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Bashar - How to get there

by JustinJPCF • 52,041 views

Extracted from 'Meeting with Bashar'. This may serve as some explanation as to why our evolution is important for us and for everyone out there:

Cool Dude Expressing himself Unconditionally at 3:22 Actually Validated everything that Bashar said here. One Of the Best Bashar My Fiance and I  have seen <3 :-D 
keep listening to Bashar and also to Abraham, read Seth as well - you will find the answers that are right in the context that is appropriate for you. There is a prime creator, spiritual awareness has nothing to do with religion, and we create our reality ourselves even if we do by default and are unaware of our deepest beliefs.
@horuslovechild2 Its ppl doing all the screw ups, not the universe. Remember we are free will agents(ppl), we are always given choices.
@horuslovechild2 Take some time to get to know yourself for a while.. I promise you the world won't seem bad at all anymore.. The ride we are on is amazing and this is a thrilling ride. It takes quieting your mind and time to yourself to realize the truth. Earth = The biggest reality show in the Universe and our Souls are the actors in it.. It will take time to accept but in the end this life you are living is just for your souls growth and perfecting your creating powers..
3:25 - dude flips out...thats what takes away from the credibility of this. Bashar rocks.
3:23 Bashar! Fuck yeah! Comin again to save the..meh forget it. Bashar is awesome.
Very interesting point of view. So far this really makes sense to me, although I need some time to reflect about it, since it really changes the scenario. Thanks for sharing it. :)
omg, that guy at 3:22 freaked me out. Totally unexpected lol.
@horuslovechild2 look for the video of Bill Hick "Life is just a ride" on youtube, and maybe you'll understand why all this has happened and is still happening. ;)
I love Bashar and particularly this video. Thank you for posting it
I think what would help answer all your questions is to look on youtube for Abraham Hicks videos and look at Bashar some more. Those two really has very specific answers to your questions that are a whole lot better than mines. Also life is giving you more than just hints on enlightenment, life is giving you hints to remind you of who you really are because you are more than just your human self. Your human body is just the vehicle your soul uses to interact with this physical world.
Need to find it! Write it here if you do, please. I'm locally downloading his best videos for future/offline consultancy. Such info must be kept with much value... ;)
Did someone knows(have heard) if Bashar is able to teleport himself?
one thing to remember - we can have conflicting beliefs - we can have some that we are not aware of and therefor continue to think we are victims by the way others treat us. Therefor if we discover our core beliefs - then we can change them. We know we have changed them by how we change our reaction to what is. If what is - is going to change, we have to first. the reflection cannot smile until we do.
haha Yeah Bashar has a great job...and he is certainly one of the true Masters. : ) I believe Darryl Anka is one of the very few people on this planet who can genuinely become possessed by the same entity over and over and channel his exact essence, personality, and information. I believe this is an extremely rare phenomenon.... so I feel lucky that I found Darryl and Bashar's videos :-D
@s6y9l Hi, please, explain what do you mean saying that someone thinks you're dead and others don't. I've had a sort of faint guess of this phenomenon but never grasped it.bye
Haha that guy's awesome at 3.22
Once I got a good understanding of these teachings which is really just a reminder of something we already knew. Not to sound lame haha but I kind of felt like life has been giving me hints all long but it was just waiting for me to sit where I and every other human beings belong in the captain's chair of our life. Just a old quote" God said how many times do you have to pray before you realize you are talking to yourself, There is not a Me or You but there is an US" haha
Thank you for sharing this! <3
I don't agree with everyone going to heaven, there are evil people in this world,,that wouldn't be very fair to the good souls in heaven if the evil are there too,.whats the point in being a good person if we all go to the same place,
2 secs mate, just gonna pop into a few dimensions ill be back 1 sec
part 1 Well that is the million dollar question my friend. The answer I will give is my opinion and I doubt you will accept it and trust I don't blame you if you don't. What if I told you your soul existed before your body? What if I told you that earth is just a physical realm of what humans call heaven or the spiritual world? What if I told you Earth is the only place where we as soul beings can experience this much pain and we as soul we chose to come here because we by nature love expanding.
interesting;;;;;; near death experience reminds us of our true self
hhaha he's so pumped. this is a good session. good crowd too
Why are we so important compared to all other alien races and timelines in this galaxy right now? That is what i don't understand. Do other ETs have this power of co-creation? Are they going to try use our powers of co-creation for their own gain? Why is our evolution so closely watched?
