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NBA 2K12 My Player Playoffs NFG1 - Smoove City

by Chris Smoove • 530,645 views

NFG1 = NBA Finals Game 1 If you missed that epic overtime game that sent us to the finals click here Welcome to Smoove City. That huge winning streak at...

11:07 is the same as westbrook's dunk in 2015!
IKR! I thought that dunk was only in video games with that cheese😂😂😂
Ur not the Derrick rose stopper he could beat ur ass any day so shut da FUK up
Just got this game! Sad :(
Point Guards be bullshitting with the floaters
Point Guards be bullshitting with the floaters
what is your dunk package i want it
the bear after j smooves dunk was so amazed that he had to run in a circle lol
@ 11:07 that shit went in... oh wow..
@smove7182954 man you are very funny keep it up
I like that where Smoove plays,Aminu plays too!
is there a way to suggest guys for your team to go after? how did you get j smoove
Can't wait for you to do 2k14 I wanna get that fresh but I know. I have to wait till christmas until I get it once it comes out.the newer 2ks are more online only get vc online.I haven't personally played 13 because its introducing new features so I wanna be that noob so im defiantly getting 14 as soon it comes out im saving up baybee!but im waiting for psn and live severs to smash so we can play as a community that would be interesting.
Oh my Gosh look at the bounce! damn
How much does he make a year in MP.
hey smoove, how did you do that "SPLAAAASH" sound effect?
remember the random trades before the patch? thats how he got smoove and bosh
how do u put that stuff in the beginning
who wants a ps3 ?
How do you do all this pregame stuff here it shows the city?
Thats because he tipped the ball first, he did not however, grab the ball and dribble after the shot. Lamar Odom got the rebound and passed it to him.
what was the game in beginning
its funny because i was just playing 2k12 nd i just did a dunk amd got a sprite slam cam and it was the ame one hejust did at around 5:04
Yes I did notice that @ea vogt
I had to scream at 7:30 that was just to smoove
now i want to play nba 2k u hav gained a subscriber
that chris bosh dunk was fake lol
he funny as hell. I like how at 3:21 he said splash
Great video!!! What's camera angle u have ???
What position and play style are you gonna do for your my player in 2k13?
Can you give me a link? Theres alot of things that come up when I google it
How did your team get j-smoove, courtney lee and chris bosh?
is the game at the start gta 4?
this intro pumped me up so much love it smoove
WOW 11:08 that was super cheesing lol
That introduction gave me chills down my spine!
who else sings with smoove when u hear splaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash!
I only came back to this video for the lob city rap
Jamal Crawford's birthday is on my birthday
the derrick rose stopper funny
OMG I love it when you say splaaaaaaash
hahah was watching this, check facebook for a second, hear the 'lob city' music and quickly switch it over to watch the magical moment when SMOOVE LOBS IT UP TO SMOOOOOOOVE! how you like this, lob city music,how you like this, lob city music, number 27, to number 21, house-ton we have a problom!
how do you make to see where to go and where to pass when setting up the tactics?ps : sorry for my english
The intro is from Driver San Fransisco!!
Why would you show the San francisco bridge when,you in houston playing chicago
Fuck you dont you ever talk to smoove that way i will fucking eat your babies bitch, btw rg3 is a fag
What did he use for the video in beginning
new music and wtf on that lucky bounce
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