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Marc Scibilia - New Years, Old Years (NYC)

by marcscibilia • 41,112 views EP now available digitally. iTunes: | Amazon:

Come here every year my man love it, we need a radio edit😁
Can someone help me figure out what the chords are? I'm desperate.
Every year for the rest of my life i'm listening to this song! 
This song will be my new years anthem every year
Marc your so great its incredible.
beautiful song! thanks Julian for sending me here! My greetings, best wishes for the next year and nothin´ but love to everyone who reads this! =)
Can I get the chords for this song? Also, I just want to say how much I love how very candid this video is. I love that you can hear the background noise and that you just let it be.
The cinematography make me very happy c:
This is really great. You are both very talented. I hope Jesus finds his way into your heart
Snow button makes it even better :)
This was truly amazing, last year was an incredible year with joy, but also sorrow. We can now see hope on the horizon! There is no need to be in fear, things will be fine this year <3
Love the song. What a beautiful view!
Thumbs up if andrewmfilms sent you! ;D
he sounds like morrissey a little
Julian, THANK YOU for doing these videos! LOVE Marc and am excited to see what you two will be posting next! <3
thumbs up If you dont give a fuck who send who here!
reminds me of Beatles' rooftop performance.
Sweet....I'll be following Marc for sure!
Can I get some tabs for this? Best song I've heard in a while, and I need something new to play. If anyone can get them to me, I would award you with all the internets I have stored up for my entire life. Thanks.
This is amazing. I think this is the perfect song for this year. So much tragedy and pain this year, but there's hope on the horizon.
trying to look forward but not see past.. You said it my friend. Cheers from Panama!
Happy New Years Everybody from Finland.
The filming was a little primitiv, but other than it was awesome.
How in the world did Julian discover you? Your amazing!
Legend.. wait for it.. DARY, LEGENDARY
@spikezolo How do you know he hasn't. There's nothing sinful, or wrong, or hinting that either one of them aren't careful in the assessments you make...not griping or attacking...just trying to give some advice.
You know, I just happened upon your videos by chance and I was thinking to myself, this really has a Julian Smith feel to it...then I read the description. lol. I love your music Marc, and also Julian's directing.
Great song, but it looks like #julianSmith has forgotten how to hold a camera.
wow, i just wanted to kill some time on you tube now its been like an hour because of Marc !!!
I'll put this on markinthecity-- how appropriate for NYC :) By the way, I live in Brooklyn and you came to NYC in Oct. and we didn't meet up? Not cool Marc!
Get bent you two. This song is awesome.
This was amazing. Just everything about the video is perfect. Julian Smith, you are the next greatest director and Marc, you need a Grammy!
the camera work isnt bad it shows the realism of his singing
something about you makes me think of bob dylan a little bit...
This song NEEDS to be in iTunes!!!!!
wow first time i saw a artist respond on his youtube clip :-D
@zibbed He was just making it candid, as in live, free, and showing raw, imperfections. That's what I think makes it so much better! It's imperfect, but so perfect at the same time! ;)
glad I posted this on facebook so I can keep watching it xD
Nice Marc. Happy New Year brother.
I looooovveee Marc! I saw him play in Chicopee MA a couple years ago and have been following him ever since. Such a talented musician.
Question: Where the hell did Carried Away go? I can't find it anywhere...
@fausjeBFH i think it says "not see past" because he said he's trying to look forward
who is this guy? i love his voice! does he have youtube?
that guitar sounds amazing. im gonna play this LOUD to usher in 2013 when it comes soon
Thumbs up if you got here from Julian Smith's Facebook link!
NYC friends... Im playing Arlene's Grocery (its on the lower east side) TONIGHT 4/19. 8pm $8. Please help spread the word!
Awesome as always Marc, can't wait for the new EP.
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