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How To Power Clean (power clean tutorial)

by Strength Camp • 340,413 views

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Good basic overview, but a few issues from an olympic lifting standpoint. This is a good tutorial if you dont want to actually do oly lifts and wont be putting a lot of weight on. Not so good if you actually want to get into olympic lifting or want to go anywhere near your max.  His full extension is also not full. His hips do not fully open as his leg/torso angle is not as wide as it should be. Watch any oly lifter and you will see that they almost lean back at full extension. Elliot still has a hip bend when he is supposed to be extended. This takes away a lot of power and can force the bar forward and off balance. He is also doing full cleans the second part of this video. power cleans have no full squat. Speaking of his squat, he is not going down far enough. He is just below parallel when he should be down much lower in the hole. This is necessary for getting under the bar.  I also dont think he is using a hook grip, which is necessary for olympic lifts.
+Miguel Floriano years to master, but only like 6 months to a year to learn a better clean than he is teaching here
Is there any other way to put the bar down other than dropping it? I'll get kicked out of my gym if I do that.
It is much safer to drop it but there is a way to do it. After completing your clean and your upright, flip your wrists downward and bring the wieght down. You will not hav comeplete control but its better than nothing. If you hav a rack to put it on, you can raise the rack to your hieght and put it on the rack after completing the clean instead of droping it. Hope this helps and be safe.
You competed in olympic weightlifting and took a certification. Yet you dont know VERY basic terminology? That would be an important aspect of teaching this to the masses.
you're a fucking idiot. also, the heavier one definitely wasn't power. ;)
+Evan Rutledge So you call him a "fucking idiot". A little harsh perhaps.
+Evan Rutledge Hulse "I am not even close to a master"
Keep you chest up Elliot through the first pull. Maintain back angle. Your hips are coming up too fast. Peace
One of the better tutorial videos on the exercise.
Are ur feet supposed to be straight or wider like Elliot?
The straighter you can hold your feet the better, but when maxing there is no way to control how your feet go so do your best but dont focus too much on it.
I love how you just fucking drop it!  Wish I could do that at Gold's!
Awesome video! My roommate and I just started doing some cleans, and weve been doing squats and deadlifts for a while so this seems like a good move to incorporate. My questions are: -What is a safe way to lower the weight without dropping it? I dont know how well our gym would tolerate us dropping the weights like you do. Also, what, if any, could we be doing to help spot and/or support our lifting partner?
Im not an expert wieghtlifter but i know there is a way to spot power cleans in a way to help the lifter but is very difficult and dangerous. With high wieghts or maxing out, and if you fail and fall back, you want to throw the bar as far as you can foward. The way to spot a power clean is to put your fingers under the bar of the lifter and as they bring it up, push up and guide it to his chest. If he fails and you dont get out of the way quick enough, you can be seriously injured or killed. The best way to spot but not actually help the lifter is to stand behind him and if he begins to fall, push him foward to keep him upright. HOPE THIS HELPS AND BE SAFE!!
great video thank you! and its called a snatch high pull, things rip you up
Yeah I realized that after the fact sorry man.
+Eric Moon Don't apologize haha. I do the same thing :P
it's clean don't power clean
Can you do it this way but instead of letting go an dropping the weight can i just dropit back down like a deadlift?
It can cause more danger to yourself. When you drop it from the upright position it doesnt make you activate back muscles to put it doesn slowely, but it is possible. What you do is when you are standing upright and you hav finished the clean, flip your wrists back downward and try to put it down as slowely as possible, you will not be able to completely control it but its better than nothing where at certain gyms they dont let you drop it.
I know this should be on the barbell row videos, but I cant find them atm. When I 'pendlay row' a friend of mine said 'row to your hips and you'll activate the back muscles more' what the fuck is he talking about? I cant imagine rowing to my hips, how would that even work?
+Michael L I'm going by what coaches have taught me. You won't engage your lats as much if you pull the barbell higher into your body. The same goes for cable rows and normal barbell rows.