Throw your books away and try to undestand with your OWN mind :) All the best another me :)
@s6y9l Ok thanks. So , in short, there are people, you think, that would bet you have died.. as passers by in the place of the accident, or paramedics? While others, as your friends who knew you from before the accident, think (know, or whatever) you miraculously survived? bye
@Guuster00 dude that just proved to me that Bashar is not a fake. When that dude jumped up Bashar did not even flinch. That's proof of a true channeling
The energy of this session is so beautiful
This looks like a pot LOVE the message!
The stuff that Bashar talks about from 3:35 to 4:14 -- This same type of information was shared in Neale Donald Walch's excellent Conversations With God series. (I think [but I'm not totally certain] that "Home With God" is the specific book where you can find this information). Just thought u guys would be interested to know that Bashar is not the only one who speaks of this type of stuff... : )
So that explains that guy and the car that flew a meter from me, and barely almost didn't hit me. And then that guy inside the sports car who didn't check for the incoming tram... Thank GOD we were Both alive after that incident, and I hope I can meet the guy. :D
do you have the orignial complete video? or do you know how to get it?
lol bashar thanks for calming down that freak on speed =)
hahahah that guy is awesome!!! p.s... great video :)
@trendsetter37 oh well when dealing whith realy religious christians you kinda have to use the bible against them lmfao like tell them that when that guy (idk his name) asked who ''god'' was and got the answer i am that i am meaning that god is not this or that it simply is all that is and that is what all the enlightened ones foung out. namastay
Anita Moorjani experienced what Bashar is talking about during her nde.her interview is on youtube
first off, no one just magically trusts fear and doubt, it is a pattern achieved at great length by a family placing the person in that position in the familial galaxy. No one just wills it or chooses to believe in fear and doubt and's what they know. And it is impossible to replace those patterns with abundance and love until someone else(preferably many someone elses) steps in and shows you those things, gives you those things and surrounds you with them. you can't just will it
Great stuff! I have had 2 times I almost died, or died and came back... both were in very slow motion..... like forever and then motion resumed... good to hear I really re-emerged and made the choice to come back! That felt very empowering and positive for me to hear! Thanks Bashar!
these people are so gullible! and this guy speaking is an absolute JOKER. man he must love his job.
Could of been because I do a lot of posting on youtube and they believe I'm spamming. haha Sorry sometimes I can be too general to the point where it seems that I did not answer the question. You asked where is God in all of this? Look all around you the universe the people in it and most importantly look in the mirror if you would like to see God. Scientist will even tell that everything around you including you is fast moving energy they just do not believe in the God part.
Part 2. What If I told you that your soul "The Real you" can only expand if it has choices and that is one of the main reasons you are on earth for your soul to expand. How can you create if you don't have anything to work with? You can't paint a beautiful picture with only one color and you can't build a computer with only one part. Your experiences in life add more parts or colors for your soul to choose from in creating your master piece which is your reality.
my point is that one can be spiritual without being religious. Religion is not necessary to be a on a spiritual path. As a matter of fact, much of the time religion pinches one of from who one really is.
Hahaha..that dude just creamed his jeans! Jesus didn't play when he said the truth will set you free.
@JustinJPCF Thank you for sharing! :-)
~~~~ Ohmygosh! I just LOVE Bashar !! ~~~~~~
Actually spritual realm has more levels . Like chakras.... People who are evil will go into a realm that resonates with them and is like heaven for them , for a bad people.. going for example into a realm that resonates with the crown chakra first.. is not a vibrational match like you sad (is low) and it will not feel good there.. etc
So you're saying the only reason to be a good person is if you are rewarded for it?
it's part of our agreement to take part in the prevalent reality of this time!
@kevinlmanon hi just felt compelled to say to kevinlmanon there is nothing wrong with your penis being in your center as long as its being used for a posative purpose that is following you highest exitment(i hope 4 u this means either self contentment alone or a life enriching relationship with another)either way enjoy your free will with responsability love your comment best wishes cheers melissa.
And so had Abraham-Hicks. She can channel the exact same all the time. Only I believe she is a conglomerant of non physical entities unlike Bashar who is an E.T. physical entity. I love it all.
lets see the whole meeting!!!! mate !!!!
We just love how Bashar delivers the message. His answers are never flawed. Ever. I wish I had his job. Not Darryl, but Bashar.
hahaha 3:22, he shares my enthusiasm!
liar liar liar making a goof out of simple psychology u will realize.
