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by Hidden Masters • 30,998 views

This is for those of you that don't have Cod Elite. This is what the NEW dlc maps looks like. Leave a LIke if you want to see the other maps!! :D 2v2 Hiding Tactics on Vortex coming soon! Feel free...

awkward moment when the same guy gets both top comments
Do you like how the new maps are covered in grass (Vortex, the highway one that idk the name of)
what are all of the maps out for xbox elite? recent ones tho
Hmm... U-Turn is a flat, desert-like map that is very parallel and has spawn issues. Intersection is a large, open map that plays a bit like Downturn. You could just look up the maps to see them and reviews for them, by the way.
all of these look campy as fuck, sledgehammer doesn't know anything about making decent maps
I already have trolling vids up on U-turn and vortex. I plan on doing intersection tomorrow and even going over all the hiding spots in these new maps. Keep on trolling!!!
I wish this came with the map pack
Not a very big map... weird concept to it.
instead of a moab why not a tornado coming in and killing the eneemy team
I don't like this map.... It has a stupid Design!!! Only the vortex is great!!!
always online as usual, let me know if you need someone :D
I don't think we're in Kansas any more...
HiddenMasters isn't as good as they used to be
It would be cool if on this map it could be played with a full 6v6 TDM, but as the game progressed the tornado would suck up some of the fence borders allowing for the map to get bigger. It's cool to see a map that ( sort of) is effected by the enviroment (i.e. BlOp's Launch map)
'map walkthroughs' ... spend all your time looking off the map...
lol that would be funny, but I got a moab on it yesterday and thankfully that didnt happen
This map looks good unlike the other ones
@borlork123 Yea but infinity ward sucks that badly. Thank God that they're done making COD games!
anyone want to do a centipede with me? :D
I smell wizard of oz trolling video coming soon
Vortex reminds me of Cod 4 Good ol times <333 .
a custom killstreak should be call in that tornado lol
it would be weird though that your portable radars wouldn't fly away and that helicopters wouldn't get turbulance and all together the game would seem just a bit more un-realistic
Ahh One Trillion Stars by Galax hector u have the best taste in music :)
does the tornado just stay i that place and could u do some 2v2 trolling lol
though the song was the glitch the whole time... -_______-
i hope rust and shipment come back for faceoff :D
When you do the hiding tactics, tell the other team that the tornado sent you over the rainbow...
Yeah, but its like being the smartest retard in a group
No, really! There's easter eggs in the chicken house!
nah not really excuse me for just saying stupid things :D
Reminds me of a scene from "the road"
It would be cool if when the match started the tornado would be far away. And it slowly gets closer and when the game ends it hits the map, like on nuketown the bomb drops
Big campy map where you cant see camper, yeah what ever u like
2:51 you could hide under that tree if it lets you crawl under there
Daamnnnn, the actual 'vortex' looks sick.
Reminds me of The Wizard of Oz :p
how there is a giant tornado in the background which is a vortex....
man that funnel cloud would be terrifying IRL
Should have put a cow in the sky
We're not in Kansas anymore...
All those dark corners.. I expect ALOT of campers..
wish you could dive into the haystacks like in assassins creed
Am I the only one who finds the map looks kinda creepy?
Wow! Even a map based on a farm they can still find a way to make it all look brown! Nice O_o
i might have to dislike cause you shot the CHICKENS
that's where the tornado transported Dorothy in a strange village
I hate these face off maps but this is by far the best map out of the bunch. I still feel like some of these could support 6vs.6 if they could do it on shipment, why not some of these?
watch?v=KvdI4EkoK5k&feature=g-all-u hidden masters use this glitch to be able to go into the corn field, this is not my vid but i thought you would like to now, I hope I see you use it soon! (:
Im waiting for the mw2 maps. that game had some of the best maps
Well now that there is a map in Kansas, we need one in Oregon.
That storm looks deadly! Decent map, spawns are dreadful though. Would love to see one of your trolling vids on that map soon :)
OMG u killed a chicken! Better hope those butthurt PETA ppl don't see this.
This is actually pretty cool....
Holy shit, moving things on maps, this is groundbreaking, for IW.
I have a ps3, and I swear to god every time a new map pack comes out for ps3, there's already like 3 or 4 new maps for xbox already.
thts it 2 face off maps wow elite premium is retarded
Props for the scenery! But the actual playing map looks GARBAGE
Why would you wanna fight there?!?! I'd run like FUCK!!!!
awesome map looks a bid like the one in mw2
I say treyarch because they actually produce levels that have hazards that will kill you implemented into the map
thatd be awesome if it did a nuketown effect at the end of the game and the vortex went over the map
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