+Harry Austin pulling to your chest will be more of your scapular retractors (upper back) and posterior deltoid. More shoulder extension (pulling to your waist/hips) will invlove more lats. both involve your bicep. DO BOTH
The good days when Tim Shufflebottom was not around to annoy people.
So is it good that your feet leave the ground? I'm just trying to get the correct way down, I read somewhere where they said don't "hop" keep the feet planted especially when you move to greater weight, not sure the reasoning of that but I like this guys technique.
But when you work on an explosive hop it's working your fast twitch muscles isn't it? I think that's the point of the workout altogether is to increase your vertical and your explosiveness, for starting blocks and stuff.
search on youtube don mccauley catapult technique
man this looks so alpha
Hey elliott! I've been watching a lot of your videos and had a quick question, I've been on a 5 day split (Legs/Chest/Back/Shoulders/Bi&Tri) using squats, bench and overhead press as my big lifts. I want to add deadlifts and power cleans to this or replace some of my current lifts. Is there a good split you know of that includes power cleans, deadlifts, front squats, bench, and overhead press? Thanks! You're a great role model!
stop doing stupid bro splits, follow a strength training routine for optimal size gains for natural trainees, 
I like your shorts. What kind of shorts are you wearing in the clean vids? My legs would look good in them, too.
needs editing, too much waffle
for a start thats not a power clean, for it to be classed as a power clean it needs to be caught above parallel 
This is a great point. Lol this is not power. Still good advice, just the wrong terminology.
I used to be able to power clean 225 but not anymore. It is either my form or I lost a lot of strength, probably a bit of both. I remember at higher weights you tend to catch it a lot lower than at low weights.
It sucks that my school's gym wont allow us to drop weights... Must be nice! Haha
We're supposed to drop weights at my school's gym sometimes
u speak so much,irrelevantly.we want tips only not stories
+clevelandtundra  Grow up you fuckin idiot. Who cares what race he is/isn't, your expressive hate towards someone's comment of whom you don't even know says you're the one with the issues. Shut the fuck up and leave
Jump shrug is called 'a pull' or 'pulling'. 
If people can't understand this guy, then quit lifting!! Good work Elliot!
This is much more understandable than the California Strength one
High pull is upright rows I think
Like an upright row but usually done with a heavier weight, there is a small jump just like the middle part of the Clean, the bar isn't caught underneath the body like in the clean.
I live in a small town and my local gym asks us not to drop weights to respect both the floors and the classes downstairs. Is there any way to take the weight down without dropping it from my chest/shoulders?
Come back when you've started your own gym with your own money and kept it afloat for 10 years in a small town.
+Peter Fields You might aswell lift grocery bags.
My problem is that the bar doesnt balance properly on my delts at all. I have like a bump so it either rolls forward or backward i dont get it
great video! Thanks. My brother just showed me these and it took so long for me to get it right that we were laughing. I got it, though, eventually, and it really helps to look at this video for reference. As a girl, sometimes it is embarrassing to be in the free weight area, but because of videos like this I am getting really comfortable. The power clean is the most fun thing I have learned. I already loved deadlifting and squatting, so I am really loving these. 
The "jump shrug" he was talking about is actually called a pull. He was showing the clean pull. There is also a snatch pull which is the same thing but using snatch grip. Also, a power clean is where you catch bar without having to squat. When you have to catch the bar deep into a squat and then squat it up, that is a full clean. Not a squat clean as crossfitters like to say.
I think Elliot's half-squat still qualifies this as a power clean.
Coach Christian T. (would rather abbreviate than mutilate his last name) has an excellent article on the high pull on T Nation. "High Pulls for the Power Look".
Awesome video. Been working on my power clean (no rack where I train, so I clean into my front squats but I tend to get a bit sloppy). Very helpful to see it broken down like this. Much appreciated, Elliott. This makes it clear that my jump-shrug is what needs work.
Good vid. Can't tell if you're using a hook grip or not.