How awesome is this message??!! I have been raising my vibration in the midst of seeming discord and I am actually very very happy, and then I started to watch Bashar...and oh boy oh boy...has the Universe delivered a message in harmony with what I was believe...or more importantly it always does. For those who are new to these words, and have doubt...everything he is saying is TRUE! spoken from someone who is getting better at having complete control over her vibration & life!
you're giving judgement on good and evil. not every 'evil' thing is 'evil' if anything can be learned from it. If anything can be learned from something that is 'evil', then it is no longer evil, it becomes a tool or a reflection of what we don't want or want to be. Maybe it takes the brightest, strongest souls to come here to be evil to show us who we don't want to be. Possibly it could be, because the responsibility that would come with being 'evil' must be far greater than that of being good.
@rondamommie Yes. There have been several times that I "should" have been dead. I once hit a parked car head-on at 80mph without a seatbelt. I was spinning in darkness and then saw the scene from above. At the moment I made the choice to not go, I was back trapped within the car. I don't even believe in death anymore. Maybe there are people in that reality that think I died, and maybe I did, but there were "counterparts" in my new reality that know I didn't. Life is so mysterious.
lmao keep replaying the first 10 seconds ha aha aha ah ha aha hah a hha
Well i think you looking at this from a religious point of view where they claim only a certain few are special enough to get signs which that is wrong everyone is getting signs some just don't stay still enough to hear it that is all. Just research Abraham and Bashar and I think that will help you out al ittle more. in my opinion
The Universe LOVES us Soooo Unconditionally That IT, ALLOWS Genocide,Ecocide, Starvation of millions,Untold suffering of Billions,Murder,Hatred,Rape,War,Evil World Rulers to enslave us all,Evil Aliens to interact with Earth....Etc...Etc...Basically Unconditional Love Kinda sounds to me like.....DOES'NT GIVE A SHIT.... Thanx Universe or whoever i should be addressing for the creation of humanity... But i think it is a complete sadistic f**k up...I Wish I didn't exist at all PERIOD...
@JorgeEFM Yeah, had a broken arm, broken leg, chipped tooth. I was aware of swallowing the tooth fragment as I was "spinning in darkness". I've had other impossible sequences and escapes since then as well. All I know is that by any stretch, I should have died numerous times, and as far as I know, I'm still alive. I truly do not believe in death. I've never experienced it. For sure you don't die until you're ready to. Until maybe you are tired of this experience. IDK.
Wow! DO you have the entire original video? I remember this was part of a longer one...
The headmind needs to actually follow the heartmind. The headmind should take the cue from the heartmind and not contradict it. There's a reason why the heart is in the centre of the body. Such a mind opener, this video. Erm, heart opener? haha
this guys is like the Urantia book on crack and steroids at the same time
he is mirroring or our inner peace
trust what I prefer... the heart is the center of my being.... what is in the center...balancing heart and mind... moving forward harmoniously!
Its in the dead sea scrolls in the pistis sophia where Jesus afirms the role of Mary his companion the one he loved the most above all his disiples .
The information that Bashar talks about from 5:00 to 6:24 - THAT sort of stuff is being scientifically verified by the Heartmath Institute Our hearts have memory & consciousness & can actually think! ..It's just that our hearts don't think in the same exact way that our brains think; our hearts use a different level of consciousness. & yes, the HEART is the control center for the body, not the brain. So, brain-thoughts should co-operate with heart-thoughts; it shouldn't be the other way around
I received your message and my answer is 'yes' .
3:22 LOL if I was Bashar, I would've said: Calm yourself, boy! LOL
@horuslovechild2 bummer, cause you will experience what you focus on, you get what you put put out. your perception colors what you see, severely in your case.
Wow, how many times have I died did in physical reality and come back is quite something!
im in love with the excited guy hahahahh
@CanadianStoner1001 because we are their creation and they want to see how we as their 'children' evolve. I'm not sure if this the Truth but it seems logic to me. Maybe we will not get all the answers but at least we have control over what we believe is true or isn't true.
wow, that's cool. thanks for sharing...
Please keep posting these rare Bashar videos!!!
Damm i had this whole interview in my faves but they took it down :(
Actually it is totally fair. evil = low energy good = high energy "heaven" can only be reached with a high energy state of being. Thus making it impossible for anything evil to enter "heaven". But low energy beings will always be given another chance to raise their energy, like coming back on earth after they physically died. And again they are suffering from the results of the limitation. Until they someday will rise their energy high enough to enter "heaven".
lol @ the guy @ 3:24 :) Basher is great :)
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