diamond diamond gotta find me some diamonds
Chapter 4 was in the library
Mark when will you go back to or cooler style back in escape craft u looked better and cooler
RIP headphoners trying to turn up volume to hear music X(
I miss when they all did maps together..
Missed a chest when you came out of the sewer
I think this is the 20th time I've watched this series, and I'm not bored... :D
Rebecca's house oh girl what you doin up in here 8:50 ha mark
Minopea sounds like the book the Outsiders.
how do you download emperor of minopia
It's Friday Friday every body get up on Friday
Nick sounds like an Angry bird 8:05
someone get rickroll'd, much?
lol u missed the diamond coin if u travel up the water there is a d coin
nick: walks over pressure plate: it's Friday plays nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo every one: hahahahaha
This was the first video I saw from CaptainSparklez. :)
LOL I think they got Rick Roll'd @ 8:08 xD
what button do u press to grab everything in the crafting table?
ahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha 7:24 y u look nekkid lol i love mark and nick......and jordan :3
In Rick's house, I swear it was playing Never Gonna Give You Up!
I have a house in the village!
Chest at 3:20 that they missed. :(
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