+manoogianation It is mandatory unless you have 1 in a 1000 grip strength
not sure what you mean, but just use hook.
10:05 use the power ! anakin!
Nice.  With that explosiveness, i bet you could knock dudes on their ass and then jump pretty high too.  Btw, what is your vertical?
Take it from me, I use to listen to my high school coaches. God bless them for INTRODUCING me to power cleaning, but do not take their advice. Rofl Do what this guy says. And you don't have to follow my advice, this just worked for me Take about a week or so working on front squats, and not back squats (save your energy to develop) You may have to cross your arms at first, just make a conscious effort to not do that after you get use to front squatting. Then practice hang cleans at a lighter weight and focus on power. But above all, make sure you can deadlift the fuckin weight before you try to power clean it, hahahahahaha
And the snap should be higher on your hips, now you are driving from too low
Since your inspired videos for these and other's…my traps are growing which I initially wanted. Sometimes we forget, me so keep up the good message!
At the "triple extension" part you can see how your elbows start to turn in. ie. you are flexing in your bicep, this should not happen
I need to master the jump shrug and high pull now, thanks 
when i do these i always hold the bar in my palms.. for some reason i just can't let it land on my body. i get my hands under it and elbows up but i still hold onto the bar full grip and let it down onto my shoulders rather than catching it on my shoulders
...well someones flexible
once you go up in weight, thta's a good way to fuck your wrists over
I do power cleans witout the front squat to work my shoulders more
+poontang95 Sounds like you're doing what's called a high pull.
Yeah it was like a high pull I've actually changed to high pulls now I try to change up my workouts every 4 month's
im going to be honest to my self and ill say this is to advanced for me right now
Thank you and i will I'm just trying to get the front squat down first, but great advice
anytime  you do the same exercise for years then of course you will get stronger  have to be very very careful tho   one back injury and you would be done for permanently
great video but who's the guy in the back with the pink matt lol @ :33
It's a girl, look at 2:35 and she's running by :p
Power clean is refered to a clean with the bar caught high above parallel. A clean is catching it low. I don't get why everybody puts squat clean nowadays lol.
Probably AIDS. Could be that you're gripping the bar at the catch, but most likely AIDS.
Elliot I respect you a lot but and I know that the shrump and shrug is what was thought by the USAW for too long a time but its a WRONG way to olympic lift, to put it bluntly. If you want to learn the lifts or their power variations I would recomend you watch Glenn Pendlay's progression and Don Maccauley drills. Why is the deadlift+jump+shrug model wrong? The first pull is NOT a deadlift: The hips start lower, the shoulders are forward but the spine is in full extension CONTINUES
my posture is pepe QQ working on it but i cant front squat well i tried it err and wen its resting on my chest it hurts..
yh i dont think you really wanna focus that. the first pull is really a leg press. ur hips are gna come forward, but the most important thing is to lead with your head. if he drive ur hips up before the second pull (above the knees) ur second pull will be shorter and less powerful.
What's a good way to get that front squat faster? When ever I attempt it I can't get it in time.
Don't think he knows the difference between power clean and squat clean even though he performed both ha
when you break this down it looks like it might be the king of all exercises
so very helpful, ive been trying and trying by my own without progress and actually put it on the backburner, this video though made me wanna pick it up again! thanks Elliot
just keep working with it, i had that problem too. eventually went away without me even noticing. it took me a while to get the hang of it at first
what, the video with the thumbnail of Ivan Stoitsov? Please lol are you telling me that I should take your word and the people who I have zero clue about in that smittydiesel video over actual olympic weightlifting athletes, some even trained by international level coaches? What I am disputing is the claim that a power clean is a "jump shrug" movement. I'm not an expert so I don't know how I can explain it professionally, but I recommend you meet with a reputable Olympic WL coach and discuss.
I don't know who you are, nor why you went off on a random tangent, but if you are trying to say that a power clean is indeed simply a "jump and shrug", then I'm going to tell you that you are wrong.
ro-ro-rotate your owl, FOR SCIENCE!
