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Minecraft: Quad Mountain Survival w/Nova Ep.37 - WORLD OF GUSHERS

by UberHaxorNova • 366,627 views

Leave a like FOR QUAD EFFIN MOUNTAIN Map:...

stfu about your fucking religions this is a creature video pretty much the opposite of religion so just stop!
Noel Anzaldua Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
LOL 5:05 Then the next episode........
AHAHA He Jinxed it! I was just about to comment that  :) happy commenting
11:23 Thor's hammer
You're obviously too retarded to stick to your own religion because you're lecturing others on theirs. I'm gonna be the wise one and leave now. You're only embarrassing yourself even more than i am, so i suggest you stop right now before you get told.
@MrAirsoftKid98 î sêê whât yôû dîd thêrê
1:29 When did the cookie monster join the KKK? Burning black preachers alive? My goodness...
What the hell is up with all the religious comments? I come here to escape from the crap I deal with in my normal life, not to be reminded of it through a damn youtube comment section.
lol you can make books with sugar cane
I didnt know preachers could make that noise XD
Turtle Seal Cpt. Journal Entries: Entry 8. Mother of god. First the power to move fire. and now the power to overturn the earth itself. May God Help Us All............
the preacher was not dying because the power of god hallelujah amen
Using the drill item send blocks flying behind you. It's not something you want to use as a toy, or you could get into some deep sh*t.
not only is the bible good for recycling into a recipe book... it also makes great joint papers and toilet paper!!!
Omg that skelington saved novas life
i found dr pepper he is under the farm
I laughed my ass off when he said "Is that a bible o.O ?? " Lol I Love Youuuu Nova !! <3 & I have a reaction Video to prove it (x
I need some wood right now. wood wood wood. Give me wood - Nova
it should be renamed clsterfuck mountains
Blew up the turtles except for t-dog
You do know this is a user created map right?
is that a hammer made out of feathers at 5:01 ?
(nova blocked me so this is a different account) Yep what about it bro?
When you mine with the drill item does it give you the blocks back?
Because 100% of Christianity revolves around the bible?
He already knows. He's been using Mo Creeps for quite some time now.
Why are preachers so hard to kill?
Great, small minded religious people, ffs we have much more problems in the world we don't need YOU fucks to make more
00:49 the skeleton saved his life hmmmmm...... Strange
You already said you were going to leave moron. Quit pretending like you don't care when you obviously do. This is the most fun I've had with an idiot on youtube since I trolled a nigger.
People have different religions. He says he's atheist, yet, he's telling people they will go to Hell for not spreading religion. That's bullshit. This is the INTERNET. YOU DON'T SPREAD RELIGION ON HERE! So, you think that we should spread religion to people we don't know and get into arguments over that shit? No. Like i said in my other comment, they should only spread their religion with their own followers, in church, or with their friends or family. THERE. case closed.
why u didn't take dr.pepper !!!!!!!!
You're literally admitting defeat by ignoring everything I've said thus-far. Enjoy your false victory.
You've obviously given up on arguing because you have no basis to your insults. How many times do I have to tell you that I dont have a religion but that doesn't mean I'm ignorant about religion like you. I was making fun of the guy for thinking he's christian when he is not in his own gods eyes. You are obviously too dense to understand what I am saying. But I'm still having fun making you look like a dumbass so continue pretending like you know anything if you'd like.
Why is it that almost every video I go to there's something moronic about religion going on...? Come on, people. This is the Internet. No one actually cares.
First of all, you're failing at being clever. Second, I'm athiest you dumb fuck. And finally, I care about people who think they know how christianity works when they're wrong. People like you think they know shit about shit when they have doen no research whatsoever. I don't actually care that much but arguing with an ignorant jackass like you is just too much fun.
uh...does nova know budder armor sucks?
2:38 wtf did this whale did to the other one
OMG I was yelling, you forgot Dr.Pepper out there! lol :)
when nova said said im gonna use this to destroy that mountin i was like muahahaha
It was sad when the preacher was dying, yet I laughed my ass off.
well said, in my opinion I believe in god but I don't go around and say YOUR NOT CHRISTIAN SO DIE I respect people's religion and WHY WERE THEY FIGHTING ANYWAY?
Man, I tried adding all these mods but I ended up with a black screen.
ya but seriously you dont like it ignore it. I will spread it freely, and whos stoping me? you? so dont even try to stop me mwuhahahahahaha or just say nicely, plz dont spread religion.
and the drill item never wears down
the drill item is from the tornado mod
00:54 to 3:04 should be an animated classoc.
true about saying your going to hell but... the bible does say spread religion every chance you get, so why not do it here? if u dont like it ignore it.
nova reed, fence make breathing wholes in water (water goes around the fence/reed leaving air for you to breath) like so he see's. if you also place a torch 1 block under you or beside you or top you get full air bubbles.
killing the preacher was hilarious!
You need the Elemental Arrows mod to get the explosive arrows. You can also get other arrows with that mod.
14:55 this is chaos....... THIS IS MINECRAFT
actully the most destructive wepon of mass destruction is the nuclear missdle mod
Nova found the drill item...shit just got real
i never said not to... where did you get that from? i said if you dont want me to then say plz, but if your gonna be hostile then ill still spread and ignore you
you know what i hear when i sleep at night after watching this? "please give me cake"
no t-dog's dairy yet? FUCK,DAMMIT,SHIT,COCK
Nope actually it doesn't. There are hundreds of branches of Christianity that don't even believe a word of the bible. And also, the bible does say that we are supposed to spread our religion, but it never says if we don't that we go to Hell and it doesn't even say it is a sin. Not sure if you think I will assume you hate gays or assume you are a gay? But technically being gay is a sin, as it is meant to be man and woman. (nothing against homosexuals)
All the way to asgard nova never realized the crossbows damage range and accuracy was the best in balkens weapons mod
no it's to spread your beliefs not to convert people by force or incesant nagging...
When he said I wonder what the drill does I was like nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo in slow motion
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