No, it is a power clean; He explains why he goes that low. A squat clean, as you call it, is in fact a full clean.
well, what Elliott is wrong about is explaining the power clean having a "jump shrug" component to it. Ask any weightlifter; there is no "jump shrug"
Actually you fucking moron.. any time you do the lift and you go into a squat position it is a clean...whether you catch it in the power position or not...if the hips go lower than the knee it is a full clean...This guy's form is horrible and thats why he caught it in the power position and let it drive him down.... Either way it is a full clean b/c it is based on the entire lift not just where he caught it. He went into a squat so therefore its not in the power position. Come at me bro
My clavicles hurt when I rack the bar. Any tips?
I was ecstatic to see you have a power clean vid. You're the best!
high pull, you mean the upright row?
it's so hard getting it up, i get stuck on about 95kg, i can deadlift 150kg with absaloute ease, but yet cannot even get 100kg up, i wanna learn it
i wish my gym looked like yours :(
i really have trouble with balancing when im down in the front and back squat if i go deep i cant stay upright with my upperbody if i do i fall backwards and when i go deep i also feel a tightness at the bottom of my shin and my anckles is this the problem ?
I can never do clean with a high weight because i always get scared of hurting myself, any tips?
you obviously do not do Oly lifts.. because if you think the name of the lift is just based on the position into which you catch the bar...your a dumbass. If at any point you let your hip crease go below your knee you are doing a full clean... If your coach says do 1 powerclean on the minute every minute... im pretty sure your not going to squat down at all at any point. So in conclusion...your an ignorant moron that doenst know shit. Read a book..learn the terminology..smh
Eliot, love the videos! You are pulling a moment too early!! Keep those arms straight. Don't rely on your ridiculous brute strength!! You have a great, outside the box, approach! Again, love the videos.
which muscles does a powerclean work on
it's pretty sad how nobody knows how to do a correct power clean in my high school football weightlifting program since they taught us not to have your feet leave the floor
What type of grip do you use for cleans? Hook grip?
In my gym, there's a sign said don't drop the weights, they don't have those olympic plates, I have to carefully put them down, it pisses me off.
I've learned to do the clean this way, where I catch them with my shoulders and my fingers slip out sometimes, just like elliot shows on the video. Now this poses a problem whenever I do my clean and press, I have to re-position my fingers and it hurts my fingers as well as my wrists. Any advice?
I believe it's called a power clean because you accelerate the bar more explosively and higher in order to catch it at that height (meaning above parallel) I am going to have to disagree on his form being "horrible" however as he said that he was "practicing getting low." As I do frequently. Just my opinion I mean no one disrespect.
this is by far the best split motion video on the power clean on the net. you mention that you should have pulled the bar higher, up to your chin but i think your form is just perfect. as far as i can tell you actually need that extra space underneath your chin to be able to rotate your ellbows around the bar i.e. "pulling under the bar". are the colours of the plates equivalent to the ones used in oly lifting – red = 25kgs, yellow 15kgs?
If your Interested, Elliot has videos on shoulder mobility exercises you can do.
you can master the power clean without a impressive front squat, but you cant master a full clean without a good front squat!!!
That's actually just a "clean", a power clean is meant to have as little of a front squat catch as possible. What the Olympic lifters do is called Clean and Jerk, not power clean and jerk. If I'm not totally wrong.
well as far as ive seen its not a power clean if u go below parallel its just a clean then
You're teaching a power clean until 5:33....everything after is a SQUAT clean. decent form on that hip drive/ extension.
Yes, technically it is. If your squat drops below parallel upon reception then it is a full squat clean; if not then it is a power clean.
Not to be THAT guy, but my weight training instructor always points out people with "muted" hips when it comes to power cleans. Muted hips is when you are in the step where you are jumping and shrugging you get the most efficient and most powerful lift if you extend to your full height in the jump. The muted hips I can see in Elliot's video where he is still bent at the waist at the highest point in the the lift. Its just an observation